04006-M0860EAEE- Bound Magazine- THE AMERICAN MUSEUM, OR UNIVERSAL MAGAZINE; Containing Essays on Agriculture, Commerce, Manufacturing, Politics, Morals, and Manners. Sketches of National Characters, Natural And Civil History, And Biography. Law Information, Public Papers, Proceedings of Congress, Intelligence; Moral Tales, Ancient And Modern Poetry, &c, &c. Carey, Stewart and Co, Philadelphia. Vol. VII, Jan to Jun 1790. This date is not a typo. It really is over 200 years old--the oldest selection we’ve offered in some time. We bought this in 1960 at an estate sale in Alexandria, VA. We sometimes jokingly remark that we will sell no selection before it’s time, but this one has been around a little longer than we usually “age’’ them!  Originally in The Valentine Museum, Richmond, VA and was released, presumably just before we bought it.  Book has some penciled library markings in endpapers dated 1914. Full leather covers have been refurbished. Extremities worn, some gilt on spine is evident, but not readable. Hinges are cracked and have been resewn and reinforced. Pages are rag stock and quite good. Some discoloration to endpapers and foxing throughout. One article is illustrated. Several essays and letters by Benjamin Franklin. Dr. Franklin died April 17, 1790. The account is here of Franklin’s last illness by his attending physician. Much more! Rare. Appendix, index.  5-1/2” x 8-1/4” x 520pp. $374.00

02888-M0694COKE- Book- THE TEETOTALER'S COMPANION;  OR, A PLEA FOR TEMPERANCE; Being An Exposition Of The Personal, And National Evils That Result From The Present Drinking Custom Of Society; The Use Of Intoxicating Liquors Being Proved Inimical To Social, Moral, Religious, Physical, Mental, Commercial, And Political Economy; With A History of The Temperance Movement; Showing Also The Benefits That Have And Must Follow The Adoption Of Total Abstinence. By Peter Burne. Pub by Arthur Hall & Co, London, 1847. Embossed buckram hardback, rag stock, illustrated, indexed. Front joint cloth split, worn edges, light foxing. Bindings tight. Quite serviceable. 6-3/4” x 10-1/4” x 510pp. $55.00

02397-M0693EAEE- Book- COL. R. G. INGERSOLL’S 44 LECTURES COMPLETE, no date, no place given. “Published for the Trade” (may have been self-published). Robert Ingersoll was born at Dresden, NY, 1833 and died at Dobbs Ferry, NY, 1899. He was a lawyer, lecturer, and politician, and for many years the chief spokesman for the “Freethinkers” of the day. He settled as a legal practitioner at Peoria, IL in 1857 and became colonel of the 11th Illinois cavalry in 1862 and attorney-general for Illinois in 1866. He published The Gods & Other Lectures  (1876), Some Mistakes of Moses 1879), Great Speeches (1887) and many more. He spoke against orthodoxy, personal deism and a whole range of religious superstition. He espoused personal and mental liberty, human rights and gained for himself the title of “The Great Atheist” by his detractors. In an age of great orators, he was ranked near the top. Book is hardback, boards faded at edges, inside hinges slightly cracked, pages well age toned and becoming fragile. Not particularly worn, however. 6-1/4” x 9” x 400pp. $30.00

05319-M0996EKRL- Newspaper- UNITED STATES ECONOMIST AND DRY GOODS REPORTER, A Journal Devoted To Political Economy, Finance, Commerce, Manufacturers And Agriculture, NY. New Series, Vol. XII, No.33, Aug 17, 1867.  Almost all ads with news items affecting the dry goods trade and prices current. Delightful hodgepodge of type styles advertising agents, importers,  jobbers, manufacturers, manufacturing machinery suppliers, etc. On all rag stock and very well preserved. Lots of business history here! Previously bound, cut cleanly along gutter. 17-3/4" x 25" x 8pp. $32.00

