03289-M1194ASHR- Trade Directory- THE COMMISSION AGENT, London, England. March 17, 1876. "A Monthly Medium for the promotion of Wholesale Business between Foreign & Colonial Merchants and British Manufacturers. Forms an index to export trade in articles for some twenty-one different industries. Includes raw materials, machinery, hardware; work in wood, stone, etc.; food products, drugs, recreations, woven goods, leather and more. Numerous ads for everything imaginable from soda water machinery to hats to corsets to sewing machines to lamps to safes and you name it! Commercial news from around the world, prices current, manufacturers indexes, etc. Encyclopedic in scope. Quite fragile, chipped, age toned. Pictures clipped from two pages. Rare and valuable reference. 8-1/2" x 11" x 172pp. $80.00

06300-M0998LCKC- Journal/Catalogue- THE DELINEATOR, Vol .XIV, No.1, July 1879. Pub by E. Butterick & Co., London & New York. Illustrating European and American Fashions. Nice engravings. Fantastic array for which patterns are offered and priced. Latest frock styles from Paris and New York for ladies and girls, stylish lingerie, trimmings, millinery, summer wraps, floral garnitures, secrets of the laundry, perfumeries, care of children, serving of fruits, the black diamond, acoustics, chatelaine bags, coiffures, household decorations, fans, nice illustrated ads, etc. Minor edge chips, some spine fraying, otherwise very good. 8" x 11-1/4" x 48pp. $86.00

03928-M0795ECLK- Booklet- THE ROOD MAGIC SCALE CO., Chicago, IL. 1897. "Instructions For Using The Dressmakers Magic Scale. Improved and Simplified for Cutting Ladies & Children’s Wearing Apparel By Will C. Rood. A Perfect Fit Without Change of Seam. Dressmakers cannot afford to do without it. Every lady should have it. No more refitting. Dressmaking made easy. Learn the System at once, and get The Dressmakers’ Magic Scale, All In One Piece." Well illustrated. Beautiful cover typography. Some edge chips, spot in lower margin inside, otherwise very good. 6" x 9" x 24pp. $28.00

02352-M1193AORE- Catalogue- CHICAGO SCALE CO., Chicago, IL, ca 1890s. Catalogue Of Miscellaneous Articles. Self-covered on thin coated stock paper. 3-1/2pp harness sets, 1p saddles, 3pp carriages, 3pp blacksmith equip, 3pp agricultural machines and equipment. Also, cider mills, pumps, treadle powered lathes, saws, etc.; steam engine, safes, coffee mills, printers/bookmakers presses, watches, stoves, guns, pianos, organs, sewing machines, bicycle and more. All nice engravings. Strangely, the only scale is one steelyard. Horizontal fold, minor wear, and soil. 9" x 12" x 24pp. $87.00

05480-M1296COUR- Broadsheet- FOLEY & WILLIAMS MFG CO, Chicago & Cincinnati. ca mid-1890s. "Improved New Goodrich No.2, Latest Style, High-Arm Sewing Machine With Automatic Bobbin Winder and Stitch Regulator." Four sewing machine styles with a total of seven engravings printed in blue ink. Very nice piece for display. A couple of folds have been reinforced with archival tissue and one small margin gap has been repaired. Twelve-panel piece unfolds to broadsheet. 10-1/4" x 11-1/2". $56.00

03953-M0795KEEE- Catalogue- CASH BUYERS UNION, Chicago, IL. Special Cat E-354, 1899. Buggies, Phaetons, Surreys, Carts, Milk Wagon, Farm Wagons, etc. Harness, Saddles (large selection) Men’s and Lady’s Bicycles, Sewing Machine, Baby Carriage in rattan w/parasol, Kenwood Parlor Organ. Very nice chromolithograph cover art. Cover corner repaired, some spine chips, otherwise very good. A nice one! 6" x 9" x 128pp. $150.00

04787-M0396ECEH- Broadsheet- A. SPEIRS, No. Windham, Maine. ca 1890. Agent goods: Pictured are "Princess Needle Casket", "Johnson's Corundum Knife & Scissors Sharpener", "Gossamer Sleeve Protector on a lady washing dishes, and "Palestine Wonder Stone from the Perfumed Sands of Egypt." An engraved and perfumed stone to put in drawers, etc. Other items described and priced include needles, sewing machine spring, Reward Of Merit cards. Has wrinkle from printing press, a few archival tissue repairs to folds Large size--8" x 18-3/4". $28.00

