Carriages/Horse Related

03726-M0595CCHO- Woodcut- HORSESHOEING IN THE ARMY, HARPER'S WEEKLY. Original 19th Century woodcut.  Delicately hand colored. 11-1/2" x 16".  $50.00  

00392-B0990EROK- Catalogue- H. HEROLD'S SONS, NY, ca 1890. Boot, shoes and uppers, leather and findings, horse covers, buggy aprons, nose bags, etc. Numerous shoes & boots illustrated such as Gent's & Ladies Balmoral, Button Gaiters, Congress, English Waukenfast, Oxfords. Also Spatter Dashes, Napoleon Boots, Riding Leggings, Shoe Tips, Overgaiters, etc. Excellent condition. 6-1/2" x 3-1/2" x 56pp.  $19.00  

06360-M1298EKEE- Flier-W. W. WOODRUFF & CO., Knoxville, Tenn. cprt 1896. Wholesale hardware house. Postcard-sized coated stock paper, used as an envelope insert. Front has picture of a black woman mashing bedbugs with a shoe! Reverse features five horse-drawn buggies. A rather oblique message reads: "Buggy! Buggy! Buggy! Well I should Smile And Of The Very Commonest Kind, Too. If You Want GOOD BUGGIES And something that will stay with you just as long and give MUCH BETTER SATISFACTION, go to W.W. Woodruff & Co..." Fairly obscure fold where it was originally folded for mailing and light corner wrinkle. 3-5/8"x 6-1/4". $28.00

02352-M1193AORE- Catalogue- CHICAGO SCALE CO, Chicago, IL, ca 1890s. Catalogue Of Miscellaneous Articles. Self-covered on thin coated stk. 3-1/2 pp harness sets, 1 p saddles, 3 pp carriages, 3 pp blacksmith equip, 3 pp agricultural machines and equipment. Also cider mills, pumps; treadle powered lathes, saws, etc.; steam engine, safes, coffee mills, printers/bookmakers presses, watches, stoves, guns, pianos, organs, sewing machines, bicycle and more. All nice engravings. Strangely, the only scale is one steelyard. Horizontal fold, minor wear and soil.  9" x 12" x 24pp.  $87.00  

03953-M0795KEEE- Catalogue- CASH BUYERS UNION, Chicago, IL. Special Cat E-354, 1899. Buggies, Phaetons, Surreys, Carts, Milk Wagon, Farm Wagons, etc. Harness, Saddles (large selection) Men’s and Lady’s Bicycles, Sewing Machine, Baby Carriage in rattan w/parasol, Kenwood Parlor Organ. Very nice chromolithograph cover art. Cover corner repaired, some spine chips, otherwise very good. A nice one! 6" x 9" x 128pp. $150.00

00907-M0491EKEE- Catalogue- FOLEY & WILLIAMS MEG CO. Cincinnati, OH. Fashion Plates of 1900 Buggies. A "Cat-a-let" as they call it, featuring seven buggies and one driving harness. A small "wallet fold" booklet measuring 6-3/4" x 5" x 18pp when unfolded. Very good condition. $30.00

05479-M1296ARUA- Catalogue- SCRANTON HARDWARE AND IRON CO., Scranton, PA. 1902. Sticker on front from Bittenbender & Co, Heavy Hardware, Iron And Steel. Don't know if Bittenbender had acquired Scranton Hardware or if they were merely distributors. Scranton Hardware & Iron were "Jobbers of Blacksmiths' and Wagonmakers Supplies, Carriage Hardware, Tools." Comprehensive and beautiful art throughout. Everything to equip a shop and parts for vehicles from light buggies to heavy wagons. "Everything To Make A New Wagon Or Repair An Old One." As we've mentioned before, in 1899 a directory was published which listed 800 "Buggy Manufacturers." Only a handful of these were actually manufacturers in the strictest sense. Most were simply assemblers. Houses like Scranton Hardware supplied everything from a wheel bolt to the completed gear, including wheels, shafts, seats, top, etc. The "manufacturer" could even order complete vehicles "in the white" and only paint them in his shop. Well-- the catalogue-- stiff covers, coated stock  pages, sewn bindings. The bindings are slightly shaken but nothing is loose. All very clean. Scarce. 6"x 9-1/8"x 294pp. $186.00

02422-M0490LEEE- Journal- THE AMERICAN BLACKSMITH, Buffalo, NY, Vol. 11, No. 11, Aug 1912. A Practical Journal of Blacksmithing and Wagon making. Great illustrated articles, display ads of shop equipment, buggy parts, horse items. Dark stain along bottom, old tape on spine, some edge chips. 9-1/4"  x 12"  x 90pp.  $75.00  

