05346-M0896CUSE- Newspaper- FRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER, NY. Vol. IX, No.229, April 21, 1860. They had just stationed an artist and correspondent in London. Full page of engravings and 6-1/2" of text on the "Sporting Houses in London." These were taverns where the gents hung out. Full page engraving of General Quitman. They had a Grand Masonic Celebration at Washington in his memory. Accompanied by about ten inches of text. Full engraved page and 20" of text on possible presidential candidates for 1861 include Howell Cobb, Jefferson Davis, James L. Orr, Samuel Houston, Robert M. T. Hunter, Andrew Johnson, James H. Hammond, and Robert Toombs. Albert Pike, Grand Commander of the Freemasons is also featured in an article and engraving. Riverboat at New Orleans ferry, view of cotton presses in New Orleans, Fifth Ave Hotel at 5th Ave and 23rd St in NYC. Arrest of F. A. Sanborn at Concord, Mass. was thwarted by his neighbors and the involved U. S. Marshals were subsequently arrested. Much more. Many ads, a number of which are illustrated. These old journals are a delight--the artwork is fantastic! Light foxing. 11-1/4" x 16" x 16pp. $96.00


01620-M0493EE- HENDERSON-AMES CO, Kalamazoo, MI, ca 1900. Fraternal costumes, a few banners. Twelve loose pages (6 sheets) w/ beautiful color litho on front and price list on back for facing page. Pages are numbered from 93 thru 104. These pages do not appear to have ever been bound. Perhaps they were part of a loose-leaf catalogue or used as inserts(?). There is a vertical crease on all pages, so they may have been mailed as a catalogue update. All are damp stained, some tears in old fold, edges chipped. Stains on one page would show up in reproduction, rest would probably drop out. Appx 5 costumes per page front. 11-3/4" x 8-1/4" x 12pp loose. $28.00


01646-M0493ERCH- Flyer- WEIS BINDER CO, Toledo, OH, 1904. Two pieces: A flyer 13-1/2" x 7" with line illustrations and cartoons advertising the "Rooter", a noise-maker which looks like an "ooga" horn with a hand crank. "Beats the band. You turn the crank and the ‘Rooter’ does the rest. More noise than a brass band. Root for the home team and your favorite candidate." Second piece is a letter from Weis to Louis E. Stilz and Bro. of Philadelphia responding to an inquiry and selling the Rooter with quantity prices quoted. (They were 85 cents a doz and you could buy 5 gross for $6.50--that’s one heckuva lot of rootin’!) The Stilz Company is the fraternal goods company from whom we offer old catalogues on occasion. The letter says, "Just think--every campaign marching club will want to equip each member with (a Rooter)...imitates drum corps (They misspell it ‘crops’), frogs croaking, pigs squealing, etc...wanted at every football game, baseball game, street and other fairs, carnivals, campaign rallies, ratification meetings, shivaries, etc." Folks don’t do much in the way of ‘shivaries’ anymore--it’ll get you shot these days! Anyway, great historical selection. Oh, the envelope is imprinted "All About The New ‘Whoop Em Up’. Over a Million Will Be Sold Before Election". Has a cancelled 2 cent Wash stamp. All very good condition. $42.00


03580-M0395LLSA- Catalogue- MACOY PUBLISHING AND MASONIC SUPPLY CO, 34 Park Row, NY. ca 1905. Masonic Directory and Condensed List of Standard Masonic Goods & Specialities. Many items listed with no illustrations. Second half is jewelry catalogue with many illustrations: Masonic pins, buttons, fobs, rings, badges, charms, jewels, etc. Much info on Masonic Order. Rare little item. Very good condition. 3" x 5-1/2" x 64pp. $74.00

01617-M0493CEEE- Catalogue- C. E. WARD CO, New London, OH, Cat No.95, ca 1914. Odd Fellows Lodge Regalia, Costumes & Supplies. (Successor to Ward-Stilson?) Magnificent costumes, sashes, jewels, collars, ballet boxes, seals, stage props of all kinds, harps, paintings, bells, belts, torches, wigs, beards, helmets, scimitars, axes, spears, badges, banners, signs, furniture, &c. Impressive! Some in beautiful color. Covers fragile & have archival tape repairs. Color front cover stained, chipped. Back cover soiled, stained and parts missing, cracked. Some staining to contents, especially in top margin. Light stain throughout, but would not materially affect reproduction. Very nice engravings. 12" x 9" x 88pp. $86.00


01722-M0693KCEE - Catalogue- LILLEY CO, Columbus, OH, Cat. No.270, ca 1915. Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Northern Jurisdiction. Regalia, ornaments, ceremonial hardware & props of all kinds. Very comprehensive and well illustrated. Stiff cover edges have been repaired with archival tape and reinforcement along fore edge, else clean and excellent on coated stock. Separate price list missing. 9" x 12-1/4" x 104pp. $116.00


06166-M0498LEEE- Book-ENCYCLOPEDIA OF FREEMASONRY AND ITS KINDRED SCIENCES by Albert Mackey. Masonic History Co, NY & London, 1919 edition of the 1873 and 1878 original. Vol. II only. Large gilt embellished and embossed faux leather binding, marbleized endpapers, gilt edge pages. Inside paper hinge covers cracked, otherwise very good. 7-1/2"x 10-1/2"x 487pp. $48.00


