05905-M0797RKLL- Catalogue- MANHATTAN ELECTRICAL CO., NY, Chicago, St. Louis, San Francisco. No.12, 1921. Manual Of Wireless Telegraphy And Catalog Of  Radio Telegraph Apparatus. Transmitters and receivers, wireless keys, buzzers, coils, condensers, transformers, meters, etc. Many items in wooden cases. Inserted price list and a two-color coupon for refund of the 25 cents paid for the catalogue originally. Coated stock. All very good to excellent condition. 6" x 9-1/4" x 200 pp. $145.00

06654-M0700LOEE- Journal- POPULAR SCIENCE MONTHLY, Vol.104, No.6, June 1924. Nothing quite compares with these old Popular Sciences magazines! At the time of this particular issue, western civilization was fascinated with two relatively new inventions: radios and automobiles. The automobile was a liberating machine in many ways. It allowed families to get out and "auto camp". The radio kept everyone in touch with the world. This issue explores both in delightfully illustrated articles, photos and ads for which Popular Science was so well known. Beautiful artist signed color cover of fellow fishing and dreamily listening to his radio with headphones at same time. Articles include: Portable Radio For Your Vacation, Six Greatest Engineering Feats, He Sees By Radio, Driving The Store To Your Door (nice photos!) Adventures In Home Ownership, World Fliers Ready For Emergency, Smallest Coupe On Bicycle Wheels; Truck, Tractor, and Crane Combined; Machine Makes Butter In 30 Minutes, Improved Bicycle Brake (it was the caliper brake), New Inventions For The Household, Airplane Propeller Drives Motor-Car, "Crawlers" To Double Tractor's Pull, Machine Talks With Electric Voice, Walking Radio Receiver, An Ideal Portable Radio Receiver (multiple aerial shown strung on standards mounted on front and rear car bumpers. Looks like a traveling clothesline!), Radio By The Roadside, America's Fastest Growing Sport (they are speaking of motor camping), New Ideas For The Folding Camp, Equipment For Auto-Camping In Comfort. Much, much more. Well illustrated throughout. Marvelous ads form Crosley, Audel, Thompson Neutrodyne and Magnaphone Radios, Iver Johnson, Magnavox, AT&T, Eveready, Black & Decker, Remington Typewriter, Music Master Radio Reproducer, Radiola, Lucky Strike, lots of self-improvement schools and courses, and on and on! All intact with minor chips and edge soil. 8-5/8"x 1-1/2"x 136pp. $96.00  Picture

04863-M0496EHLS- Tabloid- THE CHICAGO EVENING POST RADIO MAGAZINE, Thursday, April 19, 1925. The latest news on the invention of the century. Technical news, developments and radio breakthroughs, nice advertising. Also included is the week’s programming. Age-toned, some gutter chips. 12" x 18-1/4" x 16pp. $32.00

04934-M0395EEHC- Letter- RADIO CORPORATION OF AMERICA, NYC. Dec 14, 1926. To a customer in PA concerning two #WD-11 Radiotron tubes sent them for repair or replacement. Anyway-- they were lost. Pages fastened together with a rusty clip like we used to see on the old cellophane candy bags. With envelope. $8.00

06339-M1098CHLH- Catalogue- HAMILTON- CARR RADIO CORPORATION, 700 Eagle Street, Chicago, Ill. ca 1930. They were distributors and manufacturers and sold to dealers. Beautiful radios, trumpet and cone speakers, and every other radio part imaginable. Nice color wraps. Light spine wear, otherwise very good. Order blank laid in. 6"x 9"x 80pp. $78.00

04527-M1095ECEE- Folder- RADIO CORP OF AMERICA, no place given, no date, but 1930s. Black Leatherette folder, embossed w/city skyline and bi-plane sky-writing "What’s on the air?" in gilt. In corners of folder appear station call letters WIZ, WEAF, WOR, & WABC. Inside are colorful die-cut layouts w/five radios and two speakers. These sheets are pasted to folder covers. This no doubt was used as a folder for brochure sheets, price lists, programming schedules, etc. Some silverfish damage to 1st sheet margins. 9-1/4" x 12". $22.00

04240-M10995CAEE- Catalogue- COLONIAL RADIO CORP., Buffalo, NY. Distributor is GRAYBAR ELECTRIC CO, and dealer is GEO KOCH SONS, Evansville, IN. 1933 (takes a while to get to the consumer!). A split rivet-bound folder with a number of radios: Bookcase Model 501, End table Model 500, five Compact tabletop models in beautiful wood designs, one in "satin finished ebony black Durez w/polished chromium grille and trimmings." Two radio sets on most pages. RCA price list of tubes, parts, etc. Very good condition. 9" x 11-1/2" x 16pp. $58.00

02334-M1293LCOC- Catalogue- FEDERATED PURCHASER, INC., NY & eight branches, Cat No. 18, 1936. "The Largest Radio Wholesale in the World." ACRATONE Radio and Sound Equipment. Comprehensive. Well illustrated. 2-color covers. Tape repairs to spine, otherwise very good condition. 6" x 9" x 136pp. $48.00

02171-M1093CCEK- Catalogue- TRY-MO RADIO CO., NY City, Cat No. 30, 1938. Everything in radio--primarily Elgin and Regal. Radio sets and parts, P.A. systems, tubes, test equipment, experimenters’ kits, servicemen supplies, tech books, etc. 3-color covers. Near mint condition. Reply envelope laid in. 6" x 8-3/4" x 50pp. $58.00

00465-B0990QRT- Catalogue- KEELER & WEBER-KNAPP RADIO CABINET HARDWARE, Jamestown, NY, Cat #44, ca 1940’s. Slides, supports, hinges, for radio and phonograph cabinets as well as furniture pulls, catches, knobs, escutcheons. Very good condition. 9" x 11" x 37pp. $18.00

05755-M0397CRKC- Programming Guides- NIPPON HOSO KYOKAI (The Broadcasting Corporation of Japan). Two issues November 1940, No.52 and December 1940, No.53. First lists Overseas Broadcasts for Europe, second lists broadcasts for North America, Hawaii, China, The South Seas, Australia, New Zealand, and Southwest Asia. Some articles in English. Guides in English, Japanese, Chinese, German, French. Both are very fragile, one has archival tissue repairs to page tears. Both separated at gutter, edge chips. Each is 8-3/4" x 11-1/4" x 12 and 14 pages. Rare. Both. $72.00

05403-M0595EESC- Journal- MOVIE-RADIO GUIDE, Vol.11, No.13, Jan 3-9, 1942. Triangle Publications, Philadelphia. A little over three weeks after Pearl Harbor. The entire nation was girding for the war effort. One article is "Radio Blackout, What It Means" by Major Curtis Mitchell, U.S. Army. Pictorial magazine full of movie and radio ads and personalities. Full-color cover of Hedy Lamar. All the big names of the time are here-- Loretta Young, Bette Davis, Stirling Hayden, Robert Young, Laraine Day, Mickey Rooney, Lou Costello, Claude Rains, Rita Hayworth, Randolph Scott, FDR, much more, plus many pages of radio programming. Light stain and a tear in gutter. 10-5/8" x 13-3/4" x 40pp. $18.00

03712-M0495ESKE- Journal- RADIO & TELEVISION NEWS, Ziff-Davis Pub, NY. Jun 1949. Full-color cover feature is MTMJ’s (Milwaukee) Mobile Television Unit. Many articles, heavy advertising. Coated stock. Very good condition. 8-1/2" x 11-1/4" x 154pp. $38.00

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