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06432-M0499LEHSC- Catalogue- FOSTORIA GLASS CO, Moundsville, W. Va., U.S.A. 1901. Catalogue Of Table Glassware and Novelties. oils, vinegars, tankards, bitters, berry bowls, jugs, lamp fonts, punch bowls, celery trays, salvers, ink and covers, colognes, sponge cups, paperweights, butters and covers, spoon holders, syrups, nappies, water bottles, finger bowls, sugars, creamers, shakers, celerys, crackers, pickle jars, bon-bon dishes, claret jugs, stoppered jugs, tumblers, decanters, tumblers, custards, toothpicks, celery dips, egg cups, molasses cans, sherbets, lemonades, horseradish bottles, goblets, whiskey tumblers, water sets, crystal dipper,  vases, wines, cocktails, sherries, bar bottles, straw jar, crushed fruit and cover, cheese and cover, candelabra, candlesticks,  much more. Fantastically executed depictions! Finely detailed illustrations represent the epitome of the engravers art! Very large sized. Many in 1/2 scale. All in all, pretty nice condition. About two inches of tape on upper gutter, 3/4"x 3/8" gap in upper cover edge, light cover foxing, small spot where a price sticker was removed, rubber stamped name on front and on first page. All else excellent condition.  Oblong format on coated stock paper. 12"x 9"x 72pp.  $750.00

00110-B0990-EREE- Catalogue- PITTSBURGH MIRRORS CAT #406, Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co, Pittsburgh, PA, 1940. Very nice. Colorful, die-cut cover showing view into living room with lady doing a last minute check of her coiffeur before going out for the evening. Appx seventy mirrors pictured, dealers price list inserted. This one will appreciate at a greater-than-average rate. Excellent condition. 8-1/2" x 11" x 24pp + covers. Paperback.  $16.00

06143-M0298EOEE- Catalogue- FARBER BROTHERS, NYC. Copyright 1941. Krome-Kraft holloware glass. Foreword states they had been in business twenty-five years and a patent is shown dated 1933. This would lead one to believe the catalogue is dated ca 1958. However, there is a second booklet included: "Price Guide To Farber Brothers 1941 Catalog". Perhaps they commenced to make the chromium plated holloware and later invented the clip-on/off mountings and holders? Anyway, the catalogue contains extensive line of Krom-Kraft: Table sets of all kinds, cocktail shakers, drink glasses, ice tubs, dishes, compotes, sugars, salt/ pepper shakers, trays, buffet pieces, coffee sets, silent butlers, percolator sets, crumb sets, serving platters, casserole dishes, candelabra, much more. Catalogue dated 1941 (9"x 12"x 48pp) and price guide for pieces shown by Julie Sferrazza dated 1988-89 (5-1/2"x 8-1/2"x 10pp). Both excellent condition. $88.00

07156-M0904EEOE- Book- THE LYLE ANTIQUES & THEIR VALUES: GLASS IDENTIFICATION & PRICE GUIDE, Compiled by Anthony Curtis, Lyle Publications, 1982. Appears to be a first edition. Approximately 90 categories of glass and 17 makers of vases. “Illustrations and latest prices of over 2000 items.”  “….specially devised to provide dealers and collectors with extremely comprehensive reference library of antiques and their values.”  Indexed.  Paperback almost like new. 4-1/4”x 6-3/4”x 256pp. $16.00   Pictures






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