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06994-M0297EEE- Booklet- HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE, 1775-1993. U. S. Postal Service. Significant Dates In Postal History, Postal Service In Different Eras (Colonial, Continental Congress); Postal Role In U.S. Development (Pony Express, Railway Mail, Confederate Postal Service, Free City Delivery, RFD, Parcel Post, Postal Savings System, Airmail, ZIP Code); Postal Reform, Rates Details, About Stamps, Postmasters General, Governors Of  USPS, Postal Insignia. A number of historical photos reproduced here and a great bibliography for further reading on the subject. The powerful nation the U. S. has become would not have been possible but for the efficiency of our mails. We owe much to the foresight of some very wise men involved with the Postal Service through the years. This is a high-quality booklet on coated stock paper and is new.  8-1/2" x 11" x 32pp. We have a limited number of copies. While they last. $16.00 ea.

05655-M0896EAHU- Woodcuts- THE NEW YORK POST OFFICE. Two original pages from SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, September 18, 1875. All about the new New York Post Office. Page one has a large engraving measuring 9" x 10" of the building south and west front exterior and busy street scene. They moved in on Saturday, August 28, 1875. Second page has engraving of the U.S. Courtroom in the new building and a sectional drawing of the hydraulic elevators. A total of 14-1/2 column inches accompany the three beautiful, well-preserved engravings. Striking display material! Two pages, each is 11" x 15-3/4" overall. Both original pages. $55.00

05439-M1196EOKE- Journal- THE AMERICAN REVIEW OF REVIEWS, NYC. Jan 1913. Popular journal covered political, business and general news of the day from around the world. One article of note is "The Parcel Post." The act is explained, examples given, rates and zones explained, compared to express rates, possible effect on cost of living, reaction of other media, etc. w/pictures and map. Parcel Post probably did as much as any other one thing to bring "civilization" to our developing nation. The US was about 20 to 40 years behind most European countries, as well as Japan and China. Some of the reasons are pointed out in this article. Much news, many political cartoons. 104pp of advertising including illustrated ads for AT&T, Globe-Wernicke, Velvet Tobacco, Bicycle Cards, Kodak, Santa Fe, Brunswick-Balke-Collender, Pinehurst (North Carolina), Hamburg-American Lines, White Motor Co, Gramm Motor Trucks, Firestone, Lozier Motor Co, Texaco Motor Oil, Peerless Motor Car, Baker Electric Cars, Lippard- Stewart Deliver Car, Hupmobile, Franklin Auto, Studebaker, Remington Typewriter, Grape-Nuts, International Motor Co, Victrola, Campbell's Soup, Postal Life Insurance Co, Dictaphone; many, many more. One 2pg article (labeled at the end as an advertisement) by a doctor, promotes "Internal Bathing" (another name for colonic irrigation). Delightful item, coated stock paper. Chips and old tape stains on spine, otherwise very good. 7" x 10" x 232pp. $48.00

01575-M0393EEKE- Envelope- MUTUAL BENEFIT LIFE INSURANCE CO., Newark, NJ. 1919. L.D. Drewry, Gen Agent, Chattanooga, TN (w/canceled 3¢ Washington stamp). Mailed to a customer in Forbus, TN. Forbus is a little crossroads about three miles up the way from Pall Mall, TN, home of Sgt. Alvin C. York. This envelope is beautifully chromolithographed with a WWI sentry illustration looking surprisingly like Sgt. York. York was a hero in this area, even more so than nationally, and this could well have been playing to his popularity. Envelope has been torn off on the end, but chromo is well preserved. 6-1/2”x 3-1/8”. $22.00

04928-M0395EEHC- Sales Pak- POSTAL LIFE INSURANCE CO., 511 Fifth Ave, NYC. Nov 16, 1927. Five pieces: 1) Letter w/dark blue typography and mailbag graphic upon which is embossed in white, a representation of their bldg. Nice! 2) 3" x 7" x 4pp green "Full Life Policy" brochure with "Outstanding Points" & picture of bldg and family. 3) 3-1/4" x 71/2" Premium Schedule on green paper. 4) 3-1/2" x 7-1/2" Guaranteed Dividends slip. 5) Original mailing envelope w/graphics. Minor edge chews and foxing, all else excellent. All. $38.00

