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04074-M0895EEKO- Music- JIM FISK OR, HE NEVER WENT BACK ON HIS WORD, Pub by F.W. Helmick, several larger cities. Dealer stamp is C. Y. Ponder, Cincinnati. 1874. Written and sung by Wm. J. Scanlon. A ‘hero worship’ song about a rich but compassionate rake. We assume this is the Jim Fisk who, along with Jay Gould, tried to corner the gold market in 1869. Very ironic title since he saved his backside by not honoring his contracts! He may very well have bought and paid for this song in an attempt to refurbish his image. We bought this piece of rather soiled music because of the great Victorian cover graphics with vignettes of Fisk, giving to poor, aftermath of Chicago fire, steam train, paddle wheeler. Some soil, stains, foxing, edge tears. Rag stock. 10-3/4" x 14" x 6pp. $32.00

06906-M0896EEE- Sheet Music- MAG’S WALTZ "As Performed by The Different Bands". Composed By A. C. Sedgwick. Cincinnati, OH. 1875. "Inscribed to the Memory of Maggie Fry". Sedgewick also composed De Old Camp Meeting. This interesting Victorian piece is a little bit of a mystery—it’s a single cover sheet of 100% rag paper of Mag’s Waltz title and the reverse is page one of Heaven Bless Mamma! You tell me?? Anyway, the sheet is soiled and rag-tag around edges. Most of tatter would mat out if framed. 10-1/2" x 13-1/2". We printed Mag’s Waltz from the Internet and will include the entire 4 pages of the music with this item.  $8.00

04987-M0995EOLR- Catalogue- LYON & HEALY, Chicago. Rare Old Violins 1896-’97. This catalogue is as rare now as some of the violins offered! The first 115 pgs devoted to fantastic history of the instrument and its makers- The Schools Brescian, Cremonese, Venetian, Neapolitan; Florence, Milan, Padua, Modena, Mantua, Bologna, Turin, Saluzzo, Rome, La Belle France and the French Workmen, Art in Germany and the German Makers; Anglo-Celtic School; and miscellaneous sections treat makers from Spain, Portugal, Holland, Russia, Poland, Belgium, etc. 7 pg section on bow makers. Printed facsimiles of the various makers' labels appear throughout, but no illustrations of the instruments offered themselves. Last section offers the instruments-- A 1690 Stradivari @ $5,000; a Nicholas Lupot @ $1,200; and on down to the $50 and $60 range. New violins offered in the $10 to $60 range Also violoncellos, bows, music arrangements, restoration service, etc. A virtual library on the subject! Large fold-out is affixed in front measuring 15" x 16-3/4" w/full outlines of an instrument each from Stradivarius, Nicholas Amati, and Joseph Guarnerius (del Jesu). This fold-out has some archival repairs. A poem set in type the shape of a violin appears in front. A few pgs have edge chips, some discoloration to white textured stiff paper covers but generally in pretty good shape. Indexed. 5-1/2" x 7-1/8" x 272pp. It’s a rare one! $316.00

06694-M0495EEUO- Broadside- THE CHICAGO CIVIC OPERA, 431 South Wabash. Telephone, Harrison 6122. Last Call for Season Tickets for the 1928-1929 opera season. Price range was from $11.00 to $66.00. No illustrations. Excellent condition. Great display item. 8”x10-1/8”. $14.00

06124-M0990EEEE- Catalogue Reprint- RUDOLPH WURLITZER CO., Cincinnati, OH. 1973 reprint by Hillcrest Books of the Music Box portion of the catalogue of 1898. Includes orchestreons and hand organs, music box cabinets and repair materials. Quality reprint in brown ink, stiff wraps. Almost like new condition. 7"x 10"x 214pp. $38.00

05232-M0896CAKL- Catalogue- McKINLEY MUSIC CO., Chicago & NY. Cat No.28, 1900. Complete Catalogue Of Sheet Music and Music Books. Illustrated. Lots and lots of music!! Chipped spine, some cover tears, old tape repair to back cover. 7-1/2" x 10" x 48pp. $38.00

