04281-M1095CKEE- Catalogue- W. & L. E. GURLEY, Manufacturers of Civil Engineer’s And Surveyor’s Instruments. Troy, NY. A Manual of The Principal Instruments Used In American Engineering And Surveying. 21st Edition, 1874. Complete prices. Beautiful old engravings. Solar Compasses; Vernier, Pocket, Miners Compasses; Transits; Levels; Hand Levels; Leveling Rods, &c; Flag Staffs; Aneroid Barometers; Chains; Vara Chains (A vara is a Spanish yard. The length varied in Texas, Mexico, and Arizona); Marking Pins; Tape Measures; Drawing Instruments of all kinds; Simple Microscopes; Reading and Picture Lenses; Marine, Opera and Field Glasses; Telescopes; Drawing Papers; Field Books; Ink Slabs; Water Colors; Chinese or India Inks; Brushes; Steel Pens; Quills; Pencils; Stencil Plates; Books; Much more. Indexed. Surprisingly well illustrated for one this old. Well worn cloth covered boards. Spine cloth about 1/3 worn off. Shaken. Some reinforcing in hinges. Sometime in the past, someone has pierced along gutter margins and through covers, evidently to attempt resewing, but they must have abandoned the effort because no additional stitching is present. The effort would not have been successful anyway, the way it’s pierced. Penciled inscription in endpapers. It’s a rare one, and even with all its problems, still a very desirable item. 4-1/2" x 6-3/4" x 248pp. $1,560.00

04609-M0196ELUH- Catalogue- THE COLLIERY ENGINEER CO., Scranton, PA. 1897. "Illustrated Catalogue and Price List of FINE TOOLS For Mechanics, Presented As Premiums To Students Of The International Correspondence Schools." Tools for machinists, tool makers, draftsmen, woodworkers, carpenters, architects, builders. Nice engravings. Full page ad for Home Study Magazine and another from ICS offering 32 courses. Coated stock paper. Very light cover soil, pg 64 has a 1/2" gap in the margin. Overall in very good condition. Illustrated flyer in green ink inserted offering pins, buttons, fountain pens, rubber stamps. 6" x 9" x 64pp. Both. $67.00

06278-M0898CHEE- Catalogue- THE LUKENHEIMER CO, Cincinnati, OH. No.46, 1908. Largest Manufacturers of High-Grade Engineering Specialties in the World. Comprising Brass and Iron Valves, Whistles (about 12 pages, approximately 18 engravings), Cocks, Gauges, Injectors, Lubricators, Oil Pumps, Oil and Grease Cups, Etc. Hardback, excellent. 5-1/4"x 7-1/4"x 564pp. $124.00

06176-M0398EOEE- Journal- PROGRESS OF THE WORLD, Chicago, NY. Inventions, Engineering, Science, Manufacturing, Industrial Developments, Etc. ca 1919-'20. This is volume eighteen of a total of thirty. First 23 pages devoted to Candy Making and last 9 pages to Glove Making. Pictures generally full page and highly detailed, depicting every phase of the manufacturing process. Fantastic occupational study! Most everything was done by hand. Stiff wraps, coated stock pgs. Very slight nibble on edge of a couple of pages, otherwise very good. 8"x 10-1/2"x 32pp. $56.00

00162-B0990RAOK- Catalogue- EUGENE DIETZGEN CO, Chicago, IL. 11th edition, 1921. For dealer Spalding-Moss, Boston. Drawing equipment & Supplies, Surveying Instruments, Measuring Tapes. Very nice engravings, excellent condition. 6" x 9" x 406pp. $175.00

00272-B0990AAOK- Catalogue- KEUFFEL & ESSER CO, Hoboken, NJ. Cat No.36, 1921. Selling agent is Williams, Brown & Earle, Phil, PA. Drafting And Surveying Equipment And Supplies. Nice engravings, extensive selection. Embossed fabric cover w/gilt lettering. Very good condition. 6" x 9" x 482pp. Hardback. $135.00

00115-B0990CSKE- Catalogue- NEW YORK BLUEPRINT PAPER CO, NYC. 1921. Drafting equipment, supplies, tables, cabinets; vacuum print frames, surveying equip and supplies including transits, compasses, 'Y' levels, aneroid barometers, hygrometers, weather instruments, field glasses, chains, tapes, poles, rods.  Very nice art, some in two color.  Minor stain on cover. 6-1/4" x 9-1/4" x 384pp HB.  $78.00

02022-M0893LCCK- Catalogue- EUGENE DIETZGEN CO, Chicago, IL, 13th ed, 1928. Drafting & Surveying supplies, instruments, accessories. Nice engravings, some in color. Light stain upper fore corner, cover spots, otherwise excellent. 6'' x 9'' x 496pp HB, 47pp price booklet inserted.  $80.00  

01246-M0992EAEE- Catalogue- CENTRAL SCIENTIFIC CO., Chicago, IL. Cenco Physical Apparatus & Instruments. 1929. Including sections on related tools and raw materials. Laboratory supports, clamps, stands, balance scales and weights calipers, cathetometers, comparators, compasses, protractors, slide rules, speed counters, thermal recorders, clocks, metronomes, spark timers, all sorts of devices and machines to measure properties of matter, forces and acceleration, mechanics of fluids, properties of heat, magnetism, electrostics, current electricity, sound, light, etc. Great engraved art. Light wear. 8" x 11" x 601pp. Hardback. $75.00

06951-M0802ECOO- Book- SURVEYORS’ FIELD-NOTE FORMS by Clarence E. Bardsley and Earnest W. Carlton. International Textbook Co., Scranton PA. Second Edition, Fourth Impression, March 1947. There are some 48 examples of all kinds of problems likely to be encountered in the field, including pacing, chaining, hand levels, Wye and Dumpy levels, transit, verniers, traverse surveys, curvilinear surveys, and practical astronomy. Beautiful examples of field notes. Green Hb with gilt embossed title. Old tape stain on one page, some pencil notes on end papers, otherwise excellent condition. 4-3/4"x 7-1/2"x 127pp. $28.00

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