04212-M0995REOK- Bound Journals- THE AMERICAN CITY, The Civic Press, NY. Vol. IV, Jan-Jun, 1911 and Vol. V, Jul-Dec. 1911. Anything and everything to do with the cities and towns of America. Administration, parks, public buildings, streets, sanitation, fire, police, etc. Big push at this time was for automobile fire departments (instead of horse-drawn) Lots of old fire trucks and apparatus pictured. Two Volumes, buckram bound hardbacks. Very good condition. Each is 7" x10" x 300pp and 390pp. $122.00

02169-M1093CCSE- Booklet- CLEARING LAND OF STUMPS by J. R. Mattern, pub by Institute of Makers of Explosives. Compliments of Aetna Explosives Co, NY. cprt 1917. Well illustrated. Detailed and comprehensive. Coated stock, stiff covers. Light cover soil. 6" x 9" x 75pp. $38.00

05373-M0395EEHC- Government Imprint Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Dept of Labor and Industry FIRE AND PANIC ACT OF 1909 As Amended 1917, 1921 and 1925 With Wire Glass Act. ca 1927. As motion picture theaters multiplied around the country, these rules were necessary for public safety. Very good. 6" x 9" x 6pp. $18.00

07377-C0808EEEE- Booklet- FLINT (MICHIGAN) COMMUNITY FUND, ca 1923. Promotional booklet in support of community fund. Many pictures. Coated stock paper. Some soiling. 4-3/4"x 10-1/4" x 24pp. $11.00  Picture

07436-M1011KEUR- Catalogue- H. CHANNON COMPANY, Chicago, List Price Catalog No. 99, 1925. Fiftieth Anniversary Issue 1875 - 1925. Distributors of Machinery, Hardware, Tools, and General Supplies for All Industries. Railroads—Contractors—Mines—Cement and Brick Plants—Paper Mills—Oil Refineries—Steel Plants—Foundries—Bridge-Builders—Quarries—Sand and Gravel Plants—Flour Mills—Canneries—Packing Plants—Factories—Waterworks and Public Service Corporations. Illustrated in black and white. Embossed gold lettering and vignette on flexible cover and spine. Large catalogue is encyclopedic in scope. Good condition 6-1/2” x 9-1/4”x 1,248 pages including Index. $156.00 Pictures

01441-M1292CKUE- Catalogue- SWEET’S CATALOGUE SERVICE, NY, NY, Sweet’s Engineering Catalogue of Industrial Construction Equipment & Maintenance Products, Fifteenth Annual Ed., 1929. These profusely illustrated old Sweets Catalogues are a treasure trove of information and history.  They say that 946 manufacturers are represented here. Some wear to cover edges, minor cover spots. 8-3/4" x 11-1/2" x 1449 pp. Hardback (about 2-1/2" thick). $125.00

05003-M0696EAEH- Catalogue- LITTLEFORD BROS., Cincinnati, OH. Cat. 'J', 1930s. Road Maintenance & Construction Equipment. All kinds of heated kettles (on wheels and stationary), spray rigs, surface heaters, "Hot Dope" kettles, pressure distributors (for road oil, asphalt, tar, cut-back, etc.), water trailers, lead and compound melting furnaces, hand paving tools of all kinds, etc. Lots of great pictures of old trucks and trailers, etc. Excellent condition. 8-1/2" x 11" x 24pp. $32.00

00683-B099OQRT- Catalogue- BEEDE ELECTRIC INSTRUMENT CO., Penacook, NH. BEEDE INDICATING ELECTRIC METERS ca late 1950's. Square and Fan Type, Flush and Projection. 6" x 9''x 15 pp. $4.00

04076-M0895EELK- Catalogue- JOHN BOUCHARD & SONS CO., Nashville, TN. Cat. B. 1967. Construction Castings: Manhole covers, drainage grates, catch basin inlets, valve & meter covers, access doors, trench grating, general building castings, downspout shoes, fire doors, wheel or corner guards, survey markers, etc. Well illustrated. Comb bound, coated stock paper. 2pp have edge tear. 8-3/4” x 11” x 52pp. $18.00


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