04986-M0995EOLR- Catalogue- LYON & HEALY, Chicago. 1903. "Catalogue of Fine Violins: mdcccciii. Including the very celebrated historic violins which formed the well-known HAWLEY COLLECTION." Very important and rare find. Listing contents as we turn to them: Flyleaf has "The Poor Fiddler's Ode to His Old Fiddle" arranged in the shape of a violin. Next is Preface; How You Can Buy; woodcut representing two medieval musicians signed by artist and dated 1879; The Hawley Collection (they state they had recently purchased it); Important Announcement (concerning the Hawley Collection). Then we find the page entitled-- "Catalogue of the Lyon & Healey Collection of Rare Old Violins,1903-1904. The first described is by Joseph Guarnerius del Gesu, of Cremona, 1737 and priced at $12,000. Next, another Guarnerius of 1741 at $6,000. Third, an Antonius Stradivarius, 1711 at $10,000; and on through the entire collection. The provenance of the more important ones is given in some detail. Page-sized color plates are interspersed throughout, as well as facsimiles of the builders signature label. Prices range downward to $35 for a Joseph and Antonius Gagliano of Naples dated 1800. Also presented are violoncellos, violas and bows. Commencing with page 112-- "High Grade New Violin Bows". Then "Strings", "Restoration of Old Violins" w/repair price list. Page 122 begins price listings of "Technical and Other Violin Works." Pg 125 begins "A New Departure in New Violins" from $50 to $150. Then, "Violins for Beginners, Pupils and Orchestra Playing." Lastly, several pgs of "Practical Hints on the Care of Violins." About the catalogue: It's in generally good condition. The cover is a heavy maroon, textured paper. It shows some wear, has a crease across top rt corner w/small edge tear at upper end of crease. Cover has what appears to be a grease spot at middle of front edge. The name, Lyon & Healy, is vaguely visible in center of front cover. Bindings are tight. Pages show some minor foxing and a stain or two, but all in all they are in very good shape. The numerous color plates are on a coated stock and are quite good and distinct. There you have it. This is a find we enjoy offering. 5-1/2" x 6-1/2" x 140pp plus the bound-in color plates which number about twenty. $278.00

04072-M0895EEKO- Song Book- D. H. BALDWIN & CO., Cincinnati, OH. ca 1910. "Songs of Our Country," e.g., Star-Spangled Banner, America, Dixie Land, When Johnny Comes..., six others. Nice Uncle Sam graphics, Baldwin ads. Some stains, rusted away staples have been replaced. 5" x 7" x 12pp. $24.00

06454-M0599EKEE- Promo Song Book- THE PACIFIC COAST BORAX CO. Manufacturers of 20 MULE TEAM BORAX. No place given, copyright MCMX (1910). Sheet Music of Latest Songs of the Day. Published by Will Rossiter, Chicago. Remember when Ronald Reagan hosted Death Valley Days on TV in the 1950s? Beautiful red, white and blue wraps. Blue-tone photos of the 20 mule team, six other photos around Death Valley. History of Death Valley. Covers 1, 2, & 3 have delightful typography and graphics of the product packaging and wash day. "Don't Rot Your Clothes--Save Them." Striking item for display. Some archival tissue repairs to gutter and small tears, light spine wear. 10"x 13-1/2"x 16pp. $30.00

02562-M0594ERKE- Catalogue- G. R. SUMMERS REXALL STORE, Sturgeon, MO, 1913. McKinley edition of ten cent music and Root's instruction books in music-related subjects. For all ages. Well illustrated, with books and first line grand staff. Neat item. 1" tear in trim-edge margin into text. Some age toning. 8-1/2" x 11" x 16pp. $22.00  

04079-M0895EAEE- Sheet Music- ABA DABA HONEYMOON, Fields/Donovan. Leo Feist, Inc. NY. 1914. As featured by Ruth Roye, Princess of Ragtime. She’s pictured on cover with monkey graphics. Page 3/4 has gap in top margin, some edge tears repaired w/archival tissue. 10-3/4" x 13-1/2" x 6pp. $28.00