00325-B0990CAOK- Catalogue- LYON BROTHERS, Chicago, IL. No.280 F/W 1900-1901. Wholesale Dry Goods, Early Fall Specialties. Fur round and tab collarettes, women's fur storm collars and scarves, capes, muffs, jackets, coats. Little girl's coats, ladies petticoats, and dresses. Men's clothes, coats, caps, robes. Sewing machines, clocks, horse blankets, etc. Line art. Minor chipping and page edge creases. 8-1/2" x 10-3/4" x 34pp. $55.00

00925-M0491EUEE- Catalogue- CASH BUYERS UNION, Chicago, IL. 1901. ''Special Bargain Sheet" tab1oid, "with the choicest se1ection of our catalogue." Furniture, dinner sets, toilets, hanging lamp, stoves, ice box, sewing machines, prams, musical instruments, box cameras, clocks, watches, other jewelry, driving harness, buggies, bicycles. Large sized and detailed engravings. Some staining throughout, light chews at extremities. 9-3/4" x 14-3/4" x 16pp. $55.00

03469-M0295EHEE- Journal- HOME NEEDLE-WORK MAGAZINE, Florence Pub Co, Florence, MA. Jan 1906. Very comprehensive: Lacework, pillow and scarf design, embroidery of many kinds, home decorative schemes, baby clothes, party clothes for children, infant’s layette, fancy necklaces, much more. Well illustrated, including four full-page color plates. Lots of nice ads including Pabst Extract, Ivory Soap, Seaboard Florida Limited, Singer, Globe-Wernicke, Grape-Nuts, Mennen’s Powder. Very good condition. 7" x 9-3/4" x 96 pp. $36.00

04063-M0895ASCL- Catalogue- E. E. KIRN, Henderson, MI. ca 1912. "The Price Gauge." Curious mix of goods: Wood, coal, gas, gasoline, and oil ranges and heating stoves (18pp); paints, building materials, fencing; harness, saddles, collars (11pp); sewing machines, telephones, telegraph outfits, fan, medical battery, etc; clocks, sweepers, kitchen utensils, gas and electric irons; full page of bells (5 depicted, 28 offered); Safes (4 pictured); farm tanks, corn bins, windmills, pumps, Pullmore gas engines (4 shown); feed cutters, grinders, carriers; planters, potato digger, shellers, haying equipment, stump pullers, fanning mills, tents, paulings, nets and seines, firearms, wood ice boxes, forges and other blacksmithing equipment and shop tools, woodworking equipment includes treadle power saws and lathes, mitre planer, boxes, carving tool sets; timber saws, wheelbarrows, bicycles (4pp); buggies, surreys, wagons, etc. (22pp); walking and riding plows of all kinds (18pp); cream separators, more. Light stain throughout, one page torn out, staples rusty. Stiff, 2-color wraps, semi-coated stock paper. 8" x 10-1/2" x 168pp. $67.00

06352-M1198CKEE- Catalogue- STRAUS & SCHRAM, INC. Chicago, IL. "Our Big 1914 Annual Cold Weather Sale." Lots of big, ornate cooking and heating stoves, rugs, rockers, dining room suite, bookcases, chinas, sideboard, kitchen cabinet (Hoosier type), bed, mantle lamp, library suite, Duofold divan, library table, toilet stand, shotgun, hammerless revolver, mantle clock, cobbler outfit, dress form, sewing machine, jewelry, pocket watches, etc. Beautiful graphics and highlighted with red typography throughout. Nice piece in near mint condition. 7-3/8"x 10-1/4"x 31pp. $58.00

02928-M0894EEKA- Premium Coupon- CAPPER’S FARMER, Topeka, KS, ca 1920s. Postcard-sized, featuring "Folding Lunch Box For School" on one side and "Sewing Companion" book of needles on the other. Very good. 3-1/2" x 5-1/2". $8.00

03772-M0495EAOK- Instruction Booklet- SIMPLIFIED SEWING, Int’l Educational Pub Co, GB. No.402, cprt 1922. Dist by Woman’s Institute of Domestic Arts & Sciences, Scranton, PA. Covers the basics and ends with examination questions. Very good. 6" x 8-3/4" x 53pp. $18.00

