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00450-B0990CAEE- Catalogue- HEALD & SISCO CENTRIFUGAL PUMPS, Baldwinsville, NY. 1872. Vertical and horizontal, suction primers with prices, much engineering data, many letters of testimony and users lists. Not many illustrations, but rare, early catalogue. Glossy black cover with gilt graphics. Some wear to spine, otherwise very good condition. 4-1/4" x 7" x 50pp. $52.00

07008-M1102HELE- Catalogue- JAMES LEFFEL & CO., Springfield, OH. 1888. Illustrated Handbook of...Improved Double Turbine Water Wheel For 1888 & 1889. Many nice engravings of applications for mining, sawmills, cotton mills, grist mills, roller mills, etc. Much information for selecting proper size, penstock construction, etc. Also engraving of horizontal center crank steam engine and same on boiler set-up. Very nice engravings throughout as well as fantastic Victorian cover art. Small spot on front, wrinkled corner, someone has cellophane taped spine in past, gap in back wrap near spine head. 4-7/8” x 7-1/4”x 128pp. $185.00

01055-B0990CAOK- Illustrated flyer- GILMORE ELECTRIC CO., South Boston, MA, ca 1890's. Agents for Little Giant Water Motor. Excellent. 3-1/4" x 6-1/2" x 4pp. $55.00

04630-M0196CSKL- Catalogue- RIFE HYDRAULIC ENGINE MFG CO., 111 Broadway, NYC. 1908. “Running Water When and Where You Want It. High Duty Hydraulic Rams. Most Efficient Machines for Raising Water by Water Power. The Rife Automatic Hydraulic Ram For Irrigation, Hydraulic Mining, Municipal Supply, Railroad Tanks, Manufacturing, Domestic Purposes, Hotels.” We've briefly stated the history of the ram before and won't go into here, but this treatment is quite comprehensive. The hydraulic ram is one of the most ingenious devices man has ever produced. They are occasionally still used in remote areas and there are a few up here in our mountain area. Essentially, the device is a water pump which uses the power of the water itself for the power needed to do its work. Depending on the ratio of fall to pumping head, the efficiency developed varies from 60% to 90%.  Small to very large units well illustrated. All priced and evaluated under different conditions. Testimonials, customer lists. Several items inserted in catalogue: 1) Letter and drawing of a smaller ram.  2) Two letters, one a copy from a customer in Alabama (Suttle & Jones Trading Co. in Felix, AL) and Rife's letter in answer, concerning parts for a ram installed there. Greasy thumbprints on one page, otherwise very good condition. A real piece of history! 6” x 9” x 32pp. $78.00

01070-B0990CEKE- Catalogue- GOULDS MFG CO. Seneca Falls, NY, 1909. Pumps of all kinds, rams, well supplies. Nice engravings. Slight bleed from red cover to facing pages, otherwise excellent condition. 3-1/2" x 6" x 112pp. Stiff covers. $42.00

00187-B0990CUOK- Catalogue- GOULDS MANUF CO. Seneca Falls, NY. 1915. Shallow and deep well pumps & water systems. Hand pumps: cistern, pitcher, lift & force; hand and windmill, double-acting, spray pumps and fittings, hydrants and curb boxes. Nice section on hydraulic rams. Misc. Pumps: piston, centrifugal, rotary, diaphragm, sump, cellar, condensation outfits. Cylinders, valves, tanks, strainers, gauges, leathers, well rod & couplings. Also artesian well-working heads, irrigation pumps, pumping heads, gear pumps, large triplex power pumps, air pressure & vacuum pumps, boiler pumps, gasoline & oil hand pumps, hand fire engines, spray pumps, etc. A virtual encyclopedic treatment of the subject. Nice illustrations. Old tape repairs to last three pages in index, black tape repairs to spine and hinge. 6-1/4" x 9-1/4" x 266pp Hardback. $75.00

06418-M0399ERAU- Catalogue- THE YOUNGSTOWN STEEL PRODUCTS CO., Chicago, IL. General Catalogue No.14, ca late 'teens to early '20s. Illustrates, describes and prices well points, well screens, tubular and deep well cylinders and valves, leather pump packings and forged steel unions. Everything you always wanted to know about water wells. Much useful information for dealers and well diggers. Many nice colorized illustrations, coated stock paper; embossed, flexible, leather-like covers. Inscription on flyleaf, dampness has caused some waviness to last several pages but nothing stuck. 5-1/2"x 7-3/4"x 160pp. $32.00

00111-B0990LRKE- Catalogue- STAR POINTER PUMP MFG. CO., CAT ‘A’. Menasha, WI, 1920. Outstanding item. Many pumps, including wooden pumps, Althouse-Wheeler steel & wood windmills, windmill pneumatic water supply, nice selection of porcelain bath fixtures. Tools, supplies, gauges, boilers, etc. 1924 dealer’s price list inserted. 6" x 8-3/4" x 390pp Hardback. $98.00

04773-M0396EHRO- Catalogue- THE DEMING CO., Salem, OH. Cat. K, 1928. Dealer is Harris Pump & Supply Co, Pittsburgh, PA. Shallow and Deep Well Pumps and Water Systems. Heads, cylinders, tanks, accessories. All powered type. Marvelous machines! Price Circular No.28 applying to Cat K bound in w/dealer discount sticker. Coated stock pages, brass rivet bound, textured covers w/lt shelf soil. 7-1/4" x 10" x 40pp. $38.00

03390-M0195EOUS- Catalogue- THE DEMING CO, Salem, OH. Cat No. 30, 1934. Hand and power pumps and water systems of every kind for all uses including home, farm, business, mine, car wash, vegetable washing, windmill, testing, coal treating, agricultural sprayers, etc. Nice 2 pp spread on hydraulic rams. (Rams are fascinating devices. They pump the water to distant, higher elevations with only the power transferred by the moving water itself--no external power. A fellow named John Whitehurst first suggested this principle for raising water in 1772. The French inventor of the fire balloon, Joseph Montgolfier, successfully made one in 1796. Early in the 19th century, James Easton purchased Montgolfier’s patent and introduced the devices into England and in turn to America. We manufactured a simple ram back in the 1970s and shipped these literally all over the world. If you need more info, we’ll share our resource file with you for copying costs.) Back to this catalogue--very good, clean. Nice art on coated stock. 8-1/2" x 11" x 160 pp w/16pp price list. $60.00

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