05087-M0796CHUC- Catalogue- LUCKY 13 PHONOGRAPH CO., NY, NY. ca late 'teens. Cleartone Talking Machines and Accessories. 13 upright floor models, two tabletop models. Numerous motors, arms, reproducers, winding handles, horn brackets, two horns, horn elbows, regulator stems, and a multitude of other parts, five pgs of tools commonly used to work on the machines. Well illustrated in mostly half-tones. Cover has greasy fingerprints and vertical crease, otherwise very good. 3-5/8" x 6" x 80pp. $68.00

04734-0296ECEE- Journal- JACOBS' ORCHESTRA MONTHLY, A MUSIC MAGAZINE FOR PROFESSIONAL AND AMATEUR PLAYERS OF BAND AND ORCHESTRA INSTRUMENTS, Vol. IX, No.5, May 1918. Walter Jacobs, Boston, Mass. Lots of ads for music, instruments, books, instruction, uniforms, etc. Articles include "Famous Bandmasters In Brief", "Musical Echoes From The Hub", "Erdmann's Musical Review Of NY", more. Music includes Butterflies, Here's How. Wraps stained and chipped, otherwise very good condition. 7" x 10-3/4" x 88pp. $32.00

05095-M0796CROC- Broadsheet Mailer- THOS. E. WILSON & CO., Chicago. ca 1919. ("War Tax" was still in effect. They state that they would pay the War Tax. WWI ended Nov 11, 1918.) Beautifully done mailer featuring Wilsonian Phonographs. Very nice colors. Front is scene of young couple selecting disks to play on the machine. It's artist-signed. Four mahogany and one oak unit in large illustrations. On coated stock. Some handling soil on outside mailing panel. Unfolds to 11" x 32". $96.00

03358-M0195EOEU- Catalogue- J. W. PEPPER & SON, Philadelphia, PA. ca 1920s. Everything Musical, Band Edition. Violins, trumpets, cornets, trombone, orchestra horns, sousaphone, clarinets, saxophones, drums, mouthpieces, supplies, parts, etc. 32pp of music, 32pp of instruments, etc. Very nice, large engravings. Some wrinkles to cover at spine, dime-sized hole in cover at spine, else excellent condition. 9-1/2"  x 13' x 64pp. $74.00  

04840-M0395EEHC- Sales/Renewal Pak- ETUDE MUSIC MAGAZINE, Theo. Presser Co Pub. Philadelphia, PA. 1923. Five pieces: 1) Original #10 envelope w/nice color graphics of Muse-type lady engrossed in her harp. Some foxing. 2) letter w/nice "We Are Patiently Awaiting Your Etude Renewal" message. Minor stain. 3) Postcard renewal order blank. very good condition. 4) Nicely done Monthly Bulletin of New Music Publications. Some 28 described on front + 3pp of lists w/first line of music for about 27 pieces. very good condition. 6" x 12-1/2" x 4pp. 5) Broadsheet of "Money-Saving Combinations" offering magazines, music, books, etc. Nice layout w/graphics and typography. very good condition. 10" x 12-1/2". These would make nice display. All five pieces. $32.00

04277-M1095ALEA- Broadsheet- HARRY SHANNON’S BIG MUSICAL PRODUCTION OF UNCLE TOM’S CABIN. No location given. . Original printer's proof from an old printing company ca late 1920s. "Music, Comedy, Girls In The Big Tent. Roar With Laughter AT THE Funny Antics of  TOPSY. Jubilee Singers, Dancing Cotton Pickers, Plantation Scenes, Swing Band, etc." Printed both sides on pink paper. Well illustrated. Great entertainment history in excellent condition. Old printer’s proof sheet. Several different broadsheets of this type were found in an old print company file. 10-1/2" x 28". $94.00

01704-M0593ECEE- Folded Poster- HINDS, HAYDEN & ELDREDGE, INC., NY, NY, Fall 1925. Popular and children's music. 2-color illustrations. Archival tape repairs at folds, separations, soiled. 9-1/2" x 12" x 4pp unfolds to large poster display on inside.  $8.00  

