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02238-M1193LEEE- Catalogue- SIEGEL COOPER CO., NY, NY, ca 1900. Large (1/2 page), detailed half-tones in their ''Department of Artists Materials, Department of Camera and Photo Supplies, Department of Guns & Tackle, Department of Bicycle Sundries, Department of Athletic Supplies." Contents of this catalogue include complete selection of artists materials, cameras and supplies and 1 pg bicycle lamps. Nice engravings throughout. Stiff covers. Very good condition. 8" x 11" x 32pp. $58.00

05234-M0896CAKL- Booklet- BASKET MAKING, HOW TO DO IT. By T. Vernette Morse. Pub by A. Flanagan Co, Chicago, cprt 1902. "...the first book in the How To Do It Series." "Illustrated w/106 Working Designs." Dampness has caused red covers to bleed on page edges throughout, staples rusty. Nothing is stuck, however. 2pp of ads from Flanagan. Stiff covers, coated stock pages. 5" x 7" x 32pp. $24.00

03469-M0295EHEE- Journal- HOME NEEDLE-WORK MAGAZINE, Florence Pub Co, Florence, MA. Jan 1906. Very comprehensive: Lacework, pillow and scarf design, embroidery of many kinds, home decorative schemes, baby clothes, party clothes for children, infant’s layette, fancy necklaces, much more. Well illustrated, including four full-page color plates. Lots of nice ads including Pabst Extract, Ivory Soap, Seaboard Florida Limited, Singer, Globe-Wernicke, Grape-Nuts, Mennen’s Powder. Very good condition. 7" x 9-3/4" x 96 pp. $36.00

04117-M0993ECEE- Book- THE ESSENTIALS OF LETTERING, A Manual For Students And Designers, by French & Meiklejohn, McGraw-Hill Book Co, NY & London. 3rd ed, 17th imp, 1912. History, Letter Construction, Composition & Titles, Selection of Styles, Letters In Design, Design & Composition; Monograms, Ciphers, And Marks; Drawing For Reproduction. Biblio, index, illustrations. Very good. Gilt embossed hardback. Light edge wear. Oblong format, 9-1/4" x 6-1/4" x 94pp. $38.00

07112-M0804ECEE- Catalogue- THE KUEMPEL CO., Guttenberg, Iowa. Ca 1927. “New Idea-Supply and Design Book For Those Who Like to Build Things.” Features chests, clocks, small tables, radio cabinets, smoker’s cabinets, sewing cabinets, etc., tools, supplies.  Some wear.  5-5/8”x 8-1/2”x 32pp. $26.00  

06280-M0998CEEE- Book- MAKING THINGS WITH TOOLS by A. Neely Hall. Rand McNally & Co, New York, Chicago, San Francisco. cprt 1928. Chock full of plans and illustrations for everything a boy could ever imagine wanting to build. (I don't see why girls couldn't build these things, too!) Use this to spend some quality time with your kids or grandkids. Similar to the old Poplar Science plan books. Stiff wraps, semi-coated stock. Wraps foxed, minor edge chips, otherwise very good. 8"x 10"x 48pp. $58.00

03851-M0695ELKE- Catalogue- FIRESIDE INDUSTRIES, Adrian, MI. 1928. They sold a course of instruction and supplies for turning your spare time into profitable crafts such as lamps, magazine racks, bookcases, etc. Nicely done and colorful catalogue. Very good condition. 7-1/2" x 10-1/4" x 32pp. $38.00

03990-M0495ECSH- Booklet- MENTZER BUSH & CO., NY, Chicago, Dallas. 1929. Industrial And Applied Art Book No.7. A workbook for older youngsters. Lessons in Color Terms, Nature Drawings, Applied Design, Civic Beauty & Art, Figure Sketching, Costume Study, FreeHand Lettering, Poster Letters and Design, Wood Designs, Bookbinding, Angular Perspective, Pencil Drawing, Bird Drawings, Bedrooms, Furniture Designs, Materials for School Clothes. Color and black and white. Well presented. Unused. Very good condition. 10-3/4" x 8" x 24pp. $24.00

03991-M0495ECSH- Booklet- MENTZER BUSH & CO., NY, Chicago, Dallas. 1929. Industrial And Applied Art Book No.8. Further studies as No.3990. Different material and additional subjects. Color & B/W. Well presented. Unused. Very good. 10-3/4" x 8" x 24pp. $24.00