06603-M0300ELEE- Book- THE STUNT TREASURY FOR LODGES, CLUBS, FRATERNITIES, SOCIETIES AND ORGANIZATIONS OF ALL KINDS AND AT ALL TIMES, Published by The Gavel Wielders, Chicago, Ill. Copyright 1923. A great handbook for program organizers. Sixteen suggestions for attendance and about one hundred plus "stunts" to keep things interesting and moving right along in your events and meetings. Included are general meetings, outdoors events, things to include the ladies, stags and smokers and holiday programs. They appropriately end with a warning of things NOT to attempt. Some illustrations. Stiff cover has a pea-sized chip at top at hinge, otherwise very good condition. 5-1/8"x 7-3/4"x 95pp. $32.00


04750-M0395EEHC- Booklet- SELF-HELP FOR BOYS AND GIRLS THROUGH ACHIEVEMENT CLUBS, Junior Achievement Bureau Eastern States League, Springfield, Mass. ca 1923. The organization, history, objects, program, results. Pictures of boys and girls at work on various projects. Coated stock. Rusty staples. 5-1/2" x 8" x 16pp. $32.00


04622-M1095ECEE- Book- THE YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION IN TOWN AND COUNTRY. Ed by Henry Israel, NYC. 1929. "The gist of a National conference, in which various types and interests of the Association and other allied agencies cooperated, held at the Edgewater Beach Hotel, Chicago, Ill., October 18, 19, & 20, 1928." Few cover spots, otherwise very good condition. Hardback. 6-1/4" x 9-1/4" x 116pp. $16.00


04103-M0895EOOA- Journal- THE KRAFTSMAN, Washington, DC. Vol. XII, No.11, May 1932. Official Publication of the National League of Masonic Clubs. Convention-Bicentennial Number containing programs for Masonic Week and for 27th annual convention of the National League Of Masonic Clubs. Lots of pictures of Washington structures, personalities, lodge news, ads, etc. Color cover of Geo Washington has scratch and library stamp, otherwise very good condition. Coated stock paper. 8" x 10-1/2" x 64pp. $42.00


01428-M1292CEKO- Catalogue- DETTRA FLAG CO, Oaks, PA, 1933 with 4pp 1934 insert, 1936 discount sheet, and 6pp 1937 price and discount booklet. Also includes 4pp undated Bull Dog Bunting piece with actual material samples of red, white & blue stapled in. Beautiful, colorful catalogue of every kind imaginable: U.S., foreign, bumper, window, storefront, fraternal, club, society, yacht, fireman’s, welcome, confederate, church, burgees, theater, advertising, VFW, etc. Last 13pp are a magnificent pictorial walk-thru of their entire manufacturing facility. Flag Etiquette, Flag Holidays. Silver, red, white, blue embellished stiff covers. Thumb-indexed. Light cover soil. A rare find! 6" x 9" x 240 pp + all the inserts. $132.00


02980-M0894CCHO- Fraternal Catalogue- PHILADELPHIA BADGE CO, Phila, PA, 1937-38. Fraternal Insignia of all kinds for all organizations (looks like about 12 or 14): emblems, rings, charms, jewelry. Also gavels, badges, banners, pennants, etc. Two flyers inserted. Black/green/gold covers, coated stock paper, detailed halftones. Very good condition. 8-1/2" x 11" x 22 pp. $46.00


05616-M0297ELOU- Journal- THE WISCONSIN ODD FELLOW, Milwaukee, WI. Vol. XXII, No.6, Jan 1946. Official Pub Of The Grand Lodge Of Wisconsin. Grand Master's Column, Rebekah News, Encampment and Patriarchs Militant, News From The Home, Lodge Directory, etc. Excellent condition. 8-3/8" x 11-1/2" x 12pp. $26.00

05617-M0297ELOU- Journal- INTERNATIONAL REBEKAH, Mount Morris, IL. Vol.53, No.10, Oct 1946. Official Organ of the Association of Rebekah Assemblies, Independent Order of Odd Fellows. Jurisdictional News, Card Department, etc. Photos.Very good condition. 8-1/2" x 11-1/2" x 16pp. $26.00


05618-M0297ELOU- Journal- INTERNATIONAL REBEKAH, Mount Morris, IL. Vol.54, No.1, Jan 1947. Official Organ of the Association of Rebekah Assemblies, Independent Order of Odd Fellows. Jurisdictional News, Card Department, etc. Photos. Very good. 8-1/2" x 11-1/2" x 16pp. $26.00


02552-M0594ELLK- Hand Fan- MOOLAH SHRINE CIRCUS,  No place (maybe St. Louis?), no date (ca 1950s?).  Die cut in shape of fez, red w/gold letters and insignia. Back has Wabash RR advertisement showing Shriner speeding along in a comfortable seat:  “It’s Smooth! It’s Cool! When You Go Wabash. To Chicago, Detroit, Kansas City, Omaha, Des Moines. Cool Comfort, Warm Hospitality”. Like new condition. 7-1/2” x 12”. $15.00


02572-M0594ECEK- Booklet- SIX & SEVEN EIGHTS, Group I, Seagoville, TX, Sep 1960. Official publication of Seagoville chapter of Alcoholic Anonymous.  News, encouragement, Al-Anon news, etc. Mimeographed with 2-color wraps. Very good condition. 8” x 10-1/4” x  34pp. $12.00


00837-B0990QRT- Newspaper- HERMANN SONS NEWS, San Antonio, TX. July 1966. Germanic fraternal lodge. Much of south Texas was settled by German colonists. Many news items and photos of community events. 11-1/2" x 15-1/2" x 28pp. $4.00



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