01703-M0593ECEE-Catalogue & Flyer- M. WITMARK & SONS, NY, NY, Fall 1926. The Witmark Stock Order Trade Bulletin. Music of all kinds -- Octavo, school and entertainment material. Illustrated on coated stock. Light stain at horizontal fold. 9" x 12" x 16pp. Plus 6" x 9" x 4pp illustrated flyer of part song collections for schools, glee clubs, etc. Both. $20.00

01637-M0493ECEE- Tutorial Booklet- RADIO SONGBOOK/SELF INSTRUCTING HARMONICA COURSE,  M. M. Cole Publishing Co., Chicago, IL, cprt 1927. Over 200 old standards that everyone sang from the 1920s to 1950s. Back cover is a full page ad for guitar lessons from Lonnie Glosson & Wayne Raney. Wayne Raney had a program on the Del Rio, TX station back in the 1940s. The transmitter was across the Rio Grande and they pumped his music and messages out on 100,000 watts that covered much of the North American continent in the late night hours. Wayne was a good country musician (They called it 'hillbilly' music then) and a songbook was one of the things  he pushed. He would always declare: "Noaw Folks, this ain't no raeglr' songbook -- it's wrote in shaaape notes!" I believe that's the same station Wolf Man Jack used to howl on. Tape repairs and age toned, otherwise good. 5-3/4" x 9" x 64pp. $18.00  

01701-M0593ECEE- Catalogue- G. SCHIRMER, INC., NY, NY, Spring 1927. Schirmer's Stock Offer to the Trade. Not "stock" as in "stocks and bonds", but their merchandise line of sheet music and music books of all kinds for schools, household, piano, octavo and orchestra, etc. Illustrated cover, rest is listing of music in nice typography with discount rates prominently displayed. In preface letter to their customers, they speak hopefully and encouragingly of continuing  prosperity,  not suspecting the terrible crash that was to come in 1929. Green ink on ivory coated stock. Light stain throughout to upper 1/4 of pages. Light horizontal fold. 9-1/4" x 12" x 23pp. $18.00  

02637-M0994EESC- Program- West Point Military Academy- A NAUTICAL KNOT presented by the Dialectic Society, 1927. Group photos, ads, original musical score, etc. Very good condition. 8-3/4" x 12" x 48pp. $6.00

05368-M0395EEHC- Broadside- IRVING BERLIN STANDARD MUSIC CORP., 1607 Broadway, NYC. ca 1927. "ORGANISTS!! Something New- 'THEATER ORGAN SERIES'"...etc. Five Komedy Kartoons and five Novelty Intermezzos are offered at $1.00 either folio. Order coupon. Unused, folded as mailed. No illustrations. Excellent condition, but age toned. 9" x 12". $14.00

04220-M0995EOLR- Catalogue- JOHN FRIEDRICH & BRO., NYC. 1927-1928. Violins, Violas, Violoncellos, Bows, Parts, Accessories, Cases, Covers, Outfits, Music Stands, Tuning Devices, etc. Comprehensive. All new goods. The prices top out at about $300.00. They also published a "separate handsome art catalogue" containing rare old violins, violas and violoncellos. Well illustrated. Has penciled editors notes throughout with changes for the next catalogue printing. From this, we might presume that this copy came from a printer somewhere. Coated stock paper pages. Minor edge tears to cover edge overlaps, tape lift. 7" x 10-1/2" x 70pp. $75.00

04841-M0395EEHC- Sales Pak- MANUS MUSIC CO., 145 West 45th St. NY, NY. 1928. For Theatre Organists: Six pieces: 1) Original #10 mailing envelope w/three 1/2cent brown Nathan Hale stamps. Foxed, worn edges. 2) Business reply envelope w/rusty paper clip imprint. 3) 4" x 9-1/4" unused ink blotter w/2-color typography and graphics--price list for Manus A-Just-Able music covers in nine sizes. Chipped corner. 4) 7" x 10-1/2" x 4pp circular in blue ink w/details of "50 Loose Leaf Volumes of Piano Conductor Parts for Theater Organists." Light imprint of rusty paper clip. 5) 8-1/2" x 14" broadsheet with "Special Offer to Theatre Organists--Mammoth Set of 100 Piano Conductor Parts Thoroughly Cued For Solo Organ." In blue ink. Large typography. Reverse full of testimonials from the hinterlands. No illustrations. 1/2" gap in margin--does not touch any printing. Part of a rusty paper clip imprint at top. 6) Postcard order blank for #5. All would make nice display arrangement. All. $32.00