00195-B0990CCLK- Catalogue- FREDERICK HERRSCHNER, INC., Chicago, IL. 1931. Art Needlework of every kind and ladies, girls and infants clothes. Some color. Excellent condition. 8" x 11" x 76pp.  $55.00

02832-M0594ECLE- Catalogue- J. L. HAMMETT CO., Kendall Square, Cambridge MA. 1932. They also had a factory in Newark, NJ. Books & Materials for Basket-Making. All kinds of reed, cane, fibre, raphia, cord, etc. Parts, bases, frames, handles, corners, foundations, stands, etc. Kits for bags, baskets, lamps, trays, bird cages, tables, boxes, etc. Well illustrated. Excellent condition. 6" x 9" x 40pp. $22.00

02506-M0594ECEE- Broadside- MAGNUS CRAFT MATERIALS, Wakefield, Mass. ca 1930s. Large broadside on green paper. Nice patterns on canvas for hooking chair seats and rugs. Five chair seats, twenty-eight rug patterns plus a hooking device called a "Blue Nose Hooker". Staple tear in upper corner, otherwise very good condition. 12-1/2" x 19" unfolded. Would frame and display nicely. $12.00

01719-M0693ECEL- Sample Card- NETCRAFT CO., Toledo, OH, ca 1930s. NETCRAFT Twine Selector folded sample card. Actual samples 7-1/2" long of Longlife Seine Twine, Sea Island Cotton, Gill Linen, etc. 19 present, one missing. Some discoloration, cover crease, otherwise good. 4" x 9-1/4" x 4pp. $16.00

00176-B0990ELLK- Catalogue- FIXLER BROS, INC., Chicago. WONDER ART NEEDLEWORK, 1935. All types linen sets for cutwork, cross stitch embroidery. Scarves, samplers, aprons, pillows, infants' dress, etc. Nice sepia-tone illustrations. Very good condition. 7-1/2" x 9-1/2" x 10pp.  $12.00

05129-M0696EOHE- Catalogue- CRAFTSMAN WOOD SERVICE CO., Chicago. Book No. 8B, 1935. Entitled "How to make lovely things of wood for the Home" but it's a well done catalogue of specialty woods, patterns, shop tools (power & hand), art inlay woods (beautiful color!), turned & carved legs, embossed frame mouldings, case and drawer hardware, much more. Two pgs in tool area have been removed, else very good. 6" x 9" x 92pp. $18.00

00220-B0990CHLK-Catalogue- F. WEBER CO., Philadelphia, PA. Illustrated Catalogue No. 700, 1937. Artists' materials, oils, mediums, finely prepared canvases, brushes; studio, school, drafting room furnace modeling tools and furniture, block printers' supplies & presses, etchers materials and tools (these are the tools used to create the beautifully engraved illustrations characteristic of 19th and early 20th century catalogues and about which we frequently comment.) Nice art, extensive selection. Also includes a separate price list of 4 pages on fine artists' brushes, an order for artists' supplies from a PA high school dated May 20, 1944, and the packing slip dated May 25, 1944, filling the order. All in excellent condition. 6-1/4" x 9-1/4" x 224pp.  $65.00

02635-M0994EHHO- Magazine- HOME ARTS NEEDLECRAFT,  Augusta, ME, July 1938. Signed cover art. Chesterfield full-color ad on back cover (see board back). Good condition. 10-1/2” x 13-1/2” x 26pp. $12.00 

00277-B0990EAEE- Catalogue- S. S. KRESGE, Chicago, IL. "Artistic Hook Rug Patterns & New Ideas For Crochet Rugs (Manufactured by Wonder Art). Fall 1940. Many illustrations of small rug projects. 4-1/4" x 6-1/2" x 24pp. $16.00

01787-M0693EEOC- Catalogue- FIXLER BROS., Chicago, IL, Spring 1940. Modern Stitchery for the Home, Wonder Art Needlework and Hook Rug Materials. Well illustrated instruction catalogue imprinted for McLellan Stores. Light foxing. 8" x 9" x 16pp. $22.00

