01055-B0990EKEE- Illustrated flyer- GILMORE ELECTRIC CO., South Boston, MA, ca 1890's. Agents for Little Giant Water Motor. Excellent. 3-1/4" x 6-1/2” x 4 pp. $55.00

01490-M0293ELCE- Catalogue- DETROIT ENGINE WORKS, Detroit, MI, 1914. Price List Of Repair Parts For Detroit Stationary Engines, Bulletin No. III, Part 3. All parts illustrated. Interesting half-tone of a small electric power station at U.S. military encampment, Camp Perry, OH, with two soldiers in attendance.  Back cover is full page illustrated ad for the Wadsworth Light Kerosene Tractors.  Stained and edge chips. 7-3/4” x 10-1/2” x 16 pp. $28.00

02038-M0893ELEE- Book- HAWKINS ELECTRICAL GUIDE NO. 8, ca early 1920s. Theo. Audel & Co., NY. The Telegraph, Wireless Telegraphy, Electric Lighting, Bells. Flyleaf missing, front hinge cracked, shaken, some page edges stained and torn. Well illustrated. Flexible hardback. 5" x 6-1/2" x 339 pp.  $12.00

06291-M0998LAAH- Catalogue- BAILY ELECTRICAL SUPPLY, 62 Vesey Street, New York. 1915. All the old stuff-- base sockets and receptacles, rosetts, cutouts, cord connectors, switches, blocks, lamp cords, floor boxes, Appleton Unilets; knife, pendant, snap and key switches; electric bells, push buttons, speaking tube mouthpieces and other parts, desk and wall telephones, transformers, glass shades, old-style light bulbs, electric iron, counter top stove, vest pocket and tubular flashlights, revolver flashlight, gooseneck portable lamp, electric radiator, Christmas tree outfits, blow torches, more. Excellent condition. 5-3/4" x 9" x 48 pp. $58.00

05905-M0797RKLL- Catalogue- MANHATTAN ELECTRICAL CO., NY, Chicago, St. Louis, San Francisco. No.12, 1921. Manual Of Wireless Telegraphy And Catalog Of Radio Telegraph Apparatus.  Transmitters and receivers, wireless keys, buzzers, coils, condensers, transformers, meters, etc. Many items in wooden cases. Inserted price list and a two-color coupon for refund of the 25 cents paid for the catalogue originally. Coated stock paper.  All  very good  to excellent condition. 6" x 9-1/4" x 200 pp. $145.00  

07435-M0811EARS- Bulletin w/Letter- RENOLYDS ELECTRIC CO., Chicago, Ill. Bulletin 38, December 1, 1922. Reco Color Hoods. These are little glass cups or hoods in different colors that slip over the light bulbs in signs.  The result is a spectacular color commercial sign without the attendant expense. Colorful bulletin is 8-12”x 10”x 4pp plus letter with nice head and prices. Both have been folded at one time for mailing. $34.00 

02036-M0893EELK- Book- AUDELS NEW ELECTRIC LIBRARY VOL II. By Frank D. Graham, Theo. Audel & Co, NY, cprt 1929, 1939, reprinted 1941. Tutorial with illustrated diagrams. Dynamos, DC Motors. Construction, installation, maintenance and troubleshooting. Flexible hardback. Very good condition. 5" x 6-3/4" x 418 pp. $22.00

02037-M0893EELK- Book- AUDEL'S NEW ELECTRIC LIBRARY VOL III. By Frank D. Graham, Theo. Audel & Co, NY, cprt 1929, 37, reprinted 1941. Tutorial with illustrated diagrams. Electrical testing instruments and tests, storage batteries construction and repairs. Flexible hardback. Very good condition.  5" x 6-3/4" x 418 pp. $22.00

01058-B0990Q- SPIEGEL, Chicago, IL, ca 1940(?). Two folded pages from one of their large catalogues with wind and gasoline-electric equipment including two wind rigs, two gasoline generators, storage batteries. Illustration of farmstead--bringing "city electricity to the farm." Very good condition. 9" x 13" x 2 pp. $18.00  

07060-M0803ELKE- Book- PRACTICAL ELECTRICITY AND HOUSE WIRING by Herbert Richter,  Published by Frederick J. Drake Co., Chicago, 1944. A Practical Book of Instruction Covering In Detail Every Branch of Electrical Work as Applied to the Wiring of Small Buildings. Fully illustrated, blue cloth hardback with gilt embossed title, index. Excellent condition. 5-1/16”x 7-1/2”x 183 pp. $18.00  

07343-M0808EHRU- Books- COYNE ELECTRICAL SCHOOL, APPLIED PRACTICAL ELECTRICITY. For Home Study and Reference Use. Six volumes.  Vol. 1: Circuits, Principles, Relays, Telephony, Signal Systems, Rules. Vol. 2: Construction, Lighting, Signs, Neon & Fluorescent, Appliance Repair. Vol. 3: Direct Current, Motors, Controls, Generators, Switchboard, Operation & Maintenance. Vol. 4: Alternating Current, Motors, Controls, Installation & Operation, Maintenance.  Vol. 5: Armature & Stator Winding, Installation, Maintenance, Repair. Vol. 6: Electrical Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Fans & Blowers, Radio. Vols. 1, 2, & 5 are 5th Edition Revised, 1947.  Vols. 3, 4 & 6 are 1stedition, 1946. All are bound the same—red hardback, red page edges, and will look the same on the shelf. All illustrated, indexed, contents page, some have students name written in front. All show some wear and Vol. 4 has failing hinge. All very serviceable, however. A nice addition to any library 4-3/4”x 7-3/4”x 289 to 732 pages. All six volumes. $44.00

00690-B0990QRT- Catalogue-  DURST MANUFACTURING CO., NY, 1955. DUMACO brand plumbing, hardware & electrical goods. Damped, last 25pp stained. 8-1/2" x 11" x 209 pp. Paperback. $8.00

00683-B099OQRT- Catalogue- BEEDE ELECTRIC INSTRUMENT CO., Penacook, NH. BEEDE INDICATING ELECTRIC METERS ca late 1950's. Square and Fan Type, Flush and Projection. 6” x 9''x 15 pp. Paperback. $4.00  

03336-M0994ECEE- Journal- RETAIL & BUSINESS REVIEW, Electrical Information Pub, Madison, WI, May/Jun 1969. Promotes business use of electricity. Lots of nice color pictures of interior and exterior of stores, new products pictured, etc. Excellent. 5-1/4" x 8" x 32 pp. $12.00

07087-M0704EELC- Journal- REN (ILLINOIS RURAL ELECTRIC NEWS), Springfield, IL.  Sep 1977. Published by Assoc of Illinois Electric Cooperatives. Articles of note include: Electricity Helps Train Police, Light Aircraft Repair is His Enjoyable Work (picture shows fellow working on a Piper Cherokee 180 with an Aeronca Chief in background), Old Barn is No Longer a Liability (young owners put a restaurant in it!), camping and cooking feature with recipes, dress pattern department, much more on conservation, etc. Cumberland General Store here in Crossville, TN has a classified ad. Excellent condition. 8-3/8”x 10-7/8”x 30 pp. $14.00

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