05369-M0395EEHC- Catalogue- IRVING BERLIN STANDARD MUSIC CORP., 1607 Broadway, NYC. ca 1928. "Thematic Catalog Of Motion Picture Music. Containing 135 musical extracts from our library and offered as a guide to the musician in arranging musical settings to the photoplay." Photos of nine of "The World's Greatest Composers of Photoplay and Concert Music." Also, advertisements for several collections of Negro Spirituals. Small edge chip to cover. 10-1/2" x 9" x 38pp. $34.00

05370-M0395EEHC- Catalogue- IRVING BERLIN STANDARD MUSIC CORP., 1607 Broadway, NYC. ca 1928. Catalogue of Motion Picture and Concert Music for Orchestra, Piano, Organ. By 14 composers include Photoplay Dramatic Series, Film Characteristic Series, Classic Concert Series, Novelty Octavo Series, and Dramatic Octavo Series. No illustrations. Very good condition. 9-1/4" x 11" x 4pp. $12.00

06734-M0595EESC- Program- Program of the FESTIVAL OF NEGRO MUSIC AND FINE ARTS to be held at FISK UNIVERSITY, Nashville, Tennessee. April 19-21, 1929. Card stock. Light foxing. 4"x 8-3/4"x 4pp. $28.00

01860-M0693EEOC- Music- JOE DAVIS MUSIC PUBLISHERS, NY, NY, 1930.  Hill Country Songs and Ballads. 20 songs. Nice illustrations and typography on covers 1, 2, 3, and 4 in blue ink. Excellent condition. 6-3/4" x 10-1/4" x 26pp. $28.00

00841-B0990ECLK- Program- ALLEGRO, A NEW MUSICAL PLAY, The Theater Guild. Rodgers & Hammerstein, ca 1940s. Show scenes, cast. Colorful cover. 9'' x 12" x 16pp. $5.00

00840-B0990EAKO- Book- TREASURE CHEST OF FAMOUS MARCHES, Treasure Chest Publications, NY, 1943. Colorful covers. Marches include American Patrol, Bridal Chorus, Coronation March, Funeral March, March Militaire, Marines’ Hymn, March Slav, Hungarian March, Second Regiment March, Toreador March, Under The Double Eagle, Wedding March. About 1" of cover corner and of first page gnawed. 6-1/2" x 9-1/4" x 40pp. $14.00

00842-B0990ECLK- Program- OPERA NEWS, Metropolitan Opera Tour, Spring 1947. Souvenir Program. Show scenes, casts, etc. Colorful cover. 7" x 10" x 32pp. $5.00

03335-M0994ECEE- Journal- CAPITOL NEWS, Capitol Publications (Capitol Records), Sunset & Vine, Hollywood, CA. June 1948. News of the pop music industry. Lots of pictures: Kay Starr, Lena Horne, Gordon McRae, Margaret Whiting, Marion Hutton, Stan Kenton, Dale Evans, Jerry Colonna, Nat King Cole, many more. Archival repairs to small gutter tear, otherwise very good condition. Semi-coated stock. 6" x 9" x 16pp. $12.00

07079-M0595EESC- Journal- CAPITOL NEWS, Published by Capitol Publications (Capitol Records), Sunset and Vine, Hollywood, CA. Vol. 6, No. 7, July 1948. The King Cole Trio grace the cover and June Christy the double-page center spread. Pictures, news shorts, record announcements, etc. form all the Capitol artists. Johnny Mercer, Tex Williams, Ella Mae Morse, Gordon McRae, Peggy Lee, Pee Wee Hunt, Stan Kenton, Perry Como, Frankie Laine, Jo Stafford, Maggie Whiting, Nellie Lutcher, Tex Ritter, Freddie Slack, much more. Red cover. Crescent nibble in top edge and a corner chip. 6”x 9”x 16pp. $12.00

