03289-M1194ASHR- Trade Directory- THE COMMISSION AGENT, London, England. March 17, 1876. "A Monthly Medium for the promotion of Wholesale Business between Foreign & Colonial Merchants and British Manufacturers. Forms an index to export trade in articles for some twenty-one different industries. Includes raw materials, machinery, hardware; work in wood, stone, etc.; food products, drugs, recreations, woven goods, leather and more. Numerous ads for everything imaginable from soda water machinery to hats to corsets to sewing machines to lamps to safes and you name it! Commercial news from around the world, prices current, manufacturers indexes, etc. Encyclopedic in scope. Quite fragile, chipped, age toned. Pictures clipped from two pages. Rare and valuable reference. 8-1/2" x 11" x 172pp. $80.00

03842-M0695EKKU- Journal- THE WOMEN’S TRADE UNION REVIEW, London. No.106, Jul 1917. Quarterly Report of The Women’s Trade Union League. Women And The Munitions Act, Reconstruction Of Factory Life, Factories And Workshops In 1916, Notes From Munitions Tribunals, Parliamentary Notes, Questions In Parliament, Prosecutions By The Women Factory Inspectors, Prosecutions Under The Trade Board Act. Archival stamps, some tissue repairs, clean. 5-1/4” x 8-1/4” x 35pp. $17.00

02727-M0994ESEE- Catalogue- G. M. DAVIS & SON, Palatka, FL. Catalogue No. 8 of Cypress Tanks and Steel Towers, 1918. Beautifully done catalogue. Black cover w/white embossed typography, silk cord bound.  Tanks of all kinds--round, tapered, rectangular. Plain and fancy conical covers, railroad. Tank fixtures, connections, valves, etc. All with detailed specifications and prices. Light soil on two pages, otherwise very good. 6” x 9-1/4” x 32pp. $36.00  

07436-M1011KEUR- Catalogue- H. CHANNON COMPANY, Chicago, List Price Catalog No. 99, 1925. Fiftieth Anniversary Issue 1875 - 1925. Distributors of Machinery, Hardware, Tools, and General Supplies for All Industries. Railroads—Contractors—Mines—Cement and Brick Plants—Paper Mills—Oil Refineries—Steel Plants—Foundries—Bridge-Builders—Quarries—Sand and Gravel Plants—Flour Mills—Canneries—Packing Plants—Factories—Waterworks and Public Service Corporations. Illustrated in black and white. Embossed gold lettering and vignette on flexible cover and spine. Large catalogue is encyclopedic in scope. Good condition 6-1/2” x 9-1/4”x 1,248 pages including Index. $156.00  Pictures

02728-M0990ESEE- Catalogue- W. E. CALDWELL CO., Louisville, KY. Tanks & Towers of Wood & Steel, 1927. Gravity water tanks; industrial tanks for paper mills, tanners, canners, wagons, vinegar, rail cars. Agitators, gauges, floats, foundations, railroad tank fixtures, etc. Lots of half-tone illustrations. All priced. 3-color cover. Light stain on back cover. 5-1/2” x 8-3/4” x 48pp. $48.00

00271-B0990EULK- Booklets- INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENCE SCHOOLS, Scranton, PA. 1928-1933. Course in STEAM ENGINEERING, consisting of nine booklets: 1) Promotional/Introduction book on this & related subjects. 6" x 8-3/4" x 56pp. 2) HOW TO PROCEED WITH YOUR STUDIES. 4-3/4" x 7-1/2" x 36pp. 3) #2833 lesson book- TYPES OF STEAM BOILERS. 4) #2834 lesson book-BOILER MOUNTINGS. 5) #2835A lesson book-BOILER DETAILS. 6) #2835B lesson book-BOILER DETAILS. 7) #2836 lesson book-PIPES & PIPE FITTINGS. 8) #2164A lesson book-BOILER FURNACES, SETTINGS & CHIMNEYS. 9) #2164B lesson book-BOILER FURNACES, SETTINGS, & CHIMNEYS. All these 5" x 7-1/2" x 50 to 100pp. Well illustrated. Some minor chipping to cover corners, generally in very good condition. $33.00

01441-M1292CKUE- Catalogue- SWEET’S CATALOGUE SERVICE, NY, NY, Sweet’s Engineering Catalogue of Industrial Construction Equipment & Maintenance Products, Fifteenth Annual Ed., 1929. These profusely illustrated old Sweets Catalogues are a treasure trove of information and history.  They say that 946 manufacturers are represented here. Some wear to cover edges, minor cover spots. 8-3/4" x 11-1/2" x 1449 pp. Hardback (about 2-1/2" thick). $125.00

