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00333-B0990EUEE- Catalogue- GOOD MFG CO., NY. Cat 'F', 1914. Brass and Rubber Plumbing Goods. Everything one could possibly need as a plumber in 1914. All the nuts and bolts are here. Also five sections on broad range of fixtures (no water closets or bowls--has brass hardware): Showers, hooks, tumbler cups, soap dishes, sponge holders, towel bars, glass shelves and parts; whisk broom, toothbrush and paper holders; bathtub seats, etc. Thumb-indexed. Nice half-tone illustrations throughout. Inserted "Trade Discount Sheet" and reply envelope. Small chip lower spine, some foxing of thumb indexes, otherwise very good condition. 6-1/2" x 9-1/4" x 205pp. $32.00

00456-B0990CCLK- Catalogue- WOODWARD- WANGER CO., Philadelphia, PA, ca late 1920s. Plumbing Specialties. Gilt embossed post binder. Eight sections, I-Rubber, leather, fiber specialties; II- Small brass goods, repair parts, heating specialties; III- Tubular & cast brass plumbing material; IV-Showers and shower access.; V-Closet seats; VI- Plumbers tools; VII -Plumbers' cabinets, shelving, shop equip.; VIII - Whsle & resale prices. Large sized halftones. Order blanks and promo letter dated 1930 inserted. Excellent condition. 8-3/4'' x 11-1/4" x 506pp. $45.00

04990-M0696EARU- Catalogue- HARDIN-LAVIN CO, Chicago, 1922. Handy Man Book. Plumbing & Heating Encyclopedia. Supplies at Wholesale. Plumbing layouts for homes, bathroom outfits, bathtubs (including the wood-rimmed, sheet steel type), sitz tubs, lavatories of all kinds, water closets (including the wood tank, high & low type), showers, shampoo outfits, glass shelves, bathroom accessories, sanitary bottle rack, holders, mirrors, medicine cabinets, sinks, laundry tubs, fountains, faucets of all kinds, plumbing tools, forge, water supply outfits, water heaters, power & hand pumps, boilers, radiators, etc. Well illustrated throughout. 1922 & 1923 price booklets included. Radius corners. Very good condition. 5" x 8" x 240pp. $38.00

07054-M0503EKLE- Book- PLUMBING AND GAS FITTING by Editorial Staff of International Correspondence Schools. Scranton, PA, Vol. 240B, 1927. Plumbing Supplies, Plumbing Fixtures, House Drainage, Water Supply to Buildings, Gas Fitting.  Has 189 delightful illustrations. An entire chapter is devoted to gas lighting with engravings of fixtures. Red and green cloth binding, Gilt stamped spine. Marbleized endpapers. Excellent condition. Would look nice on any bookshelf! 6”x 9”x 339pp. $44.00  

07055-M0503EHEE- Book- PRACTICAL INFORMATION- CARE AND REPAIR OF THE PLUMBING AND HEATING SYSTEM IN YOUR HOME by Charles J. Geiser, Self-published, Chicago, Il. 1927. Apparently a 1st edition. Illustrated, indexed, Gilt imprinted hardback. Minor clear stain on some page edges. Bindings tight and very good condition otherwise. 5-1/4”x 7-1/4”x 180pp. $28.00

03480-M0295EUSA- Catalogue- WACO PRODUCTS CO. Phila, PA. Flier, Fall 1931. Wood & brass faucets, all kinds of fruit presses & crushers, kegs, cooper set, bungs, water seals. Well illustrated. A couple of fold separations have been repaired. Inserted order blanks. 9-1/4" x 11-3/4" x 4pp . $28.00

00673-B0990EEOK- Catalogue-  STERLING TUBULAR PRODUCTS, Morgantown, WV. Cat ‘A’, ca late 1950s. Traps, Bends, Curtain Rods, Strainers, P1ugs, Couplings, Supplies, Towel Bars, etc. Two color. 8-1/2" x 11" x 16pp. $3.00

00674-B0990ECOK- Catalogue-  STERLING FAUCET CO, Morgantown, WV. Cat.’E’, ca early 1950's. Bathtub Trim, Shower & Sink Fittings, Laundry Tray & C1oset Tank Trim, Lawn Faucets & Drain Va1ves, etc. 8-1/4" x 11" x 32pp. $7.00

00680-B0990EAKE- Catalogue- SPEAKMAN COMPANY FIXTURES, Wilmington, DE. Cat No.S-46, 1952. Fixtures for showers, tubs, hospitals, etc. Leatherette post binder. Very good condition. 9-1/4" x 11" x 117pp. $14.00

00218-B0990ELEE- Catalogue- AMERICAN BRASS CO. (ANACONDA), Waterbury CT. 1953. Pipe fittings of Copper Tubes, Cast Bronze, Accessories such as flanging & sizing tools, tube straps, hangers. Catalogue w/prices. Valuable reference. Very good condition. 8-1/2" x 11" x 54pp. Paperback. $8.00

00682-B0990EREE- Catalogue- CONSOLIDATED BRASS CO., Charlotte, NC. Cat. No. 58, ca 1958. Water and tank gauges, compression gauge cocks, radiator air valves, water & drain valves, barrel faucets, air cocks, pilot & burner fittings, laboratory equip, grease cups, glass body oilers (the old style), and much more. Colorful. 8-1/2" x 11-1/2" x 36pp. $16.00

00693-B0990ECEE- Booklet-  UNIVERSAL-RUNDLE CORP. New Castle, PA. 1958. Plumbing roughing-in measurements for homes, schools, public buildings, factories, office buildings, and other commercial installations. Excellent reference for those involved in restoration work. 5-1/2" x 8½" x 91pp. $4.00

00879-B0990EKEE- Catalogue- KOHLER PLUMBING PRODUCTS, No. K72, Kohler, WI. 1972. Very good condition. Heavy coated paper, duo-tone i1lustrations. 8-1/2" x 11" x 157pp. $20.00

01592-M0393EKAL- Catalogue- WOLVERINE BRASS WORKS, Grand Rapids, MI, Cat 'N', 1955. Plumbing Specialties--valves, stops, pipes, drains, supply lines, faucets, shower fixtures, etc. 3-color embossed, multi-ring binder in textured leatherette. Excellent condition. 10" x 12" x 77pp + 34pp price list. $24.00

00690-B0990ELEE- Catalogue- DURST MANUFACTURING CO., NY, 1955. DUMACO brand plumbing, hardware & electrical goods. Damped, last 25pp stained. 8-1/2" x 11" x 209pp. $8.00

04376-B0990ECEE- Booklet- UNIVERSAL-RUNDLE CORP., New Castle, PA. 1958. Plumbing roughing-in measurements for homes, schools, public buildings, factories, office buildings, & other commercial installations. Excellent reference for those involved in restoration work. Very good condition. 5-1/2” x 8-1/2” x 91pp. $4.00  

07262-M06007ELOU- KOHLER ELEGANCE--GREAT IDEAS FOR BATHROOMS, POWDER ROOMS, AND KITCHENS, ca 1979.  Beautiful color presentation.  You won't see some of these colors today!  Scratch on front, otherwise excellent condition on heavy paper stock. 8-1/2" x 11" x 39pp. $14.00  Pictures

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