02148-M1093AHKK- Catalogue- BREWER-TITCHENER CORP., Cort1and, NY, Cat No.2, Jan 1, 1918. Irons for buggies, wagons, and ear1y automobiles: Bow sockets, top joints, bow c1ips, fender irons, gooseneck & prop irons, door hinges, spring 1inks, shaft levers, auxi1lary seats, tailgate irons, hand brake levers, windshield arms, truck goosenecks; curtain fasteners, eyelets, parts; shifting rails, seat irons, stay braces, body hangers & loops and hundreds of other items. Large-sized illustrations in either engraved art or dimensioned engineering drawings. Great addition to any restorers 1ibrary. Coated stock paper, Hardback. Very good condition and very c1ean. 6-1/2" x 9¼" x 521pp. $148.00

02156-M1093ASCE- Catalogue- CHARLES A. CHILDS & CO, Utica, NY, Cat ‘H’, ca 1918. One-lung gasoline engines, electric lighting plant, powered wash mach, ensilage cutters, grinding mills, horse-drawn plows harrows, discs, cultivators, drills, sprayers, planters, hay rakes & tedders, hay loaders and tools. Reliance cream separator, garden sprayers; hop, grape and tree duster. Reel lawn mowers, land & lawn rollers, shellers, scrapers, lawn swings, cider mill, barrel churns, wheelbarrows, carriage lamps, grindstones, wood and iron water pumps, Mast Foos windmill, barn fixtures, carriage heater (the kind for coals), whiffletrees & neck yokes, horse-drawn sleighs, wagons & carriages, Jackson automobiles, Coleman motor truck and more. Coated stock.  Very good condition 7-3/4" x 10-3/4" x 72 pp. $150.00

03355-M0195CKCO- Catalogue- U. S. FARM SALES CO., Kansas City, MO. Cat No. 19, 1931. From Factory to Farmer. Wholesale Manufacturer of Harness and Saddlery. Work harness and parts, collars, hames, saddles, harness hardware, whips, fly nets, dog or goat harness, etc. Very good condition. 6-3/4" x 10" x 44pp. $58.00

05302-M0896ECOS- Catalogue- BREEDERS SUPPLY AND EQUIPMENT CO, Lexington, KY. Cat No.55, ca 1955. Comprehensive assortment of livestock and veterinary supplies and equipment for the breeder and livestock farmer.  Show equip, barn and herdsmen's supplies, leather goods, sprayers, chutes, lanterns, flashlights, Bowker Tree Brand knives (nice selection!), grain rollers, feed mixers, saddles, boots, blacksmith & farrier tools, forges, harness, pony carriages; medicines & remedies for horses, cattle, poultry, and swine. Excellent condition. 7-3/4" x 10-5/8" x 78pp.  $32.00

06294-M0998CECS- Catalogue- COLORADO SADDLERY CO, 1424 Market St, Denver 2, Colo. Cat No.158, 1958. Cowboy goods of all kinds-- saddles, tack, equipment, pack equip, lariats, grooming equipment and supplies, horseshoes, farrier's tools, harness hardware, toy six-shooters, lots of gun leather, bits, spurs, much more. Coated stock pages. Retail prices. Dealer's discount schedule still intact. Two strips of skived leather are used as bookmarks. Previous owner has name in ink on front, otherwise excellent condition. Still in tattered old mailing envelope with lots of graphics. 8-1/2" x 10-3/4" x 94pp. $68.00

01346-M1292EHAU- Catalogue- C. A. SUMMEROUR & SONS, Tanners & Manufacturers since 1934, Catalogue No. 108. Duluth, GA, ca late 1960s (?). We believe they are no longer in business, at least under this name. If memory serves, they may have been acquired by one of the big saddle companies in the early 1970s.  Dog collars, harness, saddles, bridles, work harness, halter, harness hardware, bits, livestock grooming supplies, 5 pp of cricket boxes, belt buckles, etc. Picture of Mr. Summerour, the founder, on cover (1875-1953). Post-binder w/CIS cover. Very good condition. 8-3/4” x 11” x 88 pp + 15 pp price list. $34.00

00557-B0990QRT- Catalogue- CUMBERLAND CARRIAGE  WORKS, Crossville, TN, 1982. Horse-drawn vehicles.  Nicely illustrated.  All priced. Excellent condition. 8-1/2'' x 11'' x 9pp.  $24.00  

07006-M89EEE- Buyers Guide- TACK ‘N TOGS MERCHANDISING, Miller Publishing Co., Minnetonka, Minn. July 1996. 1996-97 Tack ‘n Togs Book. "A Buyers Guide to Products for the Horse and Rider". Voluminous directory with colorful ads of all those organizations supplying western and English shops. Categories include Manufacturers/Importers/Suppliers, Manufactures’ Suppliers, Directory of Brand Names, Manufacturers’ Representatives; Distributors, Wholesalers, Jobbers; Permanent Showrooms, Major Horse Shows and Rodeo Dates, Directory of Associations, Dealer’s Product Corral. Indispensable tool for anyone in the business or for general interest. It’s a big one! Almost as new. 8"x 10-3/4"x 480pp. $22.00

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