04058-M0895EE- Political Circular- MR. FRANCIS E. YEWELL’S Platform Announcing His Candidacy for Democratic Nomination For Mayor. In Maryland but no city given, probably Baltimore judging from newspapers quoted- SUN, SUNDAY HERALD, MORNING HERALD. 1903. Very good condition. No illustrations. 6-1/2” x 9-1/2” x 4pp. $22.00

03857-M0695EUES- Journal- THE WORLD TODAY, Chicago. Sept 1907. The World Today Co. A magazine of general interest covering foreign affairs, the nation, music/drama, and the religious world. Well illustrated, lots of ads, good graphics. One article of particular note:  “The Negro Situation- One Way Out” by W.J. Northern, a former governor of Georgia. His conclusion? “We must save the Negro or it is plain his wickedness and his crimes will destroy the State.” Are we to infer that there was no wickedness and criminal activity by the white man?  Back cover has part of an ad clipped, last page bugged in margin. 7” x 10” x 209pp of which 93 are great advertising. $38.00

05439-M1196EOKE- Journal- THE AMERICAN REVIEW OF  REVIEWS, NYC. Jan 1913. Popular journal covered political, business and general news of the day from around the world. One article of note is "The Parcel Post." The act is explained, examples given, rates and zones explained, compared to express rates, possible effect on cost of living, reaction of other media, etc. w/pictures and map. Parcel Post probably did as much as any other one thing to bring "civilization" to our developing nation. The US was about 20 to 40 years behind most European countries, as well as Japan and China. Some of the reasons are pointed out in this article. Much news, many political cartoons. 104pp of advertising including illustrated ads for AT&T, Globe-Wernicke, Velvet Tobacco, Bicycle Cards,  Kodak, Santa Fe,  Brunswick-Balke-Collender, Pinehurst (North Carolina), Hamburg-American Lines, White Motor Co, Gramm Motor Trucks, Firestone, Lozier Motor Co, Texaco Motor Oil, Peerless Motor Car, Baker Electric Cars, Lippard- Stewart Deliver Car, Hupmobile, Franklin Auto,  Studebaker, Remington Typewriter, Grape-Nuts, International Motor Co, Victrola, Campbell's Soup, Postal Life Insurance Co, Dictaphone; many, many more. One 2pg article (labeled at the end as an advertisement) by a doctor, promotes "Internal Bathing" (another name for colonic irrigation). Delightful item, coated stock paper.  Chips and old tape stains on spine, otherwise very good. 7" x 10" x 232pp. $48.00

01628-M0493ECEE- Magazines- THE MEDICO-PHARMACEUTICAL CRITIC AND GUIDE, NY.  Wm. J. Robinson, PH. G.,  M.D., Ed. “A Journal of Individuality. No policy except the policy of Truth, Honesty, and Fairness.  Every reader has an equal chance with the Editor to express his Opinion.  No padding. No dead Matter. Every line interesting.  All Frauds and Humbugs fearlessly exposed.” Five issues: Apr 1914, May 1914, Feb 1915, Mar 1915, Jul 1915. In browsing thru this journal, it’s obvious that they make a serious attempt to live up to their editorial credo. No electric machines advertised here. They are not at all bashful about taking on politicians, quacks, judges. They promote birth control by families, warn against cocaine addiction, take to task those who oppose sensible sex education, etc. Perhaps the medical profession could better judge, but it appears that, at least by example, this journal could hold its place even among today’s journals. Each issue contains approximately 25pp of ads. Some covers have small tears, chips, worn. Some quite good. Except for one that has a tear through the entire issue in the top couple of inches and one in gutter, all contents reasonably good.  Each is 6” x 9” x approximately 64pp. Paperback. All. $65.00

02667-M1094ECEE- Political/Advertising- C. M. MCCLUNG & CO., Knoxville, TN, ca 1920s. 2-color, stiff card display w/picture and quote of Teddy Roosevelt: “Success comes only to those who lead a life of endeavor.” Light stain and bump on one corner. 9-1/4” x 4-1/2”. $12.00