04525-M1095ELEE- Journal- THE NATIONAL RURAL LETTER CARRIER, Washington, DC. Vol. XXX, No.39, Sep 24, 1932. Official Organ of the Rural Letter Carriers’ Association. Pub weekly. Nice cover illustration. Pictures of conditions coped w/by rural carriers, announcement of extensions of 3,601 routes around the country, classified and display ads, more. Age-toned, otherwise very good. 8-3/4" x 11-3/4" x 16pp. $38.00

07033-M1103EEEE- Stamp Book- WHITMAN PUBLISHING CO., Racine, Wisconsin. Copyright 1935. “Around-The-World Stamp Book. Providing spaces for stamps from more than 250 stamp-issuing countries of the world. Fully Illustrated with Information On ‘How To Collect Stamps’”. There are also 18 canceled stamps in place: 2 Denmark, 3 Germany, 2 Hungary, 1 Norway, 1 Philippine Islands, 1 Sweden, 8 U.S. Colorful stiff wraps have illustration of armed Arab on a camel loping across the desert. Pages darkened with age, covers have a few bug bites on lower spine and lower edge. 7-1/2”x 11”x 128pp. $22.00

05440-M1196CEOU- Convention Badge- BIENNIAL CONVENTION, OHIO STATE ASSOCIATION, LETTER CARRIERS AND AUXILIARY - COLUMBUS, OHIO- SEPTEMBER 3-5, 1938. Over text appears seal of the National Association Of Letter Carriers. All imprinted in gold on a blue silk ribbon. Ribbon hangs from embossed gold metal cartouch name tag holder w/pin back. Name on removable old paper tag is indistinguishable. Overall 2" x 4-1/2". $54.00


00973-M0991ECUE- Booklet- USE AND CARE OF REVOLVERS, Methods Handbook M-17. Post Office Dept, Washington, DC. Aug 1967. Serious business, folks: Revolver Terms, Manipulation, Carrying and Drawing a Revolver, Trigger Contro1, Defense Positions, Holding Opponent at Gun Point, Checklists, Qualifying, Care & C1eaning, Training Schedules. Many photos. Excellent condition. 8" x 10-1/4" x 27pp. Stiff wraps. $28.00

05763-M0194EEE- Standee-UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE, 1993. The U. S. Post Office ran a national Christmas holiday promotion in 1993. This large standee of Santa's elf was prominently displayed in Post Office lobbies around the country. It had not been long since I had seen a picture of Marvin Runyon, the Postmaster General, and I was immediately struck by what I perceived to be a caricatured likeness of Mr. Runyon in the face of the little elf. I even mentioned this to some of the Postal employees and they agreed. I asked them if I could have the standee after the holidays, and they very graciously saved it for me. I shrink wrapped the elf standee immediately upon arriving home to protect it and it has been stored until recently.

My curiosity finally prevailed and we were able to contact the Manager of Advertising and Promotion for the Postal Service to try and get to the bottom of this mystery. As it fortunately turned out, this manager was the same one who worked with the ad agency in creating the original campaign. He says, "I recall the first time I saw the illustration. My question to the creative team was similar to yours. 'Did you make this elf look like Mr. Runyon on purpose?' I was assured that that was not the case. However, many of my peers asked the same question. When we showed the campaign to Mr. Runyon, I wondered how he would react. He never said a word about the illustration."

Well, there you have it. What do you think? Let me make a prediction--I predict that this standee will appreciate in value by at least 25% annually. It may even now be worth much more than the price here quoted. Some spots are on the back where it was hot glued to a support. Front is excellent and very colorful. From top of hat to bottom of feet measures 24-3/4". Overall width of scroll is 18-1/2". It is die cut cardboard with a semi-gloss finish. $325.00

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