04104-M0895EKKL- Journal- THE CHEMICAL TRADE JOURNAL AND OIL, PAINT & COLOR REVIEW, Davis Bros, Blackfriars St., Manchester, England, Vol. VII, No.169, Aug 16, 1890. Beautiful engraved ads for all kinds of machinery for this industry, second-hand machinery classifieds. Satirical editorial aimed at a German Co. offering wine and spirits supplies, Organic Synthesis, Pollution And Spontaneous Purification of Rivers (don’t we wish!), The Chili Nitrate Industry, Whiskey From Jute, The ‘Champion’ Ice Making Machine, Patent List, Chemical Prices Current, Dye Wood Extracts, much more. This magazine was never bound, after the fashion during this time in England. Pages are simply folded and tucked in wraps, which have chips and small tears at edges. Heavily illustrated. 8-3/4" x 11" x 36pp. $42.00

03776-M0495EASS- Booklet- GOOD ROADS FOR FARMERS by Maurice O. Eldridge. Pub by USDA, Farmers bulletin No.95, 1900. Well illustrated. Early road graders, steam rollers, construction methods, etc. Corner chip and foxing. 5-3/4” x 9” x 47pp. $20.00

01255-M0892ESAU- Catalogue- R. H. SMITH MANUFACTURING CO., Springfield, MA, no date. Manufacturers of marking devices, apparatus, supplies, and machinery for the rubber stamp, seal and stencil trade, Cat No. 50. Very comprehensive and beautiful steel engraved line art. The art has the appearance of late 19th and early 20th century styles and all the dates of sample stamps are in the 1930s and ‘40s except one page which has a sample date of 1979. This could mean that the date of catalogue is indeed that late and they continued to use the other fine old art through the years, or that these sample imprints were simply randomly selected settings. We tend to think that the latter is the case. At any rate, it is a nicely done catalogue and most of the devices do date from turn of century. Includes a page of badges. Excellent condition. 7-1/4” x 10” x 180 pp. Stiff covers. $58.00

06392-M0199LLSO- Catalogue-THE SENECA FALLS MANUFACTURING CO., Seneca Falls, NY. Cat. No.19-A, ca 1905. Foot, Hand, and Light-Power Wood Working Machinery. By 'Light-Power' they mean lighter duty machines with pulleys to be run by steam engine. Most shown are foot and hand powered. combination circular table saws, scroll saws, band saws, moulders, mortiser, wood turning lathe, saw vises, accessories, moulding cutters (63 moulding shapes are shown). Nice engravings throughout. Price list tipped in. Name in pencil on front, some prices penciled in on pages. Coated stock pages, radius corners, oblong format. Light stain in gutter, otherwise very good. 9"x 6"x 24pp. $86.00

03396-B0990CRKE- Catalogue- ACME ROAD MACHINERY CO., Frankfort, NY. Cat No. 11, ca 1910. For the export market--all text in Portuguese. Great illustrations of construction equipment: Rock crushers and pulverizers, both stationary & mounted on iron wheel trucks with engines and elevators/conveyors; huge wagons with cylinder screens, large belted transmissions, steam rollers, traction engines, portable steam engines, earth scarifiers, rail ore carts, large animal-drawn rollers, dump wagons and carts, water wagons, asphalt wagons, road graders, asphalt buckets, heavy duty plows, fresnos, cement mixers, etc. Excellent condition. 9" x 6" x 63 pp. $58.00

00143-B0990ERKE- Catalogue- WHITIN MACHINE WORKS, Whitsville, Mass. 1911. Whitin Cotton Yarn Machinery, Illustrated & descriptive Catalogue and Handbook of Useful Information for Overseers & Operators. Covers Quilling, Reeling, Spinning, Spooling, Twisting. Mostly tables and charts covering the operation of a cotton yarn mill. About 25pp illustrations. Excellent condition. 5-1/4" x 7-1/4" x 198pp. Hardback. $18.00

04500-M1195ALKE- Catalogue- WONDER WORKER SHOE MACHINERY CO., Boston, MA. No date. The party from whom we purchased this suggested a date in 1920s. After careful examination, we think it probably dates around 1910 to 1915. Someone familiar with the New England shoe industry could probably pinpoint it more closely. We reprint a defiant dedication just as it appears: “This Catalog is dedicated to the United Shoe Machinery company. Mainly through its Machiavellian methods the shoe manufacturers of the world have, for years, been forced to pay enormous tribute (United charged a royalty for every pair of shoes made on their machines. Ed.) to the shoe machinery trust; a trust whose methods have heretofore throttled all competition, and made one of our greatest industries (Oh!, that it were still so!! Ed.) subservient to the most complete monopoly in Existence. For the first time in the history of that trust, opportunity is presented to the manufacturers to become free and independent owners of their own business.” Contains about seventy machines to perform every operation of shoe manufacturing. Very well illustrated. High-quality catalogue- full flexible leather bindings with gold embossed typography; gilt top page edges, marbleized endpapers, heavy coated stock paper pages. Great piece of business history in a fantastic format. Scarce. Some cover edge wear and 1-3/4” crack inside front hinge paper cover, otherwise excellent condition. 9” x 11” x 171pp. $165.00

06213-M0598CAAA- Promo Booklet- VACUUM OIL CO., Rochester, NY. HORIZONTAL GAS ENGINES, LARGE SIZE. cprt 1916. First Printing. Archival stamp dated 1919. Slight discoloration on cover and some page edges. Very good condition. 9"x 11-1/4"x 16pp. $48.00

06214-M0598CAAA- Promo Booklet- VACUUM OIL CO., Rochester, NY. HORIZONTAL GAS ENGINES, SMALL AND MEDIUM SIZE. cprt 1916. First Printing. Archival stamp dated 1919. Slight discoloration on cover. Very good condition. 9"x 11-1/4"x 16pp. $48.00