05983-M1297ECSL- Journal- THE BILLBOARD DISK JOCKEY SUPPLEMENT, Section II, Oct 2, 1948.  Chock full of ads for all the recording stars of the day: Vic Damone, Merle Travis,  Billy Eckstine, Frankie Laine, Jimmy Wakely, Ray Anthony, Dizzy Gillespie, Cowboy Copas, Vaughn Monroe, Lionel Hampton, and many, many more. Small library stamp, minor old tape repair. 10"x 13-3/4"x 90pp. $46.00 

07412-M0311EUOR- Sheet Music- MISTER SEARS AND ROEBUCK as recorded by Dorothy Shay on Columbia Records. Words by Ray Gilbert and William Okie. Music by Al Gannaway. Copyright 1949 by Mark Warnow Music, Hollywood, Calif. Male and female parts. Written for piano, vocal, and guitar. Ms. Shay was a popular comedic recording artist in the late 1940s and 1950s. She later became a character actress and was known as the “Park Avenue Hillbilly.” Sears And Roebuck permeated every facet of our life once upon a time—even to the extent of having an appeal for a man (or woman) set to music. This is a hard to find piece needing a home in every Sears collection!  As to condition: No store stamps or writing on front or inside. Has small crease top left corner and small crease bottom right corner on page four. Has couple of very small tears top edge and crease where it has been folded in half and then folded in half again. Has some minor rubbing and light soil on back. We have no particular expertise in grading sheet music but are told this would grade in good condition. 9”x 12”x 4pp. $48.00  Pictures

05104-M0796EEEE- Booklet-THE N. D. CASS CO., NYC and factories at Athol, Mass. ca 1950. "World's Largest Wooden Toy Manufacturers." Songs For Casspinet (Improved Action Pianos). "Booklet of 16 Songs for Little Children." Some penciled notes.6" x 4-1/2" x 16pp. $18.00

04504-M1195CKEE- Book- MUSIC FOR THE MILLIONS, The Kimball Piano and Organ Story 1857-1957 by Van Allen Bradley, Henry Regnery Co., Chicago. 1st edition. 1957. Illustrated, index. 1/4 buckram, paper covered boards. Excellent condition. 5-3/4" x 8-1/2" x 334pp. $45.00

01518-M0293ECCE- Book- THE OLD MUSIC SHOP, INSTRUMENTS OF MUSICAL QUALITY, Freeman, Century House, Watkins Glen, NY, 1958. History of music shops and musical instruments in the home. One of their series on early American occupations. Numerous old line art and half-tone ads reproduced of instruments, talking machines, music boxes, etc. Some damp stains and extremity chips. Coated stock paper. Stiff covers. 5-3/4" x 8-3/4" x 56pp.  $12.00

07086-M0704EEEE- Booklet- M. HOHNER, INC., Andrews Road, Hicksville, L.I., New York. Copyright 1959. How to Play The Hohner Harmonica. New Easy Method For Beginners by Sigmund Spaeth. Nicely illustrated. Appears to be a complete beginner’s tutorial. Consistently age-toned but in very good condition. 5”x 7-3/8”x 24pp. $19.00

06436-M0399EEHA- Poster- DON WILLIAMS PORTRAIT, MCA Records, 1979. He's smoking a cigarette and sort of "squinting like Clint."  You remember Williams, the C & W singing star? Some indentations in background. On coated stock, colorful. 23-1/2"x 23-1/2". $14.00 

06438-M0399EEHA- Poster- DON WILLIAMS PORTRAIT, MCA Records, MCA 5133. Date probably late 1970s. He is playing guitar at mike. At top is printed "I Believe In You." this was a big hit for him. Very good condition.  On coated stock, colorful. 23-1/2"x23-1/2. $18.00 

06439-M0399EEHA- Poster- TERRY GIBBS SOMEBODY'S KNOCKIN', MCA Records, 1981. She is the pretty blind piano player. The knocking song was a big hit for her. Colorful coated stock. Excellent condition 18"x 24". $14.00

06440-M0399EEHA- Poster- TERRY GIBBS SOMEBODY'S KNOCKIN', MCA Records, 1981. She is the pretty blind piano player. The knocking song was a big hit for her. Colorful coated stock. Excellent condition. 18"x 24" (second copy). $14.00

