05658-M0397AAKE- Original Broadsheet Advertisement- From HARPER'S WEEKLY, March 29, 1873. P. T. BARNUM'S GREAT TRAVELING WORLD'S FAIR FOR THE CAMPAIGN OF 1873. Illustration is a collage of many elements. Menagerie, exotic peoples, steam circus train, museum aflame, Barnum rising from the ashes, ocean, and rail transportation scenes, and ol' P. T. himself offering "The World In Contribution." Among the fantastic and aggrandizing claims, he says, "..GRAND CROWNING TRIUMPH OF MY MANAGERIAL LIFE. Notwithstanding the burning of my last museum, in December (which, however, did not destroy any of my great traveling chariots, vans, cages, or horses, nor duplicates of most of my living wild animals, which were then on exhibition in New Orleans), I have been enabled, through the aid of cable dispatches, electricity, and steam, and the expenditure of nearly a million dollars, to place upon the road by far the largest and most interesting Combination of MUSEUM, MENAGERIE, and HIPPODROME ever known. Indeed, it may be called a great TRAVELING WORLD'S FAIR." Much more. Barnum's signature printed. Very good condition. Large woodcut engraving measures 9" x 7-7/8". Page overall is 10-7/8" x 15-3/4". Rare item worthy of prominent display. $98.00

06422-M0399EEHA- Program- U. T. CARNIVAL PROGRAMME. Presented by Students of UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE. KNOXVILLE HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM, December 16, 1921. Seven pages of ads from area merchants with about twenty-four ads including an illustrated Orange Crush.  Printed in orange ink. Limp and some wear and creases, small edge tear, small archival marking. 6"x 9"x 8pp. $28.00

04277-M1095ALEA- Broadsheet- HARRY SHANNON’S BIG MUSICAL PRODUCTION OF UNCLE TOM’S CABIN, no place given. Original printer's proof from an old printing company ca late 1920s. "Music, Comedy, Girls In The Big Tent. Roar With Laughter AT THE Funny Antics of TOPSY. Jubilee Singers, Dancing Cotton Pickers, Plantation Scenes, Swing Band, etc." Printed both sides on pink paper. Well illustrated. Great entertainment history in excellent condition. Old printer’s proof sheet. Several different broadsheets of this type were found in an old print company file 10-1/2" x 28". $94.00

07470- M0911)ULC- Catalogue – DENNISON MFG. CO. Framingham, Mass. DENNISON'S PARTY BOOK, 1922. "A Book Giving Suggestions for Home Parties and Dances, for St. Valentine's Day, Patriotic Occasions, After Easter Week, April Fool's Day, Also Ideas for Booths and May Day". Ordering information for their party supplies and crepe paper. Rare in this almost like new condition. 7 ¾"x 5 1/8"x 36pp. $135.00

02617-M0894EALE- Catalogue- T. S. DENISON & CO, PUBLISHERS, Chicago, 1930. (Not to be confused with Dennison’s Mfg Co of Mass.) Denison’s Make-Up Guide for Amateur and Professional. Approximately last half is catalogue of make-up material with prices and instructions for ordering. "Written For the Amateur Actor and Containing Information of Value to Professionals in the Art of Making Up For Stage Parts; Also In the Selection of Wigs, Beards and All Kinds of Make-Up Material and Accessories." Lots of blackface and other outrageous ethnic items. Very well illustrated. Very good condition. Don’t see this one often. 4-3/4" x 7-1/4" x 100pp. $48.00

04272-M1095LURO- Broadsheet- J. C. LINCOLN’S SUNNY SOUTH MINSTRELS, no place given. Original printer's proof from an old printing company ca 1930. "Featuring the Famous New Orleans Brown Skin Models. See ALVINA the Fan Dancer. Free Street Parade. World’s Greatest Mammoth Minstrel Review. Sweet Singers, Fast Dancers, Funny Comedians." Printed both sides. Well illustrated on pink paper. Very good condition. 9" x 24". $78.00

04274-M1095LURO- Broadsheet- E. S. WINSTEAD’S MIGHTY MINSTRELS, no place given. Original printer's proof from an old printing company ca 1930. With the famous Dusky Beauty Chorus. 50 Colored Stars. World’s Greatest Colored Show. Girls! Girls! Red Hot Beauties! Singers, Dancers, Comedians. Street Parade Daily. Under Waterproof Tent, etc." Printed both sides. Lots of illustrations. Excellent. On cream paper. 9" x 24". $78.00

