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04156-M0995EKCU- Journal- SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, NY, Vol. II, No.2. Jan 7, 1860. Great engravings! Hall and Stewart’s Shingle Machine; New Railroad Joint & Spike; Ullman’s Improved Hygrometer; Salisbury’s Improved Catch Bolt; Kirlin’s  Improved Corn Planter;  Patents,  etc.  Very good condition. 9-1/2” x 13-1/2” x 16pp. $32.00

04157-M0995EKCU- Journal- SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, NY, Vol. II, No.3. Jan 14, 1860. Great engravings! Goodale & Marsh’s New Steam Excavator; The New York Palace Home; article- History of Iron Ships; Hatch’s Improved Bed Bottom; New Patent Shingle Machine; article--Recovering Lost Gold; Luther’s Improved Harvester; Smith’s Improved Pipe Nippers. Patents. Very good condition. 9-1/2” x 13-1/2” x 16pp. $32.00

04158-M0995EKCU-  Journal-  SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, NY, Vol. II, No.4. Jan 21, 1860. Great engravings! Baudelot’s Beer-Cooling Apparatus; Combination Lamp & Match Box; Underhill’s Improved Beehive; Patterson’s Vibrating Harrow; Gordon’s Watch Regulator; Bryant’s Improved Journal-Box; Patents. Very good condition. 9-1/2” x 13-1/2” x 16pp. $32.00

04159-M0995EKCU-  Journal-  SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, NY, Vol. II, No.5. Jan 28, 1860. Great engravings! Hawkin’s Improved Steam Plow; Artesian Well Boring In Quick Sands & Rocks; Habberton’s Apparatus For Stuffing Horse Collars; M’Namee’s Knife Cleaner; Devendorf’s Improved Steam Cooker; Devendorf’s Coffee Pot; Patents. Very good. 9-1/2” x 13-1/2” x 16pp. $32.00

04849-M1195EKCU- 19th Century Woodcut- CHICHESTER'S COTTON-PACKER. Original large front cover page from March 3, 1860 Scientific American. Woodcut and approximately 12 column inches of text. Great for display. Excellent condition. 9-1/2” x 13-1/2". $28.00  

05330-M096EKRL- Journal- SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, NY.  Vol. XXXIII, No.18, Oct 30, 1875.  Modern British Locomotive, Improved Tea Kettle,  Gifford's Railway Carriage, Harrison's Grinding Mills, Barnes' Refrigerator & Counter (for dealers in perishable staples), Artificial Arm,  Reduction In Cost Of Foreign Patents, Index Of Inventions, much more. Lots of nice illustrated ads. One page has repaired edge tear, otherwise excellent. 11” x 15-3/4” x 16pp. $30.00 

05332-M096EKRL- Journal- SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, NY.  Vol. XXXIII, No.20, Nov 13, 1875. Boggs's Sawing And Grooving Machine, Preserving Grapes, First Passenger Locomotive,  A Modern Locomotive, Howell's Wagon Brake, Stiles And Parker's Drawing Press, Melon Cucumbers, Index Of Inventions, much more. Many illustrated ads. Excellent condition. 11" x 15-3/4" x 16pp. $30.00

05333-M096EKRL- Journal- SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, NY.  Vol. XXXIII, No.21, Nov 20, 1875.  Banker's Strong Room, Proposed Refrigerator Steamer, Roman War Engines, Smith's Odorless Water Closet, Hale's Duplex Water Elevator; Miscellaneous  Useful Inventions (includes a broom sewing machine, can soldering machine, railway car starter, asphaltum furnace and more);  Index Of Inventions, much more. Many illustrated ads. Excellent condition. 11" x 15-3/4" x 16pp. $30.00

05655-M0896EAHU- Woodcuts- THE NEW YORK POST OFFICE.  Two original pages from SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, September 18, 1875.  All about the new New York Post Office. Page one has a large engraving measuring 9" x 10" of the building south and west front exterior and busy street scene.  They moved in on Saturday, August 28, 1875. Second page has engraving of the U.S. Courtroom in the new building and a sectional drawing of the hydraulic elevators. A total of 14-1/2 column inches accompany the three beautiful, well-preserved engravings.  Striking display material!  Two pages, each is 11" x 15-3/4" overall. Both original pages. $55.00

03638-M0295EKLA- Journal- SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, NY. Mar 11, 1876. Beautiful engravings in articles and adverts. Ranrian's Method Of Raising Water, St.Charles RR Bridge, Mills Gear Cutting Attachment For Lathes, Cornell's Improved Lifting Jack, Smith's Flour And Meal Chest, Modern Theory Of Descent Of Man, Recent Patents, much more. Previously bound, glue residue on spine, tear in gutter, otherwise almost as bright as new because it's on rag stock. 11" x 15-3/4” x 16pp. $30.00

04161-M0995EKCU-  Journal-  SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN SUPPLEMENT, NY, Vol. I, No.2, Jan 8, 1876. The first issue of the “Supplement” came out Jan 1, 1876. It was “supplemental” only from the standpoint of being “additional.” It was to give special coverage of the International Exhibition of 1876 and the great technological developments being readied for the show. It was in no way inferior to the first magazine. Its popularity caused it to be published up to around the 1920s. O.K., let’s get to this second issue. Great engravings! Causes of Knocking In High Compression Engines; New Form Of Magnet; Compressed-Air Locomotive; Formation of Hail; full pg engraving of Machiney Hall of International Exposition; Art Gallery; Pneumatic Steering Apparatus; Grand Ave Bridge, Philadelphia; New Apparatus For Making Gas From Petroleum; Relics of Strange  People.  Excellent condition.  11” x 15-3/4” x 16pp. $28.00

