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03732-M0595CUEE- GRAND REVIEW IN WASHINGTON BY LINCOLN & McCLELLAN, HARPER’S WEEKLY.  Original 19th Century Woodcut. Delicately hand colored. 16” x 22”. $83.00

03730-M0595CUEE- Original 19th Century Woodcut- HOOKER’S BATTLE ABOVE THE CLOUDS, LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN, HARPER’S WEEKLY.  Original 19th Century woodcut. Delicately hand colored. 16” x 22”. $64.00

03729-M0595CUEE- ADVANCE OF FEDERAL TROOPS ON CORINTH, HARPER’S WEEKLY. Original 19th Century woodcut. Delicately hand colored.  16” x 22”. $80.00

03726-M0595CCHO-  HORSESHOEING IN THE ARMY, HARPER’S WEEKLY. Original 19th Century woodcut.  Delicately hand colored. 11-1/2” x 16”. $50.00

03727-M0595CCHO- RETURN OF A FORAGING PARTY, HARPER’S WEEKLY. Original 19th Century woodcut. Delicately hand colored.  11-1/2” x 16”.$40.00

03728-M0595CCHO- CAMP ZAGONYI, HARPER’S WEEKLY.  Original 19th Century woodcut. Delicately hand colored. 11-1/2” x 16”.. $40.00

04849-M1195EKCU- 19th Century Woodcut- CHICHESTER'S COTTON-PACKER. Original large front cover page from  March 3, 1860 Scientific American. Woodcut and approximately 12 column inches of text. Great for display. Excellent condition. 9-1/2” x 13-1/2". $28.00 

02672-M1094LEEE- Woodcut- FORT SANDERS COLLEGE/VIEW OF KNOXVILLE FROM KEITH'S HILLS. Nov 1863. Hand colored. Very good condition. 10” x 16".  $40.00

04848-M0496CLHL- 19th Century Woodcut- COTTON TEAM IN NORTH CAROLINA.  Original  large page from May 12, 1866 HARPER'S WEEKLY.  Depicts cart loaded w/cotton pulled by two mules, one horse, one ox (what a combination!). Two Black workers coax them along. Great display piece. Excellent condition. 16” x 11".  $60.00 

06243-M1195EKCU- Tabloid Journal- HARPER'S WEEKLY, A JOURNAL OF CIVILIZATION, New York. Vol. X, No.480, Saturday, March 10, 1866. Fantastic, full front page woodcut of "Display Of Fireworks In City Hall Park On Washington's Birthday, February 22, 1866." Sketched by Stanley Fox. The individual fireworks displays and the day's events are described in a short article.  Other large woodcuts of note include nearly full page of John William Draper (original photo by Brady), half page of President (Andrew) Johnson addressing a large crowd, full page of schoolmaster in classroom about to strike a napping student with his glove, full page of Paris Fashions, much more. Numerous ads include a nice one for a device which "rendered spectacles useless."  Spine is a little frayed where it has been disbound, but the paper's binding threads are still present. Overall very good. A rare one and highly collectible. Worthy of prominent display. 11-1/4" x 16" x 16pp. $64.00

05658-M0397AAKE-  Original Broadsheet Advertisement- From HARPER'S WEEKLY, March 29, 1873. P. T. BARNUM'S GREAT TRAVELING WORLD'S FAIR FOR THE CAMPAIGN OF 1873. Illustration is a collage of many elements. Menagerie, exotic peoples, steam circus train, museum aflame, Barnum rising from the ashes, ocean, and rail  transportation scenes, and ol' P. T. himself offering "The World In Contribution." Among the fantastic and aggrandizing claims, he says, "..GRAND CROWNING TRIUMPH OF  MY MANAGERIAL LIFE.  Notwithstanding the burning of my last museum, in December (which, however, did not destroy any of my great traveling chariots, vans, cages, or horses, nor duplicates of most of my living wild animals, which were then on exhibition in New Orleans), I have been enabled, through the aid of cable dispatches, electricity, and steam, and the expenditure of nearly a million dollars, to place upon the road by far the largest and most interesting Combination of MUSEUM, MENAGERIE, and HIPPODROME ever known. Indeed, it may be called a great TRAVELING WORLD'S FAIR."  Much more. Barnum's signature printed. Very good condition. Large woodcut engraving measures 9" x 7-7/8".   Page overall is 10-7/8"  x  15-3/4". Rare item worthy of prominent display. $98.00

05655-M0896EAHU- Woodcuts- THE NEW YORK POST OFFICE.  Two original pages from SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, September 18, 1875.  All about the new New York Post Office. Page one has a large engraving measuring 9" x 10" of the building south and west front exterior and busy street scene.  They moved in on Saturday, August 28, 1875. Second page has engraving of the U.S. Courtroom in the new building and a sectional drawing of the hydraulic elevators. A total of 14-1/2 column inches accompany the three beautiful, well-preserved engravings.  Striking display material!  Two pages, each is 11" x 15-3/4" overall. Both original pages. $55.00 

02670-M1094REEE- Woodcut- KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE, and SURROUNDINGS. From HARPERS WEEKLY, May 7, 1887. Drawn by Chas. Graham (1852-1911). Auction range of his work is $400 to $6100. Center page spread. Six vignettes, de1icately hand co1ored. Most1y panoramic views-- Knoxville From Across The River, Lyons View, Knoxville University, Marble Barges, An Old-Time Hut, Private Residence. Fantastic display piece! Excellent condition. 21-3/4”  x 16". $80.00

00789-B0990QRT- Journals- AMERICAN ARCHITECT AND BUILDING NEWS. A WEEKLY JOURNAL OF CONSTRUCTIVE AND DECORATIVE ART. Ticknor & Co., Boston, MA. Thirty-four various issues of this weekly from March 3, 1888 to Nov 24, 1889. Each issue is   9-1/4'' x 14" and includes an average of 28 pages of ads, 12 to 14 pages editorial, 6pp (3 large sheets loosely inserted, illustrated on one side) of architectural renderings of private residences, public and institutional buildings, tombs/statues, banks, decorative architectura1 details, etc., all very well done and suitable for framing and display.  Each issue is heavily illustrated (even the articles), as one might expect of journa1s of this type. Covers are generally darkened from age and chipped at extremities, remainder good to very good. All. $675.00 or Each, our choice. $25.00

04904-M0596EAKE- Book- A BOOK OF COUNTRY THINGS. Told by Walter Needham, Recorded By Barrows Mussey. The Stephen Greene Press, Battleboro, Vt. 1965, 4th printing. "Explains all the lost arts of pioneer living...Currier & Ives prints come to life...the purest Americana": Gramp, On The Farm, Sugaring, Doing With Stone, The Animal Kingdom, From The Woods, Grandpa's Tools, What He Had To Buy, Around The House, Indians, etc. Indexed, woodcut prints throughout, Hardback. Some wear & soil to dust jacket. 5-3/4” x 8” x 166pp. $21.00  

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