04006-M0860EAEE- Bound Magazine- THE AMERICAN MUSEUM, OR UNIVERSAL MAGAZINE; Containing Essays on Agriculture, Commerce, Manufacturing, Politics, Morals, and Manners. Sketches of National Characters, Natural And Civil History, And Biography. Law Information, Public Papers, Proceedings of Congress, Intelligence; Moral Tales, Ancient And Modern Poetry, &c, &c. Carey, Stewart and Co, Philadelphia. Vol. VII, Jan to Jun 1790. This date is not a typo. It really is over 200 years old- the oldest selection we’ve offered in some time. We bought this in 1960 at an estate sale in Alexandria, VA. We sometimes jokingly remark that we will sell no selection before it’s time, but this one has been around a little longer than we usually “age’’ them!  Originally in The Valentine Museum, Richmond, VA and was released, presumably just before we bought it.  Book has some penciled library markings in endpapers dated 1914. Full leather covers have been refurbished. Extremities worn, some gilt on spine is evident, but not readable. Hinges are cracked and have been resewn and reinforced. Pages are rag stock and quite good. Some discoloration to endpapers and foxing throughout. One article is illustrated. Several essays and letters by Benjamin Franklin. Dr. Franklin died April 17, 1790. The account is here of Franklin’s last illness by his attending physician. Much more! Rare. Appendix, index.  5-1/2” x 8-1/4” x 520pp. $374.00

00412-B0990EREE-Journal-THE NORTHWESTERN MILLER. Minneapolis, MN, Jun 18, 1880. "The only Weekly Milling Newspaper Published In America".  Many fantastic engraved ads for burr (buhr) and roller mills, smutters, purifiers, steam engines, bran dusters, water turbines, Atlas-Corliss engine, reduction machines, separators, cockle machines, bags and much, much more! More than 200 advertisers listed in front. Highly collectible. One horizontal fold. 10-1/4" x 13-1/2'' x 48pp. $56.00

05938-M1097ECEO- Journal- ENGINEERS' REVIEW, Published by Engineers' Review Co., Whitney Building, Cleveland, Ohio. Vol.18, No.1, March 1907, For Stationary Engineers. These were the guys who kept all the big steam engines, gas engines, feeders, boilers, etc. running in the factories and power plants. Lots of nice ads for all this equipment as well as interesting articles. Cover edge and spine ends chipped, contents clean on coated stock paper. 9"x 12"x 74pp. $34.00

01255-M0892ESAU- Catalogue- R. H. SMITH MANUFACTURING CO., Springfield, MA, no date. Manufacturers of marking devices, apparatus, supplies and machinery for the rubber stamp, seal and stencil trade, Cat No. 50. Very comprehensive and beautiful steel engraved line art. The art has the appearance of late 19th and early 20th century styles and all the dates of sample stamps are in the 1930s and ‘40s except one page which has a sample date of 1979. This could mean that the date of catalogue is indeed that late and they continued to use the other fine old art through the years, or that these sample imprints were simply randomly selected settings. We tend to think that the latter is the case. At any rate, it is a nicely done catalogue and most of the devices do date from turn of century. Includes a page of badges. Excellent condition. 7-1/4” x 10” x 180 pp. Stiff covers. $58.00

00370-B0990EUOK- Catalogue- SCULLY STEEL & IRON CO., Jan & Feb 1901. Chicago, IL. Steel of all kinds: Boiler, ship and bridge plate, sheet w/many patterns, perforated metals, wire cloth, cable, etc. Also tools of all kinds for the boilermaker: Punches, dies, couplings, hand and power tools such as shears, rolls, pneumatic. Test pumps, hammers, fullers, chisels, drifts, flatters, swages, etc. Steam hammers, flue welders, riveters, drills, key seaters, air compressors, hoists. Much technical data and specifications in addition to the numerous engravings of all the machinery and tools. Back wrap missing, a few of the back pages wrinkled on corners, otherwise very good condition. 4-1/2" x 7" x 128pp. $35.00

00143- Catalogue-  WHITIN MACHINE WORKS, Whitsville, Mass. 1911. Whitin Cotton Yarn Machinery, Illustrated & descriptive Catalogue and Handbook of Useful Information for Overseers & Operators. Covers Quilling, Reeling, Spinning, Spooling, Twisting. Mostly tables and charts covering the operation of a cotton yarn mill. About 25pp illustrations. Excellent condition. 5-1/4” x 7-1/4” x 198pp. Hardback.  $18.00

04344-M1095EKKA- Journal- THE CANADIAN MANUFACTURER, Toronto. Vol.38, No.12, Dec 1918. “The Paper of Efficiency in Mfg and Distributing. Articles about post-war reconstruction, loaded w/ads of machine tools; products of steel, other metals; furniture, clay, forgings, truck body, valves, rubber, much more. 2-color wraps, coated stock paper. Chips, some page corners missing. Library stamps. 9” x 12” x 54pp. $24.00

