04397-M1195LLEE- Catalogue- IDEAL AEROPLANE & SUPPLY CO., NYC. 1920. Scale drawings, scale models, parts, blanks, tools, etc. of popular aircraft of the era: NC-4 Naval Curtiss Seaplane (first aeroplane that crossed the ocean), De H-4 De Havilland Battle Plane, Bleriot Monoplane, Nieuport Monoplane, Taube Monoplane, Cecil Peoli Champion Racer of 1911. Also Ideal Racer, Ideal Speed-O-Flyer, Bluebird Racing Aeroplane. Some of these flying models were up to 42 feet long! Well illustrated. Great item and scarce! Very good condition. 4-3/4" x 7-1/2" x 48pp. $88.00    


03803-M0695ELOE- Book- "WE" by Charles A. Lindbergh, The Famous Flier’s Own Story Of His Life and His Transatlantic Flight, Together With His views on the Future of Aviation. With A Foreword by Myron T. Herrick, U. S. Ambassador to France. G. P. Putnam’s Sons, NY and London. The Knickerbocker Press. Twelfth Impression, August 1927. Gilt embossed hardback, fully illustrated. Very good condition. 5-3/4" x 8-1/4" x 318 pp. $35.00

04511-M1195CLRR- Company Promo-FAUCETT AVIATION CO., Lima, Peru. Bulletin No.1, Sep 1937. Large format. Remarkable pictorials and accounts of how E.J. Faucett, originally a New Yorker, happened to be manufacturing airplanes, flying, & receiving honors in Peru. Factory pictures, aerial views, statistics, awards--it’s all here. Rare. Coated stock, library stamps, folds. 10" x 13" x 12pp. $72.00

05623-M0297EHLR- Journal- AIR TRAILS, Vol. XV, No.4, Jan 1941. Pub by Street & Smith, NYC. Great general aviation magazine. Lots of pictures, features, ads. Excellent condition. 10" x 13-1/2" x 66pp. $32.00

05624-M0297EHLR- Journal- AIR-AGE, Rare Vol. I, No.1 issue, Feb 1943. Silco Publishing Corp., NYC. Flying, Model Building, News. Lots of pictures. Excellent condition. 8-1/2" x 11-1/2" x 66pp. $44.00

05625-M0297EHLR- Journal- AIR PROGRESS, Vol.2, No.4, Apr 1943. Street & Smith Pub, NYC. Wooden Warplanes, Full-Color Photos, Plan Book Section, Many Pictorials, Women In Aviation, more. Excellent condition. 8-1/2" x 11-1/2" x 76pp. $32.00

05626-M0297EHLR- Journal- AIR PROGRESS, Vol.3, No.3, Sep 1943. Street & Smith Pub, NYC. Chinese Airforce, Beware the Luftwaffe Heavies, Blimps, Flight Gallery, Mosquito Details, much more. Excellent condition. 8-1/2" x 11-1/2" x 76pp. $32.00

04666-M0395ECOA- Booklet- PICTORIAL MANUAL of Aircraft, U.S.N.T.S. (Recognition) Columbus, OH. 1942. Restricted. Pictures and silhouette illustrations of all U.S. Army, Navy and R.A.F. aircraft. Used for training & reference to make sure you didn't shoot down a Friendly! Or, conversely, if you did not recognize it as a Friendly, shoot or dive for cover! Similar methods still used. Heavy coated stock,  cord bound. Light cover soil. 10-1/4" x 6-1/4" x 56pp. $36.00

05777-M0397ESHU- Company Journal- FLYING VISTAS, Vol. I, No.1, Summer 1943. Published by Cessna Aircraft Co., Wichita, Kansas. Rare first issue. "The editorial to encourage public acceptance of the personal aircraft in the post-war period as a vehicle for business and pleasure use." And they do a good job, albeit perhaps a little naive in retrospect. Illustrated articles: It's A Woman's War, Too!, ("The hand that rocks the cradle also rocks the Axis!"), Blazing Air Trails Of Tomorrow, Wings For The Eagle, So They Called It 'The Bobcat', Cessna History, nice full page color photos of Cessnas in flight and aerial shots, cartoons, etc. Heavy coated stock paper. Xlib of Congress archival stamps, otherwise excellent condition. 8-3/8" x 10-3/4" x 32pp. $73.00

05778-M0397CEOH- In-Flight Journal- FLAGSHIP TRAVELER, Vol. I, No.1, Aug, 1947. Published monthly for American Airlines by Henry Publishing Co., NYC. Rare 1st issue. Original cover art by DePauw. Articles include-- Denmark's Peace Endures, Mountain Climbing By Boat, Modern Marco Polo’s, Five-Star (service)...Finally (American's DC6 flying over Manhattan), Our Flying Presidents, etc. Departments include Theater, Screen Selections, Fashions, Hotels, What's Going On, Sports, Gifts, etc. Lots of ads. Look at some of the prices!-- $2.50 to stay at the Hilton in El Paso; $6.50 at the New York Biltmore, many more. Let's see-- Airfare from New York to Copenhagen and return from Stockholm for two- $1,427.20, included all meals, no tipping. Nice coated stock. Small archival stamps, otherwise excellent condition. 8-3/8" x 11-1/8" x 32pp. $65.00

01810-M0693EKHE- Brochure- R. C. HIGLEY CO., Tucumcari, NM, 1948. "Earth Plane--It Levels and Smoothes as it Moves. A Revolutionary New Machine for Planing Fields for Irrigation, Roads for Surfacing, Airports for Landing Strips, Land for All Purposes." 8" x 11" x 4 pp stiff illustrated brochure contains two more single sheet illustrated flyers, cover letter and three 8" x 10" glossy photos. Very good. All. $8.00

01156-M0592EEE- Catalogue- MYERS TRUCK AND CASTER CO., Nashville, TN. MYERS MATERIAL HANDLING EQUIPMENT, Cat No. 63, 1963, Distributor is Nook & O’Neill of Cleveland, OH. Factory and Warehouse trucks, trailers, dumping hoppers, conveyor trucks, caster wheels, etc. Of special interest are railroad baggage wagons and airline carts/wagons of various kinds. Two-color on heavy coated paper stock. Excellent condition. 8-1/2" x 11" x 52pp. $12.00

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