03856-M0695RLUC- Catalogue- HARTMAN FURNITURE & CARPET CO, Chicago, IL. 1922. Lots of color! Furniture, rugs, ice boxes, baby carriages, china, parlor stoves, washing and sewing machines, kitchen goods, lamps, jewelry, watches, silverware, suitcases, Majestic farm engines, tool kits, much more. This is one of the prettiest catalogues we’ve ever had. The color art isn’t signed, but it should be. The rug pages are extraordinary; here’s a baby carriage page with two little ones and the nanny on an outing, and a page of "Dolly Varden" blue and gold dinnerware, an oil cook stove, and a full page with the "Majestic" cream separator and mother and daughter. Marvelous! Some pages are sepia tone. Here’s one with Tiffany style table lamps that is striking. Even the ‘plain’ pages are highlighted with red. Wish we had a dozen of these scarce catalogues! Some cover edge chips. 8-1/4" x 11" x 368pp. $163.00

03775-M0495EAOK- Instruction Booklet-DRESSMAKING FINISHES AND TRIMMINGS, Int’l Educational Pub. Co., GB. No.413-2, cprt 1923 & 1928. Dist by Woman’s Institute of Domestic Arts & Sciences, Scranton, PA. Ends with exam questions. Minor cover spot. 6” x 8-3/4” x  59pp. $18.00

03774-M0495EAOK- Instruction Booklet- CHILDREN AND MISSES’ GARMENTS, Int’l Educational Pub Co, GB. No.410-2, cprt 1927. Dist by Woman’s Institute of PA. Very good condition. 6" x 8-3/4" x 59pp. $18.00

03775-M0495EAOK- Instruction Booklet-DRESSMAKING FINISHES AND TRIMMINGS, Int’l Educational Pub Co, GB. No.413-2, cprt 1923 & 1928. Dist by Woman’s Institute of Domestic Arts & Sciences, Scranton, PA. Ends with exam questions. Minor cover spot. 6" x 8-3/4" x 59pp. $18.00

02623-M0994EAEE- Booklet- SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO., New York, NY, last copyright date is 1928. Store stamp is Harrisburg, PA. ''SHORTCUTS TO HOME SEWING THE MODERN SINGER WAY." Well illustrated instructions. Color covers. Covers foxed, otherwise very good condition. Coated stock paper. 5-1/2" x 8-1/4" x 48pp. $22.00

06991-M0902EKEE- Booklet- SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO., New York. Manual of Family Sewing Machines and Their Attachments, 1929. Specially prepared for students in schools and colleges. Well illustrated. Some fading to wrap. 5-1/2"x 8-3/8"x 51pp. $30.00

05291-M0896EOEE- Catalogue- FREDERICK HERRSCHNER INC., Chicago. Cat No.37, F/W 1930-31. Art Needlework, supplies and Fancy Wear for Women and Children. Nice household textiles, giftware. Clean, nice colors. Very good condition. 8" x 11" x 82pp. $42.00

01013-M0991EECE- Catalogue- McCALL PATTERN CATALOGUE, NY. 1934. Ladies, children. pages 5 thru 20 only. Chips and tears. Two-co1or. 6-1/2" x 10". $3.00

02635-M0994EHHO- Magazine- HOME ARTS NEEDLECRAFT,  Augusta, ME, July 1938. Signed cover art. Chesterfield full-color ad on back cover (see board back). Good condition. 10-1/2” x 13-1/2” x 26pp. $12.00 


01526-M0393ELKE- Booklet- SINGER MANUFACTURING CO., no place, cprt 1952. Instruction booklet for old style buttonholer. Well illustrated in half-tones, 3-color wrap. Light wrap stain, very good condition. 3" x 6" x 31pp. $14.00

04405-M1195EE- Catalogue- VOGUE PATTERNS from Meis Brothers store, Danville, IL. Dec 1957. Little 3-color store catalogue of appx 14 patterns for dresses; hats by Sally Victor; John Frederics. Excellent condition. 6-1/4" x 10" x 8pp. $16.00

04407-M1195EE- Catalogue- SIMPLICITY PATTERN CO. from Block & Kuhl Co., no place, Dec 1957. "Spotlight on The Holidays." Party dresses, stay-at-home loungewear, custom-made gifts, etc. 2 and 3-color. Excellent condition. 8-3/4" x 11" x 8pp. $18.00

06103-M0495EEUA- Catalogue- SIMPLICITY PATTERN CO. from HILL'S DEPT STORE, Crossville, TN. 1957. (Phone 15). Fashion Preview for December. "Spotlight the Holidays, Holiday Time is Party Time." Two and three color store catalogue of patterns for family. Very good condition. 8-3/4"x 11"x 8pp. $17.00

06297-M0998EOKL- Pattern- SIMPLICITY PATTERN #9899, Size AA (SM-LG) Costumes for adults, boys, girls Lone Ranger, Tonto, Silver and Scout. Envelope says 23 pieces. Silver and Scout are to be made of cardboard boxes with purchased cording reins and straps. Envelope is stuffed full, but we haven't counted pieces. Envelope is a little wrinkled and tattered at top, but flap is still intact. $16.00

