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05254-M0896CCLR- Catalogue- MAHER & GROSH, Toledo, OH. cprt 1886. "Price List. Hand Forged, Razor Steel Pocket Cutlery, Razors, Scissors, Axes, Butcher Knives, etc." Also has the illustrated article--"A Good Razor, How To Use It, How To Choose It, and How Many Men Abuse It." They used this delightful article in most of their catalogues through the years. Fantastic, large-sized engravings throughout. On very light pink paper. Has chemical stains along lower gutter and in top margin. Of the hundreds of engravings, appx 14 are touched in some way by the stain. This catalogue never had a cover as such, simply a spine binding strip. Binding strip is quite worn and outside pages soiled. Contents very good except for the stain in some areas. 5-3/4" x 9" x 56pp. $125.00

04825-M0396CHCL- Catalogue- CRESENT PERFUMERY CO., Marietta, PA. ca 1890s. "Perfumery is our specialty." They have all their Toilet Preparations listed and priced in the first three pages but not illustrated. Balance of catalogue depicts and describes their premiums: Ladies’ toilet table, fainting couch, Norris chair, chiffonier, iron bed, rattan rocker and baby carriage, bicycle, cuckoo clocks, pocket watches, rings, Seth Thomas mantle clock, etc. Nice engravings. Inserted sales letter and order blank. Coated stock,  stiff covers. Minor faded area on front cover. 5-1/4" x 6-3/4" x 20pp. $38.00

06851-M0302CEEE- Journal- BEAUTY AND HEALTH, Women’s Physical Development. Vol. 9, No. 5. February 1905. Physical Culture Publishing Co., New York, USA. They claim it to be "….a monthly magazine devoted to the cultivation of physical power and beauty in woman". This was a short-lived publishing effort of Bernarr MacFadden (1868-1955). He was the founder and editor-in-chief of PHYSICAL CULTURE MAGAZINE. Macfadden was a physical fitness guru and proponent of healthy living. He spoke against use of tobacco, alcohol, restrictive clothing (especially corsets), vaccination, medicine and doctors in general. He supported alternative health care, frankness concerning human sexuality, ‘internal baths’ and fasting, sleeping in fresh air (even to the extent of having outdoor sleeping huts); mud, sand and air baths; homeopathy and osteopathy. He founded something he called ‘physcultopathy’. His contributing writers at various times claimed that "medicine is a murderous science" and that "germs do not cause disease". He was the consummate self-promoter and egomaniac and tried to buy his way into the presidency of the U.S. He became a multi-millionaire through his publishing ventures, most notably the magazine, Physical Culture. He was married four times in his life and finally died destitute in 1955. Articles and features contained in this magazine include: Exercising For Developing the Arm;, True Meaning of Wedlock, Secret of Strong, Rosy Babies; At the Shrine of Love; A Pill Episode; Athletic Prowess of American Girls; Thoughts on Beauty and Power of Attraction in Women; Effect of Physical Culture on Fashion Illustrating; Science of Sex Purity; much more. About 19 pages of advertisements: Postum, Omo Dress Shield, Velvet Grip Hose Supporters, Dr. Scott’s Hair Brush, Facial Massage Roller, Prof. Anthony Barker offers a book claiming to improve your face by making faces. New Hair Culture, different types of exercisers, Grape-Nuts, clothing patterns, and much more. Light cover soil and edge wear. 6-1/2"x 9-1/2"x 48pp. $48.00

05393-M1196EOEL- Broadside- CARSON PIRIE SCOTT & CO., Chicago. ca 'teens. Offers "Liberty Belle Hair Pins" wholesale to store accounts. Ten large pictures (eight are actual size) of boxed assortments and priced "per gross cabinets." Coated stock, very good condition. Folded as originally mailed. 14-1/8" x 21". $42.00

06174-M0398CEEE- Journal- SMART HAIRSTYLES, Vol.2, No.3, Nov 1937. Published by Perre-Bruckner Co, Chicago, IL. Bruckner was also the staff artist and did the beautiful cover on this issue. "...a pictorial review of current beauty fashions for those engaged in beauty culture, advertising, and marketing." Full page hairstyle illustrations throughout, presumably by Mr. Bruckner. Many nice ads for preparations, equipment. Instructive articles, etc. Delightful and very scarce item! 8-1/4" x 11" x 30pp. $68.00

06460-M0599EEHE- Catalogue- AVON PRODUCTS, INC. n.p. Cat.1, 1965. Full line of cosmetics and toiletries. All priced. Colorful, on coated stock paper.  Some cover scribbles, very light cover soil. Rusty staples and small rust stain at staple holes. Oblong  format. 10"x 7"x 62pp. $16.00

07023-M0203ECCE- Book- ADRIEN ARPEL'S 3-WEEK CRASH MAKEOVER/SHAPEOVER BEAUTY PROGRAM with Ronnie Sue Ebenstein. Published by Rawson Associates, NY. Third Printing, copyright 1977. "A daily program for women who want to learn the professional way to go from so-so to stunning in just 21 days at your home." " I can make any woman good-looking in 3 weeks!"  $15.00

06863-M0402EEHE- Catalogue- PAULA YOUNG, Brockton, MA. No. W511, 1985. Wigs by Eva Gabor and Adolfo. Nice, large pictures of models with all the styles offered. Eva shown on front cover. Very good condition. 8-1/4"x 11"x 30pp. $18.00

06864-M0402EEHE- Catalogue- PAULA YOUNG, Brockton, MA. No. W522, 1985. Wigs by Eva Gabor and Adolfo. Nice, large pictures of models with all the styles offered. Eva shown on front cover. Very good condition. 8-1/4"x 11"x 30pp. $18.00

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