02330-M1293ERLE- Trade Journals, Three pieces: 1) DRUGDOM, COVERS THE DRUG WORLD, Chicago, Vol. 1, No.7, December 1920. Ads include Maybelline, Z. G. Herbs Co., Trinerts American Elixir of Bitter-Wine, Hygeia Nursing Bottle, Kork-N-Seal and more.  Self-covered.  Cover tear at gutter. 4-1/4” x 6” x 64pp. 2) DRUG BULLETIN, E. D. Ervine, Publisher, Chicago, July 1931. Trade articles, fountain tips, prices current, many ads including Troemner sca1es. Vivid covers, coated stock paper. Very good condition. 8-3/4" x 11-3/4” x 50pp.  3) DRUG NEWS, Published by Retail Drug Store Employees Union, Local #1199, CIO, NY, Vol. 1, No. 1, July 1944.  Union boosterism, political and war news, large war bond ads, etc. FDR cover. Coated stock paper, Very good condition. 9-1/4” x 12” x 16pp. All. $29.00

04620-M0196EHEE- Booklet- SPEECH OF HON. WALTER M. CHANDLER OF NEW YORK IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, SEP 11, 1922. Entitled AGAINST KU-KLUX KLAN, FOR RELIGIOUS LIBERTY. He takes on a fellow by the name Gilbert O. Nations, editor of a magazine called "The Protestant."  Nations and others made presumptuous attempts to have lawmakers sign pledges to determine whether the lawmakers were pro-Catholic or not. Chandler says, "A perusal of this magazine convinces the reader that the editor of The Protestant is a literary paranoiac with a strong propensity to mendacity and a distinct predilection for hypocrisy." Fascinating reading! Paint circle on front cover and a spot or two, otherwise very good condition. 6” x 9” x 28pp. $38.00

04749-M0395EEHC- Booklet- CHILD LABOR IN THE  UNITED  STATES.  "Compiled  from U. S.  Government  reports  and  other authentic  sources  for the use of 20 National Organizations supporting the 'Children's  Amendment'  and  for the churches  and  the  press." Dec 1923. What  Child  Labor  Is.  Where It Is. What the States and Federal Government have tried to do.  Why a "Children's  Amendment" is necessary.  Laid-in  article  on child labor statistics   and   letter  from  Federal Council  of Churches  to ministers of America urging them to make their flocks aware of the necessity for the "Child's Amendment." Light wrinkles, foxing, chips. 5-3/4" x 9" x 20pp. $32.00

01045-B0990EHKE- Sales Pak- THE MAGNIPHONE CO. , Chicago, IL, 1924. Direct mail package from this hearing aid company to a customer in PA. Consists of seven pieces: 1) The letter-single sheet, printed both sides, 8-1/2” x 11". 2) Testimonial and fact sheet,  8-1/2” x 11", printed both sides. 3) A little pamphlet with Magniphone advertisement on front and other three pages an impassioned religio-political essay about slavery, charging interest, federal reserve bank notes, and the Golden Rule (just about covers it all!) 6-1/2” x 5-1/2"  folded to form four small pages. 4) A little notice of improvements to the Magniphone, 3-1/4” x 6”. 5) A two-color trial order blank, 5-1/2" x 6". 6) A return envelope with 1¢ Franklin stamp. Age darkened here and there, otherwise excellent. Strangely, there are advertising cuts here and there, but no picture of the device itself.  All contained in the 7) mailer envelope. $26.00

                                                                     GIFFORD PINCHOT

                                     Political Materials from his 1926 run for the U. S. Senate

06741-M0595EECK- Pamphlet- Issued by PINCHOT FOR SENATE COMMITTEE, ca 1926. “Three Choices- Rule of the People or by the Gang.” Compares Pinchot to Pepper and Vare.  Excellent condition. 3-3/4”x 8”x 6 panel. $12.00

06742-M0595EECK- Card Stock Pamphlet- PINCHOT FOR SENATOR STATE COMMITTEE, ca 1926. Large picture of Pinchot with his pledge to the people of Pennsylvania, Gifford Pinchot as Governor statement and testimony from (Teddy) Roosevelt and C. J. Goodnough. Excellent condition. 3-3/8”x 5-1/2”x 4pp. $22.00