06609-M0699EEEE- Book- POTTER'S PRIMER by Jane Snead. Self-published, Jenkintown, PA. Third Edition, Copyright 1943. Appears to be fairly comprehensive: Clay, Glaze, The Kiln, Wedging Clay, Rolling Out Clay, Pottery Made by Round Coils, Triangular Coils, Flat Coils, Making an Ashtray, Tiles, Dish Turned by Hand, Box, Petal Dish or Bowl, Rolled Plate or Bowl, Pottery Jewelry, Pennsylvania Dutch Pottery, Plaster Molds or Bats, Casting or Pouring a Slip Mold, Glossary. Several pages of students notes laid in. Textured stiff covers. Ink name inscribed on front. Very good. 8-1/2"x 11"x 47pp. $18.00

05119-M0696EHKL- Journal- TOYS AND GAMES YOU CAN MAKE, 1947. Science and Mechanics Pub Co, Chicago. Some 55 projects with plans, photos, instructions. Ads from woodworking equip and supply companies, etc. Interestingly, the back cover is a full-page ad from Ed and Carolyn Robinson, the "back-to-the-land" gurus of the 1940s. Their ad is "How to Do Wonders With A Little Land" w/small farmstead layout. They were promoting their book, "The Have-More Plan." We could relate a long account about this nice couple, but don't have the space. Briefly-- they had a bookstore in Noroton, Connecticut. Product line was mostly gardening and how-to books. They wrote the Have-More book in 1944 and captured the imagination of soon-to-be returning servicemen, burnt-out city folks, and thinkers in the mold of FDR's New Deal who had concern for the social predicament of people caught up in the big depression just past. The back-to-the-land movement of the late 1960s/1970s borrowed from the Robinson's work, reprinted their publications and recycled a lot of the ideas of that era. In fact, if you'll notice, a "back to basics" movement comes along about every two or three generations. There is something inherent in the human psyche that yearns for a more simplified and self-sufficient existence. From time to time, different catalysts brings it all to the forefront until the dreams are actualized by "going back to the land". Well--back to this selection--colorful cover, very good. 6-1/2" x 9-1/4" x 96pp. $46.00

01241-M0792EE- Magazines- THE WORK-BASKET HOME AND NEEDLECRAFT. Modern Handcraft, Inc., Kansas City, MO. Nine issues: 1949-Nov; 1950-Apr, June, July, Aug, Oct, Nov, Dec; 1951-Jan. "Ideas for the Bazaar, the Home, Gifts, Spare time Money Makers, with Many Articles, Easily Made and Inexpensive, that find a Ready Sale." Each is 5-1/4" x 8" and runs 48 to 80 pages. Good condition. All. $14.00

04610-M0196ECRA- Catalogue- DON-DEE SHELL-CRAFT INDUSTRIES, INC., Orlando, FL. ca 1950s. Wholesale catalog of shells and shell craft supplies, shell jewelry and novelties, specimen shells for the collector. Well illustrated in half-tones. All priced. Excellent condition. 6" x 9" x 46pp. $23.00

05097-M0796EKHO- Book- FIVE GENERATIONS OF LOOM BUILDERS by William H. Chase, Director of Advertising, Draper Corp. Published by Draper Corp, Hopedale, Mass. 1950, Second Printing, 1951. A Story of Loom Building from the Days of the Craftsmanship of the Hand Loom Weaver to the Modern Automatic Loom of the Draper Corporation. With a Supplement on The Origin and Development of the Art of Spinning and Weaving. Hardback, coated stock paper, well illustrated. Nicely done book. Endpapers very lightly foxed, otherwise excellent condition. 6-1/4" x 9-1/4" x 87pp. $42.00

03328-M1294EE- Catalogue- KIT KRAFT CRAFT SUPPLIERS, Los Angeles, CA. 1951. Leather and metal tooling catalogue. Comprehensive selection of tools, supplies, and books on the subject. Well illustrated. Also included is tracing and completed design of a leather billfold. Archival tissue repairs and reinforcing in a couple of places. Some silverfish scaling to cover. 8-1/2" x 11" x 36pp. $26.00

00190- Catalogue-  CRAFTSMAN WOOD SERVICE CO., Chicago, IL. HUNT’S NEW CATALOGUE #19 FOR WOODWORKERS. 1952. Many patterns, rare and  fancy veneers for marquetry (many in color), mouldings, rosettes, trimmings, turnings, panelings, hardware, tools, equipment of all kinds. Very good condition. 5-1/2” x 8” x 144pp. $18.00 

