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06234-M0698CRKA- Promo Booklet- WHITE MOUNTAIN ICE CREAM FREEZERS ALWAYS PLEASE, n.p. Imprinted dealer is Howard Hardware Co., General Hardware & Mill Supplies, Bellows Falls, VT. ca 1890s. Delightful recipes and illustration in blue of lady demonstrating this wonderful machine and its features. Light foxing, otherwise very good. 4"x 6-3/4"x 16pp. $56.00

06232-M0698EAKE- Catalog/Recipe Book- FROZEN DAINTIES by Mrs. Lincoln, Author of the Boston Cook Book. Published by The White Mountain Freezer Co, Nashua, NH. 1899. White Mountain parts and accessories and "Fifty Choice Receipts for Ice-Creams, Frozen Puddings, Frozen Fruits, Frozen Beverages, Sherbets, and Water Ices..." Two engravings of the freezer and all parts. All parts are priced. Light cover foxing, otherwise very good condition. 4-1/4"x 5-3/4"x 32pp. $29.00

06282-M0998ERKO- Catalogue/Recipes- DAINTY DISHES FOR ALL THE YEAR ROUND by Mrs. S.T. Roper, Principal Philadelphia Cooking School. Pub by NORTH BROS MFG CO, Philadelphia, PA. 1900. Full of recipes for Ice Creams, Water Ices, Sherbets, and other Frozen Desserts. Also, three models of the Shepard's Lighting Ice Cream Freezer, Gem Freezer Clamps, Crown Ice Chipper, Ice Shave, Dial Scale, four different Fluting Machines, Meat Cutter, Christmas Tree Holder, Three Ratchet Screwdrivers, Ratchet Automatic Drill, Reciprocating Drill. Full descriptions but no prices. Nice engravings. Color embellished front cover and large ice cream freezer engraving on back cover. Light cover soil. Delightful piece! 4-1/4"x 6-3/4"x 64pp. $48.00

04036-M0895AURE- Catalogue & Instruction Book- B. HELLER & CO., Chicago, 1918. Heller’s Guide For Ice-Cream Makers, 6th ed. Book divided into instruction part with hundreds of illustrated recipes for every kind of frozen dessert imaginable, and an advertising section, as they call it, containing extracts, gums, flavorings, emulsions, pastes, colors, etc. All this packaging depicted in nice color. Light wear to cover edges, otherwise excellent condition. Gilt embossed hardback, index. Rare item! 6" x 8-3/4" x 154pp. $66.00

07236-M0706ELKE- Booklet- CALUMET BAKING POWDER CO., Chicago. Ill.  RELIABLE RECIPES and HELPFUL HINTS, cprt 1918. Nice color and sepia tone art and photos throughout. Some wear and cover soil and pencil scribbling by child throughout.  5-1/2”x 8-7/8”x 72pp. $14.00  Pictures

01129-M0492EEHE- Catalogue- J. R. WATKINS CO., Winona, MN. WATKINS TIMELY SUGGESTIONS, ca 1920. Divided into seven comprehensive sections with well-illustrated products catalogues applicable to each: Watkins Tested Cooking, Secrets Of Beauty, The Home Doctor, Useful Hints On The Care Of The Car, Helps For The Housewife, The Care Of Livestock & Poultry, Miscellaneous. Center spread of "Watkins City," their offices and factories. Plus several loosely inserted pages and clippings from magazines of the era: 2pp from 1931 Hoard’s Dairyman, a small flyer on Putnam Products from Monroe Drug Co., etc. Minor cover chips and toning. 5-3/4" x 8-3/4" x 96pp. $42.00

01232-M0792EE- Cookbook- STANDARD BRANDS, INC., NY, NY. ROYAL COOKBOOK, 1930. The Baking Powder people. Covers wide range of all dishes, pastries, etc. Some chipping of extremities. 5” x 8” x 49 pp. $12.00  

07233-M0706ELEE- Pamphlet- JACQUES MFG .CO.,/KC BAKING POWDER, Chicago, IL. Ca 1930s. “Favorite Recipes from the Baking Powder Cook’s Book.”  Bread, cakes, rolls, waffles, pancakes, etc. Delightful graphics. Light soil and a corner crease.  3-1/4”x 6-1/4”x 6 panel. $8.00  Picture

01999-M0993ECEE- Magazine- AMERICAN COOKERY- FORMERLY THE BOSTON COOKING SCHOOL MAGAZINE OF CULINARY SCIENCE AND DOMESTIC ECONOMICS, Boston, MA, Nov 1931. Great illustrated articles and ads. Light cover soil and wear, otherwise excellent condition. Coated stock paper. 6-3/4" x 9-1/2" x 79 pp. $24.00

07110-M0804ELEE- Catalogue/Recipe Booklet- THE ALUMINUM COOKING UTENSIL CO., New Kensington, PA and Oakland, CA. “The ‘Wear-Ever’ new method of Cooking. Health, Flavor, Economy.”  Copyright 1935. Comprehensive history, full line of the utensils, recipes of every kind. Delightful, well-illustrated presentation. Some color. Some scuffs, otherwise very good condition. 6”x 9”x 50pp. $18.00   Picture

02287-M1293EHOL- Book- FISH AND GAME COOKERY, Roy Wall, M.S. Mill Co, NY, 1945. Four sections: 1) In the field: Caring For Game and Fish in the Field, Aging of Game, Fires, Utensils, Provisions, Cookery in General. 2) Game Cookery (every type). 3) Fish Cookery (every type). 4) Fish & Game Soups. 5-1/2" x 8" x 218pp. Hardback, indexed. Very good condition. $24.00

07234-M0706ELEE- Booklet- KERR HOME CANNING GUIDE, Kerr Glass Manuf Corp., Bulletin No. 948, Cprt 1947 and 1948. Nice graphics. Very good condition. 3-3/8”x 5-5/8”x 16pp. $11.00  Picture

06785-M0301ECEE- Booklet- CARNATION CO., Los Angeles 36, Calif. 1954. Colorful recipe booklet using carnation milk-"the milk that performs cooking miracles". Perfect Pies by Mary Blake. Recipes include Creamy Pineapple Pie, Magic Cream Pie and Variations, Carnation Custard, Washington Cream, Carnation Pumpkin, Frozen Lemon, Lemon Gold, Fluffy Spice, Orange Chiffon, Strawberry Fluff, Frozen Cranberry, Double Chocolate Chiffon. Back cover has large color illustration of a can of Carnation Milk and a cartoonish depiction of Burns and Allen-("see on TV") and When a Girl Marries--("hear on radio"). Some wear and discoloration at lower spine and gutter. No art affected. 6"x 9"x 8pp. $12.00

06954-M0802ELHH- Book- SPORTSMAN’S GAME AND FISH COOKBOOK by Helen Lyon Adamson and Hans Christian Adamson, Greenburg Publisher, NY. 1st Edition, 1957. Begins with excellent information on how to preserve, treat and transport quarry from field to kitchen and then authors arrange more than 900 recipes by regions of the U.S., with a section on Canadian game also. Near fine hardback with index. Dust jacket nice shape except some silverfish chipping and separation along fold at front edge of boards. 6-3/8"x 9-1/4"x 225pp. $26.00

07107-M0804EEKE- Catalogue- NORDIC WARE, America’s Finest Heavy Aluminum Ware.  Ca 1965. Completely illustrated with beautiful heavy aluminum utensils used in the preparation of ninety-six home tested Universal Old World and American Recipes. Recipes included. Colorful presentation. Very good condition. 5-3/8” x 4-1/8” x 39pp. $12.00

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