04275-M1095LURO- Broadsheet- JIMMIE SIMPSON’S GREATER MINSTRELS, no place given. Original printer's proof from an old printing company ca 1930. "Featuring the Famous New Orleans Brown Skin Models. See ALVINA the Fan Dancer. See the Rumba, Caricola And Tap Dancers. Swing Band Orchestra. Greatest Array of Singers, Novelty Acts and Funny Comedians Ever Presented by Any Show! Golden Brown Chorus of Eighteen so Fast Their Ankles Get Red Hot!" Couple of minor edge chips. Printed both sides. Well illustrated on orange paper. 9" x 24".  $78.00

05756-M0397EHAO- Journal- HAGENBECK WALLACE CIRCUS MAGAZINE AND DAILY REVIEW, Season of 1934. Their home was Peru, IN. Very nice color covers, well illustrated in sepia tone photos throughout. Many national advertisers, some in nice color, such as Chesterfield, Rinso, International Trucks, Dentyne, Good Year, Stetson Hats, Lux, Beech-Nut Chewing Tobacco, Coca-Cola, center page spread from Pontiac (seven models in nice color!), Lucky Strike, Philco, Frigidaire, Chevrolet Trucks, much more. Great item! Excellent condition. 7-1/4"x 10-1/4"x 46pp. $116.00

03368-M0195EOUE- Catalogue- SLACK MFG CO, Chicago, IL. 1930s. Favors, decorations, hats, novelties, holiday goods, noisemakers, balloons, rubber toys, candy, masks, toys, artificial plants & trees, etc. Self-covered. Printed in blue ink. Shelf soil, cover inscription. 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" x 64pp. $155.00

01437-M1292ECEH- Program- PASADENA TOURNAMENT OF ROSES PICTORIAL, New Years Day, 1936. Colorful covers and four other pages, rest is large half-tones of floats in the parade, the Stanford/SMU teams with results of previous games, starting with 1916, pictorial tribute to the "boys of the Post Office" and their police force, four or five pages of ads. Very good condition. 9" x 12" x 38pp. $18.00

05758-M0397EHAO- Journal- RINGLING BROS AND BARNUM & BAILEY CIRCUS MAGAZINE AND DAILY REVIEW, 1940. Joseph Mayer Publishing, NYC. Well illustrated. Numerous advertisers including Gilbert Toys, Coca-Cola. Top has been damped and is deteriorated down about an inch or two, touching some typography and upper extremities of a few illustrations. 8-1/2" x 11-1/4" x 72pp. $16.00

05029-M0696CEEE- Catalogue- JACK C. MILES STUDIOS, Denver, CO. Cat No.7, 1947. Taxidermy Supplies. Paper forms for all kinds of animals, ear liners, glass eyes, celluloid teeth sets, lamp fixtures, rug head forms, currier's knife, wire stapler, foot fittings, pinking machine, etc. Well illustrated. Printed letter and picture from Gov. Ed C. Johnson of Colorado. Back page has pictures of "Buffalo Bill" William F. Cody and "Pawnee Bill" G. W. Lillie along w/reproduction of their signed letters of testimony and letterhead of the combined show of these two from 1914. They used the Miles Co. extensively for their taxidermy work. Centerfold and crease. Obscure archival tissue repairs and reinforcing to gutter fold and margin edge centerfold. On coated stock paper, well illustrated. 9" x 12" x 12pp. $58.00

05922-M0897ECEE- Booklet- PUTNAM COUNTY 1949 AGRICULTURAL CONSERVATION PROGRAM, Issued December 31, 1948.  Twenty-one ads from the local merchants. Putnam County is our neighbor to the west, home of Tennessee Tech. Cover stain and fold. 5-1/2"x 8-1/4"x 12pp. $26.00