07062-M0803ELKE- Book- FOUNDRY WORK, a Text on Molding, Dry-sand Coremaking, Melting and Mixing of Metals and Problems in Foundry Management by R. E. Wendt. Fourth Edition, Third Impression. McGraw Hill Book Co., NY and London. 1942. Maroon cloth. Hardback with gilt title. Glossary of foundry terms, index, illustrated. Name of former owner inked in endpaper, otherwise excellent condition. 5”x 7-5/8”x 261pp. $34.00


07115-M0804ELEE- Journal- METALS AND ALLOYS, The Magazine of Metallurgical Engineering Production, Fabrication, Treatment, Application. Vol. 15, No. 3, March 1942. Published by Reinhold Publishing Corp, East Stroudsburg, PA. Articles include The Ford Magnesium, Foundry. Brake Drums II, Low-Tin solders Containing Silver and Bismuth, A Rotating Induction Furnace, Phosphate Coatings on Steel Alternates and Substitutes in Motor Vehicles and for Engineering Schools. Much more. Many advertisements, well illustrated. Much war-related. Very well done piece. Minor stains, otherwise very good condition. 9”x 11-5/8”x 180pp. $22.00   Picture

00701-B0990QRT- Catalogue- BERRY BEARING CO., Chicago, IL, 1950. Bearings of every sort, transmission appliances and supplies, etc. Definitive. Much engineering data. Illustrated. Excellent condition. 9" x 11-1/4" x 694pp Hardback. $25.00

00948-M0891EAEE- Book- DUPONT - THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF AN AMERICAN ENTERPRISE. E. I. DuPont De Nemours & Co, Wilmington, DE. 1952. Like a number of the company sponsored chronicles through the years, this is probably somewhat self-serving (a la Sears & Roebuck), but unlike most this one is almost a pictorial essay with numerous nice historical photos and documents. A must for the social researcher and historian. Very good. Plus a four-page 1952 DuPont stockholder newsletter. 9-1/2'' x 12'' x 138pp. Hardback. $38.00

00677-B0990QRT- Catalogue- REVERE ELECTRIC MFG. CO., Chicago, IL. Bound product pages dated from 1953 to 1961. Floodlights, Cluster lites, Pylon-Lites, Industria1 F1oodlights, Hinged and Rigid Poles, Airport Lighting, Street Luminaries, Sports Lighting. Well illustrated. 8-1/2" x 11-1/2" x 280pp. $18.00

00679-B0990QRT- Catalogue- MUELLER WATER WORKS, Decatur, IL. CAT #W-96, 1953. With #W-96-9 Net Trade Price booklet dated 1959. Drilling and Tapping Machines Corporation Stops, Goosenecks, Fittings, Clamps, Curb Stops & Boxes, Meter Setting Equip, Rough Plumbing; Regulators, Strainers and Reliefs; Tools, Fire Hydrants, Gate Valves; Tapping Sleeves & Crosses, etc. Inserting Valves & Equip, Engineering Information, etc. Boards slightly warped, otherwise good condition. 9" x 11-1/4" x 295pp Hardback plus 74pp price book. $16.00

00678-B0990QRT- Catalogue- STANLEY FLAGG & CO., Philadelphia, PA. 1954. Pipe fittings of all kinds -- cast iron, malleable, bronze. Large sized halftones. Centennial catalogue. Boards slightly bowed from storage, otherwise very good. 8-1/2" x 11-1/4" x 211pp. Hardback. $14.00

06947-M0802EAKR- Catalogue- BUFORD BROTHERS, INC., Industrial Supply Catalog. Mill, Mine, Factory and Contractors Supplies and Equipment. Nashville, TN. 1966. Very good condition. A hefty 5-1/2"x 8-1/2"x 688pp. $28.00

00898-M0291EE- Catalogue- HARRY ALTER CO., Chicago, IL. THE DEPENDABOOK No. 206, S/S 1971. Refrigeration, Air Conditioning Parts and Supplies. Extensive, many tools, well illustrated. Very good condition. 6" x 9-1/2” x 368pp. $18.00

00976-M1091EECEE- Catalogue- HOLLIS COMPANY INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES, Little Rock, AR. 1973. Includes Lukenheimer valves and whistles, sight feed oilers, heavy machinery for timbering industry: Brewster air and steam feeds, band mills, Crosby trimmers and edgers, Ro-Vac and Soderhamn barkers, complete line of hardware and parts. Excellent condition. 9" x 11" x 636pp. Hardback. $28.00


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