07441-M1212ECHAS- Catalogue- GREGG HARDWARE CO., Detroit. Michigan. No. 11, ca 1911. Builders Hardware, Wholesale and Retail. Builders' Hardware, Roofing, Mechanics' Tools, Factory and Contractors' Supplies. “....complete volume of information for architects, contractors, builders, and owners....the prices are list and subject to discount. We make a speciality of P. & F. Corbin Fine Builders' Hardware in various schools of design.”  Index covers 5 pages; the breadth of selection is remarkable. In 1898 James Harvey Gregg came to Detroit to take the position of hardware department manager with the Buhl Sons Company and remained in that connection until 1905. In that year he organized the Gregg Hardware Company for the conduct of a retail trade in hardware. A profile in 1922 described him as a prominent business figure active in a number of institutions and organizations. Card stock cover has a few weak creases and chips, damp marks. Bindings are tight and pages are coated stock heavy paper. See pictures. Large and beautiful steel engraved art throughout. Catalogue is rather scarce. 8”x 10-1/2”x 264pp. $82.00 Pictures

07436-M1011KEUR- Catalogue- H. CHANNON COMPANY, Chicago, List Price Catalog No. 99, 1925. Fiftieth Anniversary Issue 1875 - 1925. Distributors of Machinery, Hardware, Tools, and General Supplies for All Industries. Railroads—Contractors—Mines—Cement and Brick Plants—Paper Mills—Oil Refineries—Steel Plants—Foundries—Bridge-Builders—Quarries—Sand and Gravel Plants—Flour Mills—Canneries—Packing Plants—Factories—Waterworks and Public Service Corporations. Illustrated in black and white. Embossed gold lettering and vignette on flexible cover and spine. Large catalogue is encyclopedic in scope. Good condition 6-1/2” x 9-1/4”x 1,248 pages including Index. $156.00  Pictures

07471-M1005EAUKK-Catalogue- SELLER BROS. and CO., San Francisco, California. Ca 1924. Wholesaler Dealers an Importers of Hardware, Tools, House Furnishing Goods, Refrigerators, Stoves. Catalogue No. 24. Very scarce West Coast catalogue! These San Francisco catalogues are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain, especially in this very good condition. Well illustrated throughout. Title page had some pencil scribbles by a child in the past. We have erased most of it satisfactorily. 8"x 10-3/4"x 270pp. $174.00

01261-M1192ELEE- Catalogue- NORTH MEMPHIS COAL AND HARDWARE CO.,  Memphis, TN. Sept 1931. "Monthly Bulletin: An Interesting Message From A Reliable Coal & Hardware Merchant." This was the introductory issue from this merchant. Independent merchants were encouraged to do these "store papers" as they were called, as a way to increase contact with their customer base. These efforts came about as an answer to the mail-order houses and the hated (by the merchants) mail order catalogue. Even before the turn of the century, "wide awake" merchants were actively publishing these little papers. This one is unique for several reasons and is especially attractive, with two-color accents throughout.  It features back-to-school items, building materials, housewares, stove supplies, tin goods, etc. Their slogan is typical of the times in which it was written: "We're in a Black Business, But We Treat You White."  8-1/2" x 11" x 8pp self-mailer on coated stock paper. Very good condition. $38.00  

06279-M0898LREE- Catalogue- P. & F. CORBIN, The American Hardware Corp, Successor. New Britain, Conn. Cat No.K553, copyright 1931. Colonial and Early English Hardware, Early American Wrought Iron Hardware, Lanterns (entrance and porch lights), Locks and Latches (mortised). They say, "Good Buildings Deserve Good Hardware", and these items really meet the requirement. Beautifully done! Well illustrated. Hardback, thumb indexed, coated stock paper. Minor edge wear, very light foxing. 8-3/4"x 11-1/4"x 95pp. $144.00

02235-M1193EOKE- Catalogue- H. HOFFMAN CO, Chicago, IL, Catalogue no. 18, 1937. Locksmith Supplies. Luggage locks, tire locks, compartment locks, picks, pullers, auto lock springs, Plymouth locking hubcap, door handles, ignition set locks, master keys, tools, etc. 1” cover corner missing, light cover soil. 8-1/2” x 10-3/4” x 32pp. $18.00

01547-M0393CKUS- Catalogue- LUSSKY, WHITE & COOLIDGE, Chicago, IL. Cat. K, 1938. Tools and supplies for cabinet makers, upholsterers, carpet layers, manual training, school supplies, trimmings and accessories; fabrics for drapery, upholstery and decorative use, hardware for all this. Pulls, locks, hinges, casters, hooks, moulding hangers, slides, latches, label holders, escutcheons, period furniture handles and knobs, furniture feet, bed fasteners, all kinds pole brackets and hangers, chair spiders, Turkish rocker springs, glue pots, brushes, cane webbing, Bai1ey & Stan1ey planes, hair pickers, fiber and wood chair seats, all kinds tools, etc. Nice, large-sized engravings. Order blanks and return envelopes inserted. Stiff covers with gilt typography, coated stock pages. Almost mint. 8" x 10-1/2'' x 281pp. $80.00

04661-M0395ECOA- Catalogue- LAMINACK HARDWARE CO., Crossville, TN. 1941. Hardware, Building Material & Kindred Lines. Sargent Paint Co co-op self-mailer catalogue. Paint is the only thing specific and priced, remainder is representative. Colorful. Very good condition. 5-1/4" x 8-1/2" x 20pp. $20.00

05980-M1297ECSL- Store Paper- AMOS & CO. HARDWARE NEWS, 420-422 North Main, Rocky Ford, CO. Sep 1946. A little store paper self-mailer with illustrated ads for wide line of goods. Kids playing rough house football on front in three colors. On newsprint. Light wear. 7-3/4"x 11"x 16pp. $22.00

05741-M0397EAKE- Brochure- SOUTH BEND LATHE WORKS, South Bend, IN. 1952. Bulletin #5201 on their 14-1/2" Precision Lathes.  Two color self-mailer with large half-tones depictions. 8-1/2" x 11" x 4pp w/gatefold opens to a large 22-1/2" x 11" broadsheet. Very light silverfish damage. $8.00

00194- B0990ELEE- Catalogue-  HARPER WELDING CYLINDER TRUCKS. The Welders Supply, Inc. Cleveland, OH. 1964. nbsp; Appx 60 different types plus replacement wheels of all kinds. Color illustrations. Very good condition. 8-1/2” x 11” x 12pp. $8.00






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