05571-M0297CKEE- Book- STEAM ENGINES by E. M. Shealy, McGraw-Hill Book Co, NY. First ed. 1919. Principles Of The Steam Engine, Corliss and Other Engines, Parts of the Steam Engine, and on for a total of twenty chapters. Important and definitive work of its day. Hardback, coated stock pages, index, illustrated. Slightly shaken. 6-1/4" x 9-1/4" x 290pp. $60.00

06176-M0398EOEE- Journal- PROGRESS OF THE WORLD, Chicago, NY. Inventions, Engineering, Science, Manufacturing, Industrial Developments, Etc. ca 1919-'20. This is volume eighteen of a total of thirty. First 23 pages devoted to Candy Making and last 9 pages to Glove Making. Pictures generally full page and highly detailed, depicting every phase of the manufacturing process. Fantastic occupational study! Most everything was done by hand. Stiff wraps, coated stock pages. Very slight nibble on edge of a couple of pages, otherwise very good. 8"x 10-1/2"x 32pp. $56.00

05686-M0397EOLH- Journal- BOXCRAFT, May 1924. Published by National Paper Box Mfg. Assoc., A National Guild of Masters of Box Craft, 112 North Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA. Articles include The Box vs. the Container, Selection of Boxes by Scientific Tests, The Intangible Value of the Paper Box, Combination Package Idea Overcomes Dealer Resistance for Fracy in the Face of Heavy Competition, Packaging Becomes a Vital Advertising Asset, Packaging to Meet the Market. Well done issue. Parchment-like covers, buff coated stock pages. Nice typography and half-tones. Inserted subscription contract. Small library stamps, otherwise all excellent condition. 8-3/4" x 11-1/2" x 16pp. $56.00

05687-M0397EOLH- Journal- THE STANLEY JOURNAL OF MACHINERY, Vol. II, No.11, March, 1924. 1206 South Hill St., Los Angeles, CA. Frank Stanley, the editor, was a principal in Stanley & Owen, Consulting Mechanical Engineers at the same address. Many articles and illustrated ads-- Engineering Development, Details of Large Valve Work, Lifting Costs of Oil Wells, Internal Grinding Methods, Dies For Forging Pinon Blanks, Barnes Four Spindle Gang Drill w/Chuck Trolley, Properties of Molybdenum, Spacing of Oil Wells, much more. Small library stamp, otherwise very good condition. 8-3/4" x 11-3/4" x 32pp. $42.00

07436-M1011KEUR- Catalogue- H. CHANNON COMPANY, Chicago, List Price Catalog No. 99, 1925. Fiftieth Anniversary Issue 1875 - 1925. Distributors of Machinery, Hardware, Tools, and General Supplies for All Industries. Railroads—Contractors—Mines—Cement and Brick Plants—Paper Mills—Oil Refineries—Steel Plants—Foundries—Bridge-Builders—Quarries—Sand and Gravel Plants—Flour Mills—Canneries—Packing Plants—Factories—Waterworks and Public Service Corporations. Illustrated in black and white. Embossed gold lettering and vignette on flexible cover and spine. Large catalogue is encyclopedic in scope. Good condition 6-1/2” x 9-1/4”x 1,248 pages including Index. $156.00  Pictures

04018-M0895EHSR- Directory- DONNELLEY’S INDUSTRIAL DIRECTORY FOR THE EASTERN DISTRICT, Reuben H Donnelley Corp, NYC. 1930. Buyer’s Guide for eastern seaboard except New England. Contains everything manufactured & distributed- hard goods, soft goods, food products, paper goods, machinery, etc. Quite comprehensive, carries numerous ads. Hardback, very good condition. 9" x 11-1/4" x 412pp. $42.00

07062-M0803ELKE- Book- FOUNDRY WORK, a Text on Molding, Dry-sand Coremaking, Melting and Mixing of Metals and Problems in Foundry Management by R. E. Wendt. Fourth Edition, Third Impression. McGraw Hill Book Co., NY and London. 1942. Maroon cloth. Hardback with gilt title. Glossary of foundry terms, index, illustrated. Name of former owner inked in endpaper, otherwise excellent condition. 5”x 7-5/8”x 261pp. $34.00

05741-M0397EAKE- Brochure- SOUTH BEND LATHE WORKS, South Bend, IN. 1952. Bulletin #5201 on their 14-1/2" Precision Lathes.  Two color self-mailer with large half-tones depictions. 8-1/2" x 11" x 4pp w/gatefold opens to a large 22-1/2" x 11" broadsheet. Very light silverfish damage. $8.00

01156-M0592EEE- Catalogue- MYERS TRUCK AND CASTER CO., Nashville, TN. MYERS MATERIAL HANDLING EQUIPMENT, Cat No. 63, 1963, Distributor is Nook & O’Neill of Cleveland, OH. Factory and Warehouse trucks, trailers, dumping hoppers, conveyor trucks, caster wheels, etc. Of special interest are railroad baggage wagons and airline carts/wagons of various kinds. Two-color on heavy coated paper stock. Excellent condition. 8-1/2" x 11" x 52pp. $12.00


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