06215-M0598CAAA- Promo Booklet- VACUUM OIL CO., Rochester, NY. VERTICAL GAS ENGINES. cprt 1917. First Printing. Archival stamp dated 1919. Very slight discoloration on cover. Very good condition. 9"x 11-1/4"x 16pp. $48.00

03914-M0795EHEE- Catalogue- HUNTLEY MFG CO., Silver Creek, NY. Cat No.69, ca 1920s. Peanut Cleaning, Shelling, Grading and Roasting Machinery. Nice vignette illustrations on coated stock. Almost mint. 6" x 9" x 43pp. $46.00

07436-M1011KEUR- Catalogue- H. CHANNON COMPANY, Chicago, List Price Catalog No. 99, 1925. Fiftieth Anniversary Issue 1875 - 1925. Distributors of Machinery, Hardware, Tools, and General Supplies for All Industries. Railroads—Contractors—Mines—Cement and Brick Plants—Paper Mills—Oil Refineries—Steel Plants—Foundries—Bridge-Builders—Quarries—Sand and Gravel Plants—Flour Mills—Canneries—Packing Plants—Factories—Waterworks and Public Service Corporations. Illustrated in black and white. Embossed gold lettering and vignette on flexible cover and spine. Large catalogue is encyclopedic in scope. Good condition 6-1/2” x 9-1/4”x 1,248 pages including Index. $156.00  Pictures

01441-M1292CKUE- Catalogue- SWEET’S CATALOGUE SERVICE, NY, NY, Sweet’s Engineering Catalogue of Industrial Construction Equipment & Maintenance Products, Fifteenth Annual Ed., 1929. These profusely illustrated old Sweets Catalogues are a treasure trove of information and history.  They say that 946 manufacturers are represented here. Some wear to cover edges, minor cover spots. 8-3/4" x 11-1/2" x 1449 pp. Hardback (about 2-1/2" thick). $125.00

04018-M0895EHSR- Directory- DONNELLEY’S INDUSTRIAL DIRECTORY FOR THE EASTERN DISTRICT, Reuben H Donnelley Corp, NYC. 1930. Buyer’s Guide for eastern seaboard except New England. Contains everything manufactured & distributed- hard goods, soft goods, food products, paper goods, machinery, etc. Quite comprehensive, carries numerous ads. Hardback, very good condition. 9" x 11-1/4" x 412pp. $42.00

03520-M0395CAHA- Catalogue- HERTZLER & ZOOK CO, Belleville, Mifflin County, PA. Cat No.30, 1934-35. Wood sawing machinery (some are shown powered by Fordson tractor and rear wheels of automobiles), axes, 'one-lung' engines, belting, cast iron kettles, blacksmith forges, post drill, anvils, concrete mixers, wheelbarrows, cast iron hog troughs, corn shellers, double & single tub cider mills, mounted grindstones, feed grinders, etc. Light cover soil. 6" x 9" x 40pp. $58.00

02526-M0594ECKE- Catalogue- PARKS WOODWORKING MACHINE CO., Cincinnati, OH, ca 1930s. (It carries a 1-1/2 cent stamp.)  Coated stock, 2-color, folded self-mailer picturing several machines: Band saw, “Carpenter Shop Special”, “Planing Mill Special” (both combination machines), table saw, jointer, boring machine, etc. Several pictures of shop interiors with machines in use. Sketch of shop layout in 24’ x 28’ building. Light soil outside pages. Unfolds to 8-1/2” x 11” x 4pp. $22.00  

01652-M0593LLHE- Catalogue- NATIONAL SUPPLY CO., Toledo, OH, Cat ‘N’, 1936. Machine Tools, Pumps, Compressors; Factory, Mill, Contractors’ Supplies; Boilers, Radiators, Furnaces; Heating, Cooling & AC Equipment; Pipe, Fittings, Valves, Power Transmission. Nice section of large boring, milling machines, etc., lots of hand tools, couple of steam whistles and valves, tallow pots, oilers, etc. Excellent. condition. 8” x 11” x 581pp. Hardback. $58.00

06957-M0690ELEE- Book- HAWKINS MECHANICAL DICTIONARY. A Cyclopedia Of Words, Terms, Phrases, And Data Used In The Mechanical Arts, Trades And Sciences. By N. Hawkins, M.E.  Published by Theodore Audel & Co. 1938 Impression. Flexible leatherette bindings in black pebble finish, red page edges. Indispensable companion volume to any of the mechanical arts books. Has been damped and stains in gutter, shaken  Nothing stuck and quite serviceable, however.  5-5/8”x 7-3/4”x 666pp. $16.00

02527-M0594ECKE- Flyer- HUTCHINSON MFG CO., Norristown, PA, ca 1940s. Large, red highlighted flyer featuring “The  Beaver”, a combination woodworking machine for ripping, crosscutting, tenoning, mitering, rabbeting, bevel jointing, stair routing, dadoing, boring, mortising, grooving & ploughing, cutting compound angles (for jack rafters). Two men could work on it at the same time. Well illustrated. Very good condition. Unfolds to 17” x 14-1/2”. $22.00

01995-M0893EEKE- Illustrated Parts List- BUFORD BROS., Nashville, TN, 1949. Price List of Mower repair and Cutting Parts. Included parts for Avery-Champion, Case-Osborn, Crown-Thomas, Deere-Dain, Deering, Emerson, Johnson, Massey-Harris, McCormick, Milwaukee, Oliver, Woods, Allis-Chalmers. Illustrations on three pp. Light soil. 4" x 8-1/2" x 24 pp. $18.00


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