Civil Rights and African American

04849-M1195EKCU- 19th Century Woodcut- CHICHESTER'S COTTON-PACKER. Original large front cover page from March 3, 1860 Scientific American. Woodcut and appx 12 column inches of text. Great for display. Excellent condition. 9-1/2" x 13-1/2". $28.00

04848-M0496CLHL- 19th Century Woodcut- COTTON TEAM IN NORTH CAROLINA. Original large page from May 12, 1866 HARPER'S WEEKLY. Depicts cart loaded w/cotton pulled by two mules, one horse, one ox (what a combination!). Two Black workers coax them along. Great display piece. Excellent condition. 16" x 11". $60.00

02477-M0394EAAO- Journal- THE INDIANA LAW JOURNAL, Indianapolis, Vol. 1, No. 2, Feb 1898. Delightful and very readable articles: Lynch Law in Indiana (quoting from article “...Lord Chief Justice Coleridge said that when in any Anglo-Saxon community  the lawbreakers got control of the courts the people were justified in resorting to lynch law.”), A Competitive Judiciary, The Human Comedy in Court, Expert Testimony, Oral Argument in Appellate Courts, Is the Bar Degenerating?, and more. Related ads. Very good condition.  6-1/4” x 9-1/2” x 48pp. $36.00

03857-M0695EUES- Journal- THE WORLD TODAY, Chicago. Sept 1907. The World Today Co. A magazine of general interest covering foreign affairs, the nation, music/drama, and the religious world. Well illustrated, lots of ads, good graphics. One article of particular note:  “The Negro Situation- One Way Out” by W. J. Northern, a former governor of Georgia. His conclusion? “We must save the Negro or it is plain his wickedness and his crimes will destroy the State.” Are we to infer that there was no wickedness and criminal activity by the white man?  Back cover has part of an ad clipped, last page bugged in margin. 7” x 10” x 209pp of which 93 are great advertising. $38.00

04660-M0395ECOA- Sales Pak- FULTON BAG & COTTON MILLS, Successors to Elias, May & Co, Atlanta, GA. 1920. Tent & Tarpaulin Dept. Canvas Goods Of All Sorts. 3 Pieces: 1) Cover letter on parchment-like paper w/beautifully engraved head and, down left margin, tent, covered wagon, horse in blanket, Black picking cotton. Gold seal at signature. Letter is crisp and like new except narrow rodent chew through wagon appx 2-1/4" long. 2) 10-1/4" x 6-1/4" green stiff illustrated folder w/tents, duffels, etc. All priced. 3) Actual sample of 12 oz. duck material. Last two items almost like new. All. $32.00

07184-M0595EESS- Booklet- I KNEW CARVER by G. Lake Imes, perhaps self-published. A little advertising flyer from Good Will, Inc, Baltimore 17, MD inserted in booklet says, “ The life story of George Washington Carver, the great Negro scientist, one of the greatest of his day, told by one who knew him intimately over a period of twenty-five years. In simple narrative, Dr. Imes interprets his unique personality, his strong character, his original and startling achievements. You can see Carver at his work, you catch his inquiring spirit, you sense his love for his own people and for all mankind.” 

        The author, George Lake Imes, the son of George Imes and Lucinda Clark, was born October 12, 1883 in Franklin County.  His father and older sister Aura Imes, both taught at the Hygienic School in Steelton. George attended the Hygienic School, and then went on to study at Steelton High School, graduating in 1900, one of six African American students in that class. Dr. Imes is most noted for his post as Secretary of the Tuskegee Institute, where he worked closely with Booker T. Washington and became well acquainted with George Washington Carver.  His twenty-five-year association with Dr. Carver led to the publication of this booklet in 1943. Dr. Imes was also the Director of the radio program "My People."  The noted Black physicist Elmer Samuel Imes was first cousin to Dr. Imes.  Elmer S. Imes, the second African American to earn a Ph.D., served at Fisk University as Professor of Physics and Head of the Physics Department from 1930 until his death in 1941.  
        This booklet has a couple of vague lines across front, rusty staples with some rust stain on paper, otherwise very good condition. A penciled quote of Dr. Washington is on last page.
5-1/2”x 7-3/4”x 24pp. Paperback. Advertising flier is 3-14”x 5-1/2”. Both items. $32.00

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