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02499-M0494CCEE- Catalogue- H. & E. BRUHNS, Hamburg, Germany, ca 1900. Catalogue of their "Orha" Paintings. These were reproductions of original oils of the old masters and modern artists by some means that made them look authentic. Categories are: Land & Sea, Still-Life, Genres, Children’s Life, Animals, Past Masters, Religious, A supplemental section of mostly nudes, a few frame mouldings. In German, English, French, Spanish. Well illustrated, a number in full color. A really nice catalogue, stiff covers, coated stock paper and very clean. 6-1/4" x 9-1/2" x 138pp. $54.00

02247-M1293ELKE- Flyer- THE SHAWVER CO., Springfield, OH, ca 1905. The ‘New Springfield’ Oval Cutter. Long flyer with 2-color typography, engraved illustration of this table-top machine for cutting picture mats, glass, backing, photo prints, etc. Priced with replacement parts. Folded. 6-1/4” x 14-1/4”. $16.00

02560-M0594EESE- Flyer- EVER-READY CO, no place, from BEN FRANKLIN STORE, no date, ca 1920. Promotional coupon flyer depicting the “Ever-Ready Finger Squeeze Control” fountain pen at 49 cents along with free bottle of Skrip ink with each extra pen point sold. Very good condition. 7” x 6”. $8.00

00115-B0990CRKE- Catalogue- NEW YORK BLUEPRINT PAPER CO., NYC. 1921. Drafting equip, supplies, tables, cabinets; vacuum print frames, surveying equipment and supplies including transits, compasses, ‘Y’ levels, aneroid barometers, hygrometers, weather instruments, field glasses, chains, tapes, poles, rods. Very nice art, some in two color. Minor stain on cover. 6-1/4" x 9-1/4" x 384pp. Hardback. $78.00

02022-M0893LCCK- Catalogue- EUGENE DIETZGEN CO, Chicago, IL, 13th ed, 1928. Drafting & Surveying supplies, instruments, accessories. Nice engravings, some in color. Light stain upper fore corner, cover spots, otherwise excellent. 6'' x 9'' x 496pp Hardback, 47pp price booklet inserted.  $80.00  

02525-M0594ELEE- Flyer- W. H. WISE CO., NY, NY,  ca 1930s. Two-color flyer with large illustration of “Genuine Mandarin Red Eversharp (mechanical) Pencil”. Offered free to those accounts who sent in what they owed immediately. Wonder if the plan worked?  8-1/2” x 7-1/2” unfolded. Nice item to frame & display. $12.00

04013-M0895EHSR- Catalogue- MILTON BRADLEY CO., Springfield, MA. 1933. The Bradley Catalogue For Teachers...Essential Educational Materials: Toy animals, money, puzzles, poster patterns, cutouts, peg boards, blocks, stencils, flashcards, number materials, seat work, letters, drill cards, school furniture, easels, building blocks, dolls, playhouse sets, tool sets, juvenile symphony instruments, sewing cards, weaving sets, gummed stars and seals, paper cutters, books of all kinds, etc. Well illustrated. On coated stock, excellent condition. 8" x 11" x 64pp. $38.00

01236-M0792EHEE- Catalogue- B. L. MAKEPEACE, INC. (FROST & ADAMS CO.), Boston, MA, Winter 1933-34. Drafting room supplies and equipment for the artist, architect, engineer, engraver, etcher, scholar. Nice selections of modeling tools and equipment, linoleum block materials and tools, etcher’s tools and presses. Well illustrated. Includes invoice for the catalogue at no charge to a customer in Waxahachie, TX dated March 26, 1934. Catalogue cover has the NRA imprint (National Recovery Act. FDR was about 2 years into his first term). Very good condition. 6" x 9" x 152 pp. $42.00

01258-M1192CEEE- Catalogue- GEO. E. WATSON CO., Chicago, IL. Cat No.55, 1933. Painter's supplies and brushes. Paints, Enamels, Varnishes; Auto Lacquers and Enamels; Sign and Artists Supplies; Air Brushes; Bronzes and gilders Materials; Graining and Glaziers Tools (grainers section is very informative); Paperhangers Tools; Ladders, Scaffolds, Etc., Brushes of all types; Books. well illustrated. Good condition. 7" x 10" x 144pp plus 16pp new product insert.  $58.00  

00220-B0990CHLK-Catalogue- F. WEBER CO., Philadelphia, PA. Illustrated Catalogue No. 700, 1937. Artists' materials, oils, mediums, finely prepared canvases, brushes; studio, school, drafting room furnace modeling tools and furniture, block printers' supplies & presses, etchers materials and tools (these are the tools used to create the beautifully engraved illustrations characteristic of 19th and early 20th century catalogues and about which we frequently comment.) Nice art, extensive selection. Also includes a separate price list of 4 pages on fine artists' brushes, an order for artists' supplies from a PA high school dated May 20, 1944 and the packing slip dated May 25, 1944, filling the order. All in excellent condition. 6-1/4" x 9-1/4" x 224pp.  $65.00

00277-B0990EAEE- Catalogue- S. S. KRESGE, Chicago, IL. "Artistic Hook Rug Patterns & New Ideas For Crochet Rugs" (Manuf by Wonder Art). Fall 1940. Many illustrations of small rug projects. 4-1/4" x  6-1/2" x 24pp.  $16.00

06990-M0902ELEE- Catalogue- HAYES SCHOOL PUBLISHING CO., "Hayes Latest Catalogue of Selected Teaching Aids." Wilkinsburg, PA. 1947. Books on many subjects, flash and drill cards, study and workbooks, blackboard cards, Hectographs and supplies, plays, games, much more. Well illustrated. Minor circle stain on front. 3-1/4"x 6"x 32pp. $16.00

07007-M1102ECEE- Book- SPEEDBALL TEXTBOOK, 20TH EDITION, Hunt Manuf Co., Statesville, NC and Philadelphia, PA. 1972. For Pen and Brush Lettering. Over thirty lettering styles, color selections, posters, much more. Very good condition. 5-5/8"x 8-1/2"x 96pp Paperback. $18.00

00072-B0990ELKE- Catalogue- MODERN SCHOOL SUPPLIES, INC., Hartford, CT. 1977. Drafting, Graphic Arts, Art & Drawing, Math & Sciences, General Shop. 8-1/2" x 11" x 138pp. $10.00

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