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06747-M0201CUOR- Catalogue- THE IMPERIAL STEEL RANGE CO., Cleveland, Ohio. 1915. Eight pieces: 1) 7-3/8"x 10-3/8"x 64pp catalogue. Illustration of building, pictorial tour of facilities, construction features of ranges, including fireboxes, odor hood, glass oven door option, waterfronts, gas burner (on the gas model), boiler, etc. Then follows fifteen full-page illustrations of home ranges-- for coal or wood or gas-- and two models for restaurants and hotels. Also, four pages of heating stoves. Order blanks and price list tipped in back. ¾"x 1-1/4" chew on cover at upper spine, clear stain in upper gutter near front and back. 2) Letter of transmittal with beautiful steel engraved head of factory and logo. 3) 6-1/8"x 3-3/8x 4pp black and orange promotional booklet. Excellent condition. 4) 6-3/4"x 10" flyer, "The Range That Bakes Like Mother Baked’ with large loaf of bread with likeness of "mother" in loaf. Brown and orange ink. Small stain on lower edge. 5) 4-1/8"x 7" card stock tag illustrating the Perfection 12 in 4 aluminum cooking and roasting set from National Aluminum works of Elmira, NY. The card was to be used as a guide in combining the four pieces into twelve cooking utensils. Excellent condition. 6) 9"x 9-1/4" flyer of the 12 in 4 set. Coupon has been cut and removed from the bottom of page. 7) unused reply envelope. 8) 6"x 8-7/8"x 8pp booklet chock full of statements of testimony from Iowa customers. Excellent condition. They did this for each area to which they directed an answer to an inquiry. There you have it. Marvelous selection! All eight pieces. $78.00

05051-M0696ECKO- Catalogue and Info Booklet- WILLIAM ALLEN & CO., Hotel Stationers & Printers, NYC.  ca 'teens.  Mostly made up of  Hotel Wage Tables (from $16. to $125. per month)  and Hotel  Guest's Rates (from $1.00 to $11.00 per day). Last part is illustrated and priced catalogue of hotel register sheets, red fiber key tags, telephone card register, mail rack and key rack number tags. Stiff covers,  buckram spine, coated stock paper pages.  Excellent condition.  Neat item! 4-3/4” x 6” x 24pp. $32.00

03363-M0195EKEE-Catalogue- AMERICAN IRONING MACHINE CO., Chicago, IL. 1923. Simplex Laundering Equipment for Hospital, Institution, Hotel and Restaurant, Factory, Laundry. Washers (wood drum, line shaft driven); Extractors (line shaft or motor-driven--these were spinners to extract the water just as your automatic washing machine does today); Wringers (wood frame, line shaft-driven); Gas or Steam Heated Dryers; Skirt Boards; Coal and Gas Fired Boilers. Very nice vignette illustrations & line art on coated stock. Inserted spec sheet, price list. Brass rivet/folder bound. Minor cover spots, otherwise very good condition. 8-1/2" x 11-1/4" x 20pp. $54.00

04068-M0895EREE- Booklet- THE ADOLPHUS (HOTEL), Dallas, TX. 1927. Texas Under Six Flags Souvenir Edition Honoring Annual Session National Education Association, Dallas, Texas- 1927. Flags illustrated in nice color on front, history given inside. Light stain. 6" x 9" x 8pp. $24.00

03535-M0395ECOA- World’s Fair- BLATZ OLD HEIDELBERG BEER, Milwaukee, Eitel Restaurants, 1933. Large, colorful die-cut tankard, inside with advertising of various businesses. Heavy card stock. Perhaps a menu cover. "Please take me home as a souvenir of ‘33 and good BLATZ Beer." Place for listing "members of our party". Light crease in lid thumb piece and handle, otherwise excellent. 14" h x 4-3/4" w, unfolds to 11-1/2" w. $60.00

05997-M1297AAKE- Catalogue-BENEDICT MFG CO., East Syracuse, NY. 1937. Benedict Industructo Silver for Soda Fountain, Hotel, Hospital & Restaurant. Mixers, metal mixing cups (a milkshake in one of these was cold, cold, cold!), glass and cup holders, sundae cups, menu holders, banana split dishes, parfait cups, straw jars, crushed fruit jars, ladles, chocolate pitchers, cake and sandwich stands, sugar bowls, spoon holders, punch bowls, soda and sundae spoons, flatware, ice cream dippers (three different), corers, juicers, peelers, salt and pepper shakers, squeezers, shaker cups, tea & coffee pots, food trays, liquor service, curb service tray, much more. Picture of folks sitting at soda fountain counter. Large illustrations throughout. Everything priced. Some shelf soil on back cover and some spine scaling, otherwise very good condition. Coated stock. Don't see this one very often! 8-1/2"x 11"x 32pp. $96.00

06385-M0199LERC- Catalogue- THE BELLAIRE ENAMEL CO., Bellaire, Ohio. Cat No.9, ca 1941. Beco Enameled Ware for the Home, Hotel, Restaurant, Hospital, Refrigerator and Butcher Trade. "Never-Break" Skillets and Stamped, Drawn and Porcelain Enameled Products. Comprehensive lines for every use imaginable. Shown in white but offered in different color combinations. Excellent condition. 8-1/2"x 11"x 31pp split rivet folder + 23pp price lists laid in. Reference is made to "unstable conditions". Both. $82.00

01384-M1292ELRE- Catalogue- SPENCER TURBINE CO., Hartford, CT, 1949. Commercial Portable Vacuum Cleaners for Hotels, Schools, Stores, Theaters, and Office Buildings, Bulletin 114-D. Half-tone illustrations of units & attachments and some of the settings described. Two-color poster stock. Minor rust spots to back cover. 8-1/2" x 11" x 8 pp. $6.00

01855-M0693EEOC- Travel Booklet- HOTEL GREETERS TOURIST GUIDE, New Orleans, LA, Jan 1956. Many ads, places of interest, etc. 2-color covers. Very good condition. 6" x 9" x 28 pp. $12.00






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