02238-M1193LEEE- Catalogue- SIEGEL COOPER CO., NY, NY, ca 1900. Large (1/2 page), detailed half-tones in their ''Department of Artists Materials, Department of Camera and Photo Supplies, Department of Guns & Tackle, Department of Bicycle Sundries, Department of Athletic Supplies." Contents of this catalogue include complete selection of artists materials, cameras and supplies and 1 pg bicycle lamps. Nice engravings throughout. Stiff covers. Very good condition. 8" x 11" x 32pp. $58.00

00427-B0990QRT- Catalogue- CHESTER FROST & CO., Chicago, IL, Bulletin No.18, ca 1900. Camera Department. Premo and Poco bellows cameras of many different styles, developing and printing outfits, supplies. Back page has very large sized engraving of ''Quadruple Silver Plated, Hard Soldered Chatelaine Bag". Minor staining, out of approximately fifty illustrations, about eight are affected. 7-3/4" x 10-3/4" x 8pp. $22.00

04534-M1095ECEE- Journal- CAMERA CRAFT, Fayette J. Chute, Ed and Prop, San Francisco, CA. Vol. XIX, No.11, Nov 1912. Beautifully done magazine! On coated stock. Great ads from all the players in the field, instructive illustrated articles: Importance of an Exposure Method, Home Portraiture, Effective High-Speed Work, Graded Sky Screens a Delusion, Taking a "Movie" in Arizona, The Amateur And His Troubles, much more. Almost new condition! 7" x 10-1/2" x 98pp. $40.00

05380-M0395EEHC- Brochure- PATHE, INC., NYC. ca 1926. Pathex motion picture camera and projector. 2 color. Illustrated. Small edge tear repaired. 3-5/8" x 6-3/4" x 4pp. $6.00

05381-M0395EEHC- Brochure- PATHE, INC., NYC. ca 1926. Pathex motion picture camera and projector. 2 color. Illustrated. Different graphics. Small edge tear repaired. 3-5/8" x 6-3/4" x 4pp. $6.00

04426-M1195EUEE- Journals- KODAKERY, A Magazine for Amateur Photographers, Eastman Kodak Co, Rochester, NY. Four issues: Jun. Aug. Sept, Oct for 1927. Great photos from readers, priced cameras & equip/supplies from Kodak. Light stains on Jun & Oct. otherwise very good. Ea. is 5-1/2" x 7-1/2" x 32pp. All four. $38.00

01868-M0793ECSL- Catalogues- GEORGE MURPHY, INC., NY, NY. Thirteen different issues of their monthly catalogue called "Snap Shots". 1936, 1937, 1938. Everything Photographic in a magazine-like format. Equipment, supplies, accessories. All priced. Line art and half-tones. Coated stock paper. Very good condition. Each is 6" x 8-3/4" x 32pp. All. $68.00

03890-M0795ECEA- Journal- AMATEUR CINE WORLD, London. Vol. V, No.3, June 1938. Lots of ads, mostly for movie cameras and projectors. Product and how-to articles, etc. 3-color covers, coated stock, very good condition. 8-1/2" x 11" x 56pp. $28.00

05015-M0696EKLL- Catalogue- EASTMAN KODAK CO., Rochester, NY. May 1939. Kodak Picture-Making Aids. Film and film packs, Kodachrome and miniature accessories, all kinds of attachments, camera supports, darkroom equipment, etc. Well illustrated, coated stock, very good condition. 5" x 7" x 39pp. $28.00

06805-M0301ELEE- Journal- MINCAM MONTHLY, Cincinnati, Ohio. Vol.4, No.2, October 1940. "The Miniature Camera Monthly for Every Camera User." All the old cameras, equipment, techniques, etc. Great graphics. Color cover of hummingbirds feeding. Very good condition. 6-1/2"x 9-1/2"x 130pp. $14.00

03995-M0495EEUA- Journal- MINICAM PHOTOGRAPHY, Cincinnati, OH. Vol.3, No.7, Mar 1940. The Miniature Camera Monthly for Every Camera User. Lots of ads, great articles, special effects, imitating screen stars, etc. Very good. 6-1/2" x 9-1/2" x 122pp. $14.00

01099-M0292ECHU- Catalogue- BURKE & JAMES, INC Chicago, IL, 1941. Photographic equipment and supplies, primarily Solar brand enlargers, dark room equip, accessories. "A Valuable Treatise On Enlarging." w/dealer net prices insert, in large mailing envelope, all in excellent condition. 7" x 8-3/4" x 34pp, stiff covers. $26.00

04109-M0895EE- Catalogue- BENNETT BROS., Chicago, NY. 1963. Blue Book of Quality Merchandise. One of the largest "coded price" catalogue showroom type operations (code key included). Diamonds, watches, silverware, luggage, giftware, cameras, tools, office equip, furs, toys, sporting goods, clocks, appliances, furniture, much more. Excellent. Hardback. 8-1/2" x 11" x 786pp. $35.00

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