06831-M0102EEEE- Catalogue- READER’S DIGEST ASSOC., Pleasantville, NY. Christmas Catalogue, 1981. Books (around 60 titles), records (about 44 albums-- all genre, all decades in the LP vinyl), 8-track tapes, cassettes, two language courses, antique spot globe, electronic word game, portable multi-band radio. Colorful presentation. Nice Christmassy cover. Good condition. 5-1/2"x 8-3/4"x 32pp. $16.00

07246-M0683EEEE- Directory- MUSIC & BOOKING SOURCE DIRECTORY, Somerset Communications, Santa Monica, CA. 1983. They may no longer be in business. If it’s about the music industry, it’s here! Fantastic reference, complete snapshot of the music industry in 1983. An inserted hand-written note says appx 35,000 listings, although we have not counted them. Included are recording artists, personal managers, booking agents, record companies, lighting companies, talent promoters, sound companies, recording studios, manufacturers, music video, video production, transportation, colleges, general services, auditoriums, market reports, etc. Encyclopedic in scope and very colorful. All the performers of the era are here. 1983 cover price was $60.00. Included are rate cards and  advertising inserts. Colorful hardback with tab indexing. Excellent condition. 9-1/8”x 11”x 595pp. $123.00  Picture

05779-M0497EEEE- Catalogue- CODA, Pub by Wenger Corp, Owatonna, MN. Premier Issue, 1987. We usually don't offer materials of such a recent date, but this is a catalogue, the likes of which is seldom seen! They call it "The New Music Software Catalogue." and "Software that Sings For Apple, Commodore, Macintosh, IBM, Atari, and Amiga Computers." Right away we can see that several things have changed drastically since 1987! Generally, each has an offering in each of these categories: Fun & Entertainment, Learning & Teaching, Sequencing & Recording, Music Printing, Voice Librarians, Sound Libraries, Programming Aids. And then the catalogue design its self! The Duffy Design Group is credited with this beautiful work. It looks Art Deco-ish. Spot varnish is used in the cover printing, an expensive technique which creates an embossed and iridescent aura to the surface. Catalogue is on expensive heavy coated stock and has minimal wear. This item will be worth a small fortune in the next generation! 7-1/2" x 11" x 162pp. $58.00

07005-M89EEEE- Catalogue- APPALSHOP, Whitesburg, KY. 1989. Recordings, video, and film. Appalshop was a nonprofit rural arts center based in Whitesburg in the central Appalachian Mountain Region. From their founding in 1969, their stated purpose was to produce work which honestly depicted Appalachian people and life in rural America. They work continues and is supported by the National Endowment of the Arts. Catalogue offers bluegrass, bluegrass gospel, blues, zydeco, British Isles/Celtic, children’s, mountain dulcimer, contemporary folk and string music, old-time and traditional, seasonal, instructional. Small edge tears in last two pages have been archivally repaired. On newsprint paper, illustrated. 8-3/4"x 11"x 32pp. $16.00

06977-M0902EEEE- Catalogue- J. C. PENNEY/HEARTLAND MUSIC, Atlanta, Ga. Christmas 1995. Offers all music genres in cassettes or CDs. Colorful presentation of stars through the decades for the last fifty years. Beautiful snowy cover of evergreens and mailbox with music selections flowing out. Digital satellite and luggage flyers laid in. 8"x 10-7/8"x 20pp. All. $12.00

06982-M0902EEEE- Catalogue- J. C. PENNEY/HEARTLAND MUSIC, Atlanta, Ga. 1996. Offers all music genres in cassettes or CDs. Colorful presentation of stars through the decades for the last fifty years. Winter skating scene cover. 8"x 10-7/8"x 16pp. $8.00

06975-M0399EEEE- Catalogue- THE WOODWIND AND BRASSWIND, South Bend, IN. S/S 1999. This is the woodwind catalogue. They bill themselves as "The World’s Largest Music Center". Fantastic color presentation of all the woodwind instruments, equipment, supplies. Excellent condition. 8-1/4"x 10-7/8"x 170pp. $15.00

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