02552-M0594ELLK- Hand Fan- MOOLAH SHRINE CIRCUS,  No place (maybe St. Louis?), no date (ca 1950s?).  Die cut in shape of fez, red w/gold letters and insignia. Back has Wabash RR advertisement showing Shriner speeding along in a comfortable seat:  “It’s Smooth! It’s Cool! When You Go Wabash. To Chicago, Detroit, Kansas City, Omaha, Des Moines. Cool Comfort, Warm Hospitality”. Like new condition. 7-1/2” x 12”. $15.00

06434-M0399EEHA- Poster- KRAFT DARING (TRAPEZE ARTISTS), Circus theme illustrated promotional poster. No place or date. We're guessing in the 1960s (?) Very colorful. Upper margin has "H3-6857, Litho in USA." Wrinkle in top right edge, tear into border in this area, some tape and lifts on corners. All in all, very good shape. Nice display piece. 25"x 19". $26.00

06435-M0399EEHA- Poster- KRAFT BIG (ELEPHANT), Circus theme illustrated promotional poster. No place or date. We're guessing in the 1960s (?). Very colorful. Irregular upper trim edge, single piece of obscure tape on lower left edge, small tape lift on left corner margin. Nice display piece. 19"x 25". $26.00

05951-M0997EEE- Fair Broadside- CUMBERLAND VALLEY SHOWS (I think they are based over around Lebanon, TN.) for CUMBERLAND COUNTY FAIR, Crossville, (TN), Fairgrounds, Aug 26-30. Not sure just how old this is--maybe from 1970s? Colorful in blue, yellow and red; carousel horse, on heavy poster board. Almost like new. 14"x 22". $34.00

05760-M0397EHAO- Journal- RINGLING BROS AND BARNUM & BAILEY CIRCUS Souvenir Program and Magazine, 1971. To call it colorful is a considerable understatement! A special feature is a big five page section offering "Circus Posters of the Past", all depicted in their original color. Bump at spine head, otherwise very good condition. 10-1/8" x 13-3/8" x 92pp. $36.00

05761-M0397EHAO- Journal- CLYDE BEATTY-COLE BROS CIRCUS Season of 1973. Souvenir Program and Pictorial Magazine. Very colorful wraps, well-illustrated b/w pages. Light stain at spine and ink scribble, otherwise very good condition. 9" x 12" x 24pp. $40.00

05762-M0397EHAO- Journal- RINGLING BROS AND BARNUM & BAILEY CIRCUS Souvenir Program and Magazine, 1974. This one is a dandy! Special feature is a huge, actual size, full-color poster of "Michu, The Smallest Man In The World". Fold out measures a whopping 35", and little Michu measures a diminutive 33". They claimed Michu was 7" shorter than General Tom Thumb. Circus Posters of the Past, all depicted in their original color, also offered. Excellent condition. 10-1/8" x 13-3/8" x 92pp. $46.00

02517-M0594EAHE- Program- RINGLING BROS AND BARNUM & BAILEY CIRCUS. 106th EDITION SOUVENIR PROGRAM & MAGAZINE, 1977. Some fading to front cover, otherwise very good condition. 10-1/4" x 13" x 84pp. $18.00

04257-M1095EE- Catalogue- ENTERTAINMENT PUBLICATIONS.  No place given. SALLY FOSTER, "The Celebration People." Fall 1995. Two pieces: 1) Gift wrap & Accessories catalogue, 8-1/2" x 11" x 12pp, with holiday totes, bows, tags of all kinds, wrapping paper, ribbon, etc. Thirty-seven 3-1/4" x 3-1/2" colorful paper samples tipped in. 2) Catalogue of cards, stationery, magnetic frames, apple potpourri burner, memo pads, canning jar candle, etc. 8-1/2" x 11" x 6pp. They market through schools and other fundraising organizations. Half of funds are rebated. All very colorful and near new. All. $26.00

07416-M0810EEEE- Poster- 2010 GEORGE CARDEN SUPER SPECTACULAR CIRCUS, 47th Edition of Carden Entertainment, Cumberland County Complex, Crossville, TN. Wednesday, October 13, (2010). Very colorful. ½” closed tear in upper edge. 12-1/2”x 18-1/2”. $32.00 

07417-M0810EEEE- Poster- CIRCUS PAGES, Saturday, October 16 (2010), National Guard Armory, Crossville, (Tennessee). Very colorful. ¼” scratch in upper edge and ½” closed tear in lower edge. 14”x 20”. $32.00

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