06473-M0599EE- Catalogue- ALBERTA'S CERAMIC STUDIO, South Pasadena, CA. 1952. Molds for figurines, animals, vases, planters, bookends, ashtrays, candy and cigarette boxes, grease jar, shakers, honey pots, etc. Finished items depicted. Colorful split rivet folder cover. Excellent condition. 8-5/8" x 11-1/4" x 40pp. $32.00

04027-M0895EREE- Catalogue- GEO. E. WATSON CO., Chicago, IL. Cat No.76, 1955. “Specialists Serving Sign Writers, Screen Process, Artists, Painters, Decorators, Scenic, Display, Industries.” All brushes imaginable plus sign cloth, paper, board, colors in all mediums, gilders supplies, screen cloth and film, inks, all kinds tools, lettering pens and inks, sign kits and fittings, stencils, stripers, tapes, artists supplies of all kinds, airbrushes and equipment, paint rollers, finishing and graining materials and tools, removers, scrapers, bleaches, paints, paper hanging equipment and supplies, ladders, trestles, scaffolding, much more. Excellent condition. 8-1/2” x 11” x 48pp. $36.00  

05995-M1297ECSL- Broadsheet- PALMER PANN CORP., Toledo, OH. 1950s. "Craft Master" paint by number sets. 72 sets pictured, paint kits, etc. Very good condition. 11"x 8-1/2" heavy poster unfolds to huge 22"x 17" broadsheet. Remember how popular these were? $18.00

07168-M0799EEEE- Catalogue- SCHENECTADY FINE ARTS, Scotia, NY. Ca 1950’s. Manufacturers Of Fine Ceramic Molds. Heavily illustrated in light-colored photos on black background. A few hundred individual patterns. Heavy coated stock paper. Some penciled notes. Oblong format, 8-12”x 11”x 18pp. $32.00

07158-M0804EEOE- Book- DICTIONARY OF DISCARDS-How To Make useful Things of Scrap, Frank M. Rich, Avenel Books, NY. 1952. “An A-to-Z checklist of over 800 scrap items found around the home, garage, barn, school and camp…with more than 8,000 useful things you can make from these discards. Over 200 how-to-make-it drawings.” Pages yellowed. Hardback book and dust jacket, almost like new. 5-3/4”x 8-1/4”x 143pp. $18.00  

07167-M0799EEEE- Pattern Book- RADIANT CERAMIC CORP., Trenton, NJ. RADIANT DESIGNS BY STANGREN. 1953. Devoted to large scale designs for ceramic projects- one per page. Stiff covers. Very good condition. 8-1/2”x 11”x 32pp. $27.00 

07169-M0799EEEE- Catalogue- FAIRCHILD CERAMIC STUDIO, Freeland, PA. No date but ca 1950’s. The product is ceramic molds (we think). About 34 loose, heavy sheets with light color photography on black background, heavily illustrated. Price list and specs appear on reverse, plus three mimeograph price sheets.  8-1/2x 11”. All. $19.00

00154-B0990ELLK- Catalogue- DOLL HOSPITAL SUPPLIES & ACCESSORIES, Cleveland, OH. ca 1960s. Wigs, eyes, faces, paint, tools, books, etc. Illustrations & prices. 8-1/2" x 11" x 9pp .  $12.00


07171-M0799EEEE- Catalogue- BERGEN ARTS-CRAFTS, Salem, Mass. 1960’s. Catalogue and numerous loose sheets: 1) 8-3/4”x 11-1/8”x 89pp Catalog #17 with mostly line art and four pages of colorful enamel. Catalogue contains plastics, metal craft, gemstones, stained glass, weaving, mosaics, jewelry, marbles & settings, rhinestones & jewels, Christmas lights, brushes, music boxes, lighters, clocks, lamp parts, ceramics, enameling, glass gems. Plastic comb bound, coated stock stiff covers. It was printed before Zip codes came in to use in 1963. 2) 8-1/2”x 11”x 12pp mimeograph, gutter stapled Supplement to Catalogue #10, dated 1967 Offers jars, vials, kilns, tiles, jewelry, settings, chains, press moulds, small tools. 3) Eight color and mimeograph sheets. Some dated 1966 and 1967. Offering findings, lashes, rubber stoppers, copper shapes, resin casting materials, artificial flower arranging supplies, beads, metal craft materials. 4) Order blanks, reply envelope, announcement letter, handwritten order.  All. $42.00