06852-M0402ECLL- Catalogue- SIMPLICITY PATTERN CO.- No place, SIMPLICITY FASHION NEWS, May 1972. Retail store imprint is Englewood Men & Boys shop, Englewood, Tenn. All lady’s and girls patterns offered. Colorful. Very good condition. 5-1/2"x 7-5/8"x 16pp. $8.00

05609-M0297EEE- Catalogue- SIMPLICITY PATTERN CO. Dealer stamp is V. J. Elmore 5 - 10 -$1.00 Stores, no place is given. Feb 1972. "Simplicity Fashion News." Colorful styles on photographed models. Excellent condition. 5-1/2" x 7-3/4" x 16pp. $14.00

06853-M0402ECLL- Catalogue- SIMPLICITY PATTERN CO.- No place, SIMPLICITY FASHION NEWS, April 1973. Retail store imprint is Chandler’s Fabric Shops with nine locations in Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia. Mostly lady’s and girl’s patterns offered. Colorful. Very good condition. 5-1/2"x 7-5/8"x 16pp. $8.00

06854-M0402ECLL- Catalogue- SIMPLICITY PATTERN CO.- No place, SIMPLICITY FASHION NEWS, May 1973. Retail store imprint is Johnson Fabric Shop, Madisonville, Tennessee. Mostly lady’s and girl’s patterns offered. Features low rider pants with big, swingy legs. Colorful. Very good condition. 5-1/2"x 7-5/8"x 16pp. $8.00

06855-M0402ECLL- Catalogue- SIMPLICITY PATTERN CO.- No place, SIMPLICITY FASHION NEWS, May 1973. Retail store imprint is Lowry’s Dept. Store, Madisonville, Tennessee. Mostly lady’s and girl’s patterns offered. Features natural fabrics toppings, how to finish unlined jackets. Colorful. Very good condition. 5-1/2"x 7-5/8"x 16pp. $8.00

06836-M0102EEEE- Catalogue- LADIES’ HOME JOURNAL STITCHERY & CRAFTS FOR THE CREATIVE WOMAN, Miami, FL. Fall/Winter 1976. All kinds of needlecrafts, projects, accessories. Colorful, heavily illustrated. 8-1/4"x 10-7/8" x 32pp. $12.00

05317-M0894EKLE- Book- SINGER AND THE SEWING MACHINE: A CAPITALIST ROMANCE By Ruth Brandon, Pub by Barrie & Jenkins, Ltd, London. 1977. The life of I. M. Singer is a fascinating study. Almost illiterate, he was at various times a mechanic, traveling actor, laborer, inventor, businessman, architectural designer, and playboy. He died a millionaire thirteen times over. His sewing machine was the first mass-produced domestic machine and is known the world over. This book has neat blue ink notes throughout as though being critiqued by an editor. From the tenor of the notes, the author beat someone to the punch in doing a book about Singer and his machine. The notes are as interesting as the subject matter of the book itself. Hardback, dust jacket, index, biblio, illustrated. Excellent condition. 5-3/4" x 8-3/4" x 244pp. $36.00

03301-M0894EKLE- Book- A CAPITALIST ROMANCE, SINGER AND THE SEWING MACHINE, by Ruth Brandon. J. B. Lippincott Co. 1977. 1st Ed. Hardback, dust jacket. Notes, bibliog., index. Fine. Out of print. "Ruth Brandon constructs a flamboyant and forceful Singer from family documents, newspaper reports, company records, memoirs by acquaintances, and legal testimony. What emerges is a remarkable story that captures not only Singer’s life and times but the texture of the epoch he exemplified." 6-1/4" x 9-1/4" x 244pp. $30.00

05876-M0994EEKE- Book- SEWING MADE EASY by Dorothy Sara, revised by Irene Gora. Fourth Ed, last cprt 1977. Doubleday & Co, Garden City, NY. Acknowledges Simplicity and McCall Patterns and Coats & Clark. Illustrations, index. Covers it all. Almost like new. Hardback. 5-3/4"x 8-1/2"x 428pp. $18.00

07226-M1206EEEE- Catalogue- HERRSCHNERS, INC., Stevens Point, WI. 1994. “Quality Needlecrafts Since 1899”. “Special 95th Anniversary Christmas Sale”.  Lots of colorful Christmasy things. Some handling wear, crease in back wrap. 8”x 10”x 71pp. $14.00

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