03298-M1194EKLL- Journal/Catalogue- WELSH, FREEMAN & CO, Boston, Jan. 1895. They called this "LIVE MATTER, A Very Live Journal for Printers. Wears No Man’s Collar. Controlled By No Man’s Trust". Sassy, aren’t they! Great articles. Ads mostly are typefaces and machines offered by Welsh, Freeman. This one has a fantastic double page spread of twelve type cases offered by Welsh, Freeman. 8-3/4" x 11-3/4" x 16 pp. $40.00

06274-M0898EAEE- Book- THE MECHANISM OF THE LINOTYPE by John S. Thompson. The Inland Printer Co, Chicago. 1902. "A Complete And Practical Treatise On The Installation, Operation And Care Of The Linotype, For The Novice As Well As The Experienced Operator. With Full Information Concerning The New Two-Letter Machines, Not To Be Found In Any Work Heretofore Published." With frontis picture of Mr. Ottmar Mergenthaler, the inventor of the Linotype, covered w/tissue guard. Hardback, illustrated, ads for other books. Light cover wear, tight and clean. 5-1/2"x 8"x 128pp. $32.00

07340-M0994CLKE- Specimen Book- AMERICAN TYPE FOUNDERS CO, Chicago, ca 1905. American Line Type Faces, American Point Line, Point Body and Point Set. Two pages removed and has been clipped in several places, some as small as a single letter. We count about eight places. Pages 42 and 43 have been stuck together in the past and were separated resulting in some lift of the text.  Some edge wear. Hardback, coated stock paper. A quality production. 9-1/2” x 12-1/4” x 292pp. $136.00

01456-M0193CSEE- Correspondence Course Manuals & Exercises- MEYER BOTH COLLEGE OF COMMERCIAL ART, Chicago, IL, 1919 to 1922. Have you ever asked yourself what it is about old catalogues and advertising art that makes them so compelling and collectible? (I mean, separate and apart from the fact that they are old.) Take a good look at the individual page elements in, say a 1927 Sears &Roebuck. Is it the layout? Typography? The special way reverses are used? Mortises? Vignette treatment? Line art from steel engravings? One could say that it’s a combination of all these, and yet, there’s something about the appearance of the page that just doesn’t come through in a catalogue produced by modern methods. We really believe the main reason is because the old ones were produced primarily by individual craftsmanship, i.e., hand lettering of great skill (Speedball lettering reached its apex in the 20s), meticulous shading and toning, special awareness of spatial relationships (the relationship of objects and space), etc. No one in the industry wants to give up the marvelous computer and digital production technology we have available today, but the swap-off is certainly evident when we examine the practices of yesteryear’s artisans. This course of study brings a special appreciation of these old methods. There are nine books here of a possible twelve: SECTION I - Instructions in Proportion & Shading, Sketching From Models Via Blocking-in Method (14 pp + "Notice to Students"); SECTION II - Introduction in Technique, Opaque & Transparent Wash, Pen & Ink & Crayon, Studies in Light & Shade (11 pp); SECTION III - Instruction in Commercial Photo Retouching, Handling of Mechanical & Pictorial Photographs, Study of Background Treatments, Use &Care of Air Brushes (14 pp + 4 double sheets of examples on coated stock); SECTION IV, Part I - Perspective, Its Application to Pictorial & Mechanical Subjects (11 pp + 3 double sheets of samples); SECTION IV, Part II - Composition, Pictorial Space Cutting, Rhythm & Harmony, Tone Relation (15 pp + one double sheet of examples); SECTION V - Letters, Origin & History, Purpose, Composition & Drawing of Letters (14 pp + 2 double sheets of samples + one special instruction page); SECTION VI - Commercial Application of Historic Ornament (14 pp - one double sheet of examples + one student’s practice page); SECTION XI - Booklets, Catalogs, Folders & Broadsides, Their Construction & Design, Facts on Printing, Intelligent Use of Color, Designing the Cover, Preparing the Dummy, Selling the Work (20 pp includes double spread of samples bound in); SECTION XII - Engraving & Printing Process (21 pp + some loose inserts of a student’s work). In browsing through the text, it’s evident that there were originally more samples than those mentioned above and, if the sections ran consecutively, Sections VII thru X are missing. Each book 9-1/4" x 11-3/4", all in excellent condition. All. $96.00

01159-M0592ECKE- Instruction Booklet- DEXTER FOLDING CO., New York. HOW TO ADJUST AND OPERATE THE DEXTER COMBING PILE FEEDER, 1921. Well illustrated booklet on use of this paper pile feeder for a printing press. Stiff wraps. Excellent condition. 5-1/4" x 7-3/4" x 32 pp. $12.00

06753-M0495EEUO- Billhead- ROCKINGHAM PUBLISHING CO., Publishers of The Daily News-Record. Superior Job Printing, Popular Advertising Medium. Harrisonburg, VA. Aug 18, 1922. Two items: 1) Billhead 8-1/2” x  4-5/8”. Nice cut of building and street scene in blue ink. 2) Original envelope with building graphic. Canceled 2 cent red Washington stamp. Both. $8.00

03299-M1194EKLL- Journal- THE NEW ENGLAND PRINTER, Boston, Vol. II, No. 5, May, 1925. Articles include: Boyhood Recollections of London Printshops, Practical Hints for Compositor, The Envelope Industry (great history!), Notes on Current Typography, Direct-Mail Convention, more. Full page color ads by Johnson’s Inks, and Westavco Paper. Other ads. High quality, coated stock. Light centerfold, otherwise very good condition. 9" x 12" x 48pp. $30.00

00220-B0990CHLK-Catalogue- F. WEBER CO., Philadelphia, PA. Illustrated Catalogue No. 700, 1937. Artists’ materials, oils, mediums, finely prepared canvases, brushes; studio, school, drafting room furnace modeling tools and furniture, block printers’ supplies and presses, etchers materials and tools (these are the tools used to create the beautifully engraved illustrations characteristic of 19th and early 20th century catalogues and about which we frequently comment.) Nice art, extensive selection. Also includes a separate price list of 4 pages on fine artists’ brushes, an order for artists’ supplies from a Pennsylvania high school dated May 20, 1944 and the packing slip dated May 25, 1944, filling the order. All in excellent condition. 6-1/4" x 9-1/4" x 224pp. $65.00

00100-B0990ELEE- Catalogue- STERLING TYPE FOUNDRY, CAT. #20, TYPECAST CUTS AND ORNAMENTS, Charlotte MI, 1961-1962. Appx 50 or 60 cuts per page, on heavy coated paper. Lots of variety. Brand names, trademarks, numbers, U.S. insignia, political, borders, etc. Water spot in gutter at lower staple, with damage to about 3 or 4 cuts per page. 5-1/2" x 9-1/2" x 23pp. $8.00

04505-M0995EEOK- Book- THE BOOK, The Story Of Printing and Bookmaking by Douglas C. McMurtrie, Oxford University Press, NY. Cprt 1943, 9th Printing, 1967. Illustrated, Biblio, Index. Full cloth hardback bindings. Excellent condition. 7-1/4" x 9-3/4" x 676pp. $58.00

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