06452-M0499EEEE- Catalogue- HOUSE OF CERAMICS, Memphis, Tenn. Mold Catalog M-62, 1962. Comprehensive offering in every category imaginable.  They say 2,784 illustrated, selected from about 4,000 manufactured. Many decorated and some in color to show pieces to best advantage. Excellent. 8-1/2" x 11" x 128pp. $32.00 

07166-M0799EEEE- Catalogue- PIERCE-PRANTE, INC., Palo Alto, Calif. No date but prior to 1963 because no zip. Distributor is Dots Pots Ceramic Studio, Nashville, Tenn. “The items in this catalog are designed and produced especially for the Hobby Ceramists.” Tools, Molds, Wrought Iron, Accessories. Very good condition. 8-1/2”x 11”x 12pp, mimeograph sheets printed one side. $4.00  

07165-M0799EEEE- Catalogue- JACQUELYN CERAMIC ART, Syracuse, NY. THE BEST OF JACQUELYN: CATALOGUE OF STAIN TECHNIQUES, 1963. Supplies list for opaque stains and translucent stains, brushes, spray-hue, spray-fix, texturette, grog, stencil paper, books, etc. Following are about 26 articles with illustration for the different looks in stains. Appears to be quite comprehensive. Inserted 2-color brochure offers brushes. Printed folder/split staples bound. Very good condition. 9”x 11-1/2”x 28pp. $22.00 

00219-B0990ERKE- Catalogue- CCM ARTS & CRAFTS, INC. CAT #22. Crowell Collier & Macmillan, Inc. College Park, MD. 1970. Ceramic & sculpture supplies, art materials & equipment, teachers art training aids, advanced student art activities, leather craft and tools, occupational therapy crafts, grade school handicrafts. Very good. 8-1/2" x 11" x 250pp.  $18.00

00259-B0990ECOK- Catalogue- CREATIVE HANDS CO. Pittsburgh, PA. 1970-71. Craft supplies and equipment for every type imaginable. Well illustrated. 8-1/2" x 11" x 84pp. $7.00   

00163-B0990ECOK- Catalogue- ECONOMY HANDICRAFTS, INC., Flushing, NY. ECONOMY CRAFTS, 1970-71. Supplies and equipment for art in papier-mâché, wire/film, metal, foam & wax sculpting, stained glass, burlap, yarn, felt, alum wire, decoupage, copper enameling, tile mosaics, basketry, weaving, candles, foil tooling, models, puppets, Indian crafts, cork, stick, beads, shells, leather, and many more. Good condition. 8-1/2" x 11" x 66pp. $7.00

05829-M0497ECCU- Special Catalogue- SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO., All areas. 1972-73 Craft Center Kits & Supplies. Needlework, yarn items, Christmas ornaments, rugs, floral, handbags, toys, candle making, painting, decoupage, leather, glass, resin, beads, macramé, books, etc. Part of address label panel stuck to cover, otherwise very good. 8-1/4" x 11" x 54pp. $32.00

05876-M0994EEKE- Book- SEWING MADE EASY by Dorothy Sara, revised by Irene Gora. Fourth Ed, last cprt 1977. Doubleday & Co, Garden City, NY. Acknowledges Simplicity and McCall Patterns and Coats & Clark. Illustrations, index. Covers it all. Almost like new. HB. 5-3/4"x 8-1/2"x 428pp. $18.00

00155-B0990ECKE- Catalogue- DUNCAN GREENWARE GALLERY. Christmas collection for 1981. Gifts, home decor ideas. Greenware & fired ornaments of the nativity, Santa, figurines, Christmas dinnerware, bells, children's items, etc. Directions for firing and decorating the Greenware items. Very colorful, very good condition. 8" x 9 x 32pp. $6.00  

06205-M0587EEE- Journals- SEW NEWS, The Fashion Magazine for People Who Sew. Pub by PJS Publications, Peoria, IL. Oct 1987 thru Aug 1988 plus March 1989 (12 issues). Very large color tabloid in publishers bright yellow plastic portfolio rod binder. Each is 11"x 15"x appx 60 to 90pp. Excellent condition. All. $28.00 + $6.00 postage at Book Rate.

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