06743-M0595EECK- Circular- HOW PINCHOT SAVED BRADFORD COUNTY MORE THAN $200,000. ca 1926. Giving facts and figures concerning his road building efforts as governor of Pennsylvania. Printed both sides of . Foxing along bottom margin, otherwise excellent condition. 5-7/8”x 9-1/2”.  $12.00

06744-M0595EECK- Circular- HOW PINCHOT SAVED BRADFORD COUNTY MORE THAN $200,000. ca 1926. Giving facts and figures concerning his road building efforts as governor of Pennsylvania. Printed both sides of .  Very small lower edge chips, otherwise excellent condition. 5-7/8”x 9-1/2”. $12.00

06745-M0595EECK- Newspaper Article- PROHIBITION.  The particular newspaper is unknown as the article is closely trimmed without the head. Date not present but ca 1926. Headline reads: “Law Can Be Enforced When Enforcing Powers Decide to Do It, Governor Tells League. Astonishing Facts and Figures, Used by Executive, Shows Anti-Saloon Organization Why Federal Enforcement Fails. Defeatist Movement Under Way, He Says.” Neatly folded and well preserved, except for some yellowing. Over eighty column inches. $18.00

05402-M0495EEUO- Broadside- PINCHOT MEETING, PICTURE PLACE, LeRaysville, (PA), Monday, April 9, 8 P.M. (It dates to either 1923 or 1928.)  "Everyone is Cordially Invited to Come and hear Mrs. Cornelia Bryce Pinchot."   Not sure, but this was probably Gifford Pinchot's wife.  He was a noted conservationist and served as chief of the Forest Service under McKinley, Teddy Roosevelt, and Taft. He was also governor of Pennsylvania two terms, 1923-1927 and 1931-1935. Lt rust imprint of two paper clips, 9" x 12-1/2". $28.00

04751-M0395EEHC- Booklet- CITIZENSHIP THROUGH CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. Vol.4, No.36. Feb 1929.  Published by the School Committee, Boston,  Mass. City of Boston  Printing Dept. Organized For The Furtherance Of The Cause  Of Better Citizenship As A Supplement To School Document Ten,  1924.  Seventy-five  "Character Lacks" are listed as characteristic of someone who is not obedient.  In the 1920s,  responsible adults recognized that character development was a good and noble pursuit for all. They recognized that good character was not something a child was born with but had to develop to be an upstanding citizen. In other words, that a conscience was a learned and developed characteristic of human beings. One of the primary reasons our society and schools are in the trouble they are in today is because many parents blanch at the idea that their children might need character development.  Many today evidently believe that their children, by virtue of the fact that they are their children, are somehow born with developed characters! How foolish! Light stain, light edge chips. 7” x 10” x 40pp. $45.00

06209-M0498EALR- Journal- TEXAS STATE TOPICS, Vol.1, No.7. July 1942. A monthly "Telling The World About Texas" published at Dallas. Slick magazine mostly about politicians, many are pictured. Library markings, some cover soil, otherwise very good. 9"x 12"x 20pp. $16.00

00887-B0990EOEE- Book- UNDERCOVER, John Roy Carlson; E. P. Dutton, NY. 1943. "My Four Years in the Nazi Underworld of America -The Amazing Revelation of How Axis Agents and our Enemies Are Now Plotting to Destroy the United States". Fascinating reading.  Hardback. 5-3/4" x 8-1/4" x 544pp. $28.00

02565-M0594EKLO- COMMUNIST EAST GERMANY EPHEMERA: 1) "Der junge Agitator" by the "Agitation Section”, for socialist action, 1952, 4” x 5-3/4” x 80pp;  2) "Fur den Propagandisten und Agitator" Society for German-Soviet Friendship, Sep 12, 1958, 6"x 8-1/4" x 24pp;  3) “Frohlich seinund singer”, children's indoctrination booklet in color. Cartoon-like with games, crafts, songs, etc. Two pages are meant to be looked at through 3-D glasses. Berlin, 1963, 11-1/2” x 8" x 32pp;  4) ”Die Wahrheit” newspaper, Organ Der Kommunistischen Partei Steirmarks. Graz, Nov 4, 1945, 12-1/2” x 18-3/4” x 8pp. All items. $44.00