04162-M0995EKCU-  Journal-  SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN SUPPLEMENT, NY, Vol. I, No.3, Jan 15, 1876. Great engravings! Improved Reed Making Machine; Lessons In Mechanical Drawing; International Exhibition Main Building; Horticultural Hall; Main Bldg Towers; New Steam Canal Tug; Tidal Indicators; Great Globes of French Nat’l Library; More. Excellent condition. 11” x 15-3/4” x 16pp. $28.00

04163-M0995EKCU- Journal- SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, NY, Vol. XXXV, No.21, Nov 18, 1876. Great engravings! Canadian Portable Sawmill At The Centennial; Manley’s Shoe-Scalloping Machine; Some Remarkable Exhibits At The Centennial; New Ice Velocipede; Leonard’s Method of Setting Hair Triggers of Rifles; Fay’s Twist Drill & Tool Grinding Machine; Improved Combination Desk & Bookcase; A Museum Of British Birds; The Gas Microscope; many illustrated ads. Excellent condition. 11” x 15-3/4” x 16pp. $28.00

04166-M0995EKCU-  Journal-  SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, NY, Vol. XXXV, No.24, Dec 9, 1876. Great engravings. Emery Wheel Grinding Machine; Niles Engines; A Curious Clock; Improved Apparatus For Curing Tobacco; A New Steam Pump; An Antique Saltcellar; Siemen’s Sensitive Artificial Eye; House Building; Chimney Cowls; more. Many illustrated ads. Excellent condition. 11” x 15-3/4” x 16pp. $28.00

Following is a collection of SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN Magazines for 1890. A Weekly Journal of Practical Information, Art, Science, Mechanics, Chemistry, and Manufactures. Widely read periodical of its day. They set the standard for engravings and timely reporting. All have numerous illustrated articles and ads. All have mailing folds and a few have minor edge tears and chips. A couple have archival repairs at center fold separation of front sheet.

02839-M0594EEKS- Journal- SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN,  May 17, 1890. A New Submarine Boat, Progress of the Chicago World’s Fair, Ventilator for Railway Cars, Etching Metals/Glass, Gigantic Plant From Sumatra, Gathman’s Gun for Firing High Explosives. 11-1/4” x 16-1/4” x 16 pp. $12.00

02840-M05934EEKS- Journal- SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, May 24, 1890. Breech Mechanism for Guns, Freeman’s Car Coupling, Embossing Thin Metal, Improved Padlock, A Novel Stage Trick-Decapitation and How It’s Done, Venomous Ceylon Serpent, Edison Phonograph in Preservation of American Indian Language, Electricity as a Manufactured Article. 11-1/4” x 16-1/4” x 16 pp. $12.00

02841-M0594EEKS- Journal- SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, May 31, 1890. The Industrial South--Tallapoosa, GA, A New Weekly Payment Law in New York (employees must be paid weekly instead of at the caprice of an employer), Improved Vehicle Wheel, Jersey City Fire Alarm System, Maret’s Envelope Moistener and Sealer, Improved Sad Iron, Improved Paper Bag Holder, Uses for Old Paper. 11-1/4” x 16-1/4” x 16pp. $12.00

02844-M0594EEKS- Journal- SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, July 12, 1890. The New Croton, NY Aqueduct, An Imitation Baseball Game, Greenlow’s Fruit Picking Stand, Mail Pouch Catcher, Elevator Door Safety Latch, Forming Plaster Objects, Swiss Method of Condensing Milk, New Merchant’s Bridge at St. Louis. 11-1/4” x 16-1/4” x 16pp. $12.00

02846-M0594EEKS- Journal- SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN,  July 26, 1890. Electric Torpedo, Umbrella & Parasol Exhibitor, Screen Attachment for Windows, Hand Rest for Penmen, Dalavigne’s Folding Table (It folded like an umbrella!), Remarkable Train Load of Redwood Logs in California. 11-1/4” x 16-1/4” x 16 pp. $12.00

02850-M0594EEKS- Journal- SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, Sept 6, 1890. Bringing Capt. John Ericsson Home, Indianapolis Meeting--The American Assoc for Advancement of Science (w/engraving of new Indiana State House), Jet Propelled Steam Lifeboat, Electric Race Course (w/mechanical horses), Improvements in telegraph keys, culinary vessel, railroad tie. 11-1/4” x 16-1/4” x 16pp. $28.00

02851-M0594EEKS- Journal- SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, Sept. 13, 1890. Meeting of the Great Shields of St. Clair River Railway Tunnel, Artificial Water Slide for Pleasure Resorts, The Kola Nut, Killing Sunfish for Sport Off Florida Coast (“Sportsmen” probably had consumed too many kola nuts!), Scientific Use of Common Things, Electricity in Insects. 11-1/4” x 16-1/4” x 16 pp. $28.00.

02852-M0594EEKS- Journal- SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, Sept 20, 1890. Pneumatic Dynamite Gun (another article reports a 12-ton dynamite gun blowing up!), New German Armored War Ship Siegfried. Improvements and inventions include--Transom Manipulator, Fumigator, Lawn Cleaner, Blackboard Eraser, Elevator Safety Indicator. 11-1/4” x 16-1/4” x 16 pp. $28.00

02856-M0594EEKS- Journal- SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, Oct. 18, 1890. U. S. Steel Cruiser San Francisco, Floating Self Propelled Islands of Steel, Monument to Daguerre, Is the Earth in Danger?, Howling Monkeys, New Jet Propelled Boat, Johnson’s Cistern. 11-1/4” x 16-1/4” x 16 pp. $28.00

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