02996-M0894ECEE- Political- GENERAL ELECTION BALLOT FOR 1956. From Woody Precinct, Cumberland County, TN. Note that party affiliation is not given. Presidential tickets are:  Eisenhower/Nixon; Stevenson/Kefauver; Andrews/Werdel. We've photocopied the back @ 50% to show ballot to be marked. Stain and wormhole in bottom margin, otherwise very good & clean. Great display item. $12.00

06162-M0398CKEE- Journal- THE CROSS AND THE FLAG, published by Gerald L. K. Smith, Glendale, Ca. Vol.15, No.5. August 1956. Claims to be the official organ of the "Christian Nationalist Crusade, a national political committee." A vicious hate publication championing Joe McCarthy, Henry Ford and other "Christian Patriots" in their stand against "Zionist-Jew Machine, mongrelization of....black and white races, Jewish tradition for Christian tradition, communism, one world government," much more. Minor corner chip, light age-toning, otherwise excellent condition. Rare! 8"x 11"x 32pp. $57.00

07064-M0595EESC- Political Broadsheet- COSBY HARRISON FOR ROAD COMMISSIONER. Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee. Ca 1950s. Mr. Harrison was the founder in 1937, and long-time principal, of TAP Publishing here in Crossville. He passed away in 1984. The Trade-A-Plane publication has been a phenomenal success through the years and has been the springboard for an entire stable of all advertising, tabloid publications in a number of fields. He built what later became known as Lake Tansi, a 550-acre lake and residential area here in Crossville. He was honest to a fault and this long broadsheet presents his platform and credo for public service very forcefully. He was elected in this race. Piece is age toned and has a couple of archival tissue repairs to back edge (do not show). Printed one side on 6-7/8” x 20” paper stock. $18.00

00100-B0990ELEE- Catalogue-  STERLING TYPE FOUNDRY, CAT #20, TYPECAST CUTS AND ORNAMENTS, Charlotte MI, 1961-1962. Appx 50 or 60 cuts per page, on heavy coated paper. Lots of variety. Brand names, trademarks, numbers, U.S. insignia, political, borders, etc. Water spot in gutter at lower staple, with damage to about 3 or 4 cuts per page. 5-1/2” x 9-1/2” x 23pp. $8.00

05040-M0796EAEE- Book- THE PEN, NOT THE SWORD by Mary & Gordon Campbell, Aurora Publishers, Nashville, London. 1970. First(?). Hardback, elongated format. A study of the history of our country through the eyes of the political and social cartoonist.  Devoted to reproductions in black & white & color,  with explanations of the works of  Keppler, Gillam, Graetz, Wales, Stum, Taylor, Dalrymple, et al. From the pages of Puck, Harper's Weekly, Leslie's,  Weekly, Judge, etc. These old timers were merciless in their depictions of the foibles of Somewhats! Deals with Politics, Immigration, Social, Medicine, Religion, Tariffs, Civil Service, Labor, Silver Coinage, Monopolies, Spanish American War, Foreign Relations. Spine head chipped, cover has small spot, front free endpaper corner clipped, else very good condition and clean on heavy stock paper. 12-12" x 9-1/4" x 263pp. $32.00

02191-M1193CUEE- Newspapers- SPIRIT OF THE AGE, Woodstock, VT. Ten issues from 1978: May 8, May 15, May 22, May 29, Jun 4, Jun 19, Jul 10, Jul 17, Jul 24, Jul 31. Sassy New England weekly with political, national, regional and Windsor County news items. Many ads. Tone of paper is more or less typified by this notice: “Many new ads this week, read them.”  Each is 17-1/2” x 24” x 4pp, very good on rag content stock. X-lib and they have been cut along gutter from library bindings. All. $120.00

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