03552-M1294CKUS- Bound Volume- SCRIBNER’S MONTHLY, AN ILLUSTRATED MAGAZINE FOR THE PEOPLE, Scribner & Co, NY. May 1872 to Oct 1872. Traveling By Telegraph; Northward To Niagara; Nature and Science; West Point; Yachts and Yachting; Ascent of Gray’s Peak; On the Tobacco Plantation; Autumn Game on the Prairies; much more. Covers chipped, stain to end-papers. Many nice engraved illustrations. Embossed cloth bound. 7" x 10" x 780pp. $55.00

02192-M1193ESEE- Newspapers- TELEGRAPH PIONEER, Henry Mason & Son, pub, Chelsea, Mass. Three issues from 1881: Aug 20, Aug 27, Sep 3. Weekly. They claimed the largest circulation in the city. Many ads & nice engravings. Rag stock, well preserved. X-lib. Very large format, each is 21" x 29-1/2" x 4pp. All. $36.00

03553-M1294CHSK- Bound Volume-HARPER'S NEW MONTHLY MAGAZINE, Harper & Bros, NY. June to Nov, 1881. The White Mountains (illustrated by Wm. A. Rogers), Our Ruby Throat, The First Settlers Story (illustrated by A. B. Frost), Kentucky Farms, A Bicycle Era (great history!!), The Surrender Of Cornwallis, Cotton And its Kingdom, The Framing And Hanging of Pictures, Journalistic London, The Mormon Situation, Telegraph of Today, much more. Many articles are also illustrated. Three-quarter black leather bound. Corner worn, small spine head chip, but in very good condition overall and very clean. 7" x 10” x 960pp. $74.00

02850-M0594EEKS- Journal- SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, Sept 6, 1890. Bringing Capt. John Ericsson Home, Indianapolis Meeting--The American Assoc for Advancement of Science (w/engraving of new Indiana State House), Jet Propelled Steam Lifeboat, Electric Race Course (w/mechanical horses), Improvements in telegraph keys, culinary vessel, railroad tie. 11-1/4" x 16-1/4" x 16pp. $28.00

04063-M0895ASCL- Catalogue- E. E. KIRN, Henderson, MI. ca 1912. "The Price Gauge." Curious mix of goods: Wood, coal, gas, gasoline, and oil ranges and heating stoves (18pp); paints, building materials, fencing; harness, saddles, collars (11pp); sewing machines, telephones, telegraph outfits, fan, medical battery, etc; clocks, sweepers, kitchen utensils, gas and electric irons; full page of bells (5 depicted, 28 offered); Safes (4 pictured); farm tanks, corn bins, windmills, pumps, Pullmore gas engines (4 shown); feed cutters, grinders, carriers; planters, potato digger, shellers, haying equipment, stump pullers, fanning mills, tents, paulings, nets and seines, firearms, wood ice boxes, forges and other blacksmithing equipment and shop tools, woodworking equipment includes treadle power saws and lathes, mitre planer, boxes, carving tool sets; timber saws, wheelbarrows, bicycles (4pp); buggies, surreys, wagons, etc. (22pp); walking and riding plows of all kinds (18pp); cream separators, more. Light stain throughout, one page torn out, staples rusty. Stiff, 2-color wraps, semi-coated stock paper. 8" x 10-1/2" x 168pp. $67.00

06291-M0998LAAH- Catalogue- BAILY ELECTRICAL SUPPLY, 62 Vesey Street, New York. 1915. All the old stuff-- base sockets and receptacles, rosettes, cutouts, cord connectors, switches, blocks, lamp cords, floor boxes, Appleton Unilets; knife, pendant, snap and key switches; electric bells, push buttons, speaking tube mouthpieces and other parts, desk, and wall telephones, transformers, glass shades, old-style light bulbs, electric iron, counter top stove, vest pocket, and tubular flashlights, revolver flashlight, gooseneck portable lamp, electric radiator, Christmas tree outfits, blow torches, more. Excellent condition. 5-3/4" x 9" x 48pp. $58.00

05905-M0797RKLL- Catalogue- MANHATTAN ELECTRICAL CO., NY, Chicago, St. Louis, San Francisco. No.12, 1921. Manual Of Wireless Telegraphy And Catalog Of Radio Telegraph Apparatus. Transmitters and receivers, wireless keys, buzzers, coils, condensers, transformers, meters, etc. Many items in wooden cases. Inserted price list and a two-color coupon for a refund of the 25 cents paid for the catalogue originally. Coated stock paper. All very good to excellent condition. 6" x 9-1/4" x 200pp. $145.00

02038-M0893ELEE- Book- HAWKINS ELECTRICAL GUIDE NO. 8, ca early 1920s. Theo. Audel & Co., NY. The Telegraph, Wireless Telegraphy, Electric Lighting, Bells. Flyleaf missing, front hinge cracked, shaken, some page edges stained and torn. Well illustrated. Flexible hardback. 5" x 6-1/2" x 339pp. $12.00

03313-M1294EUER- Book- FUNDAMENTALS OF TELEPHONY by Arthur Lemuel Albert, Professor of Communication Engineering, Oregon State College. McGraw-Hill Book Co, NY & London. lst ed, 3rd printing, 1943. Index, illustrated. Excellent condition. Hardback. 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" x 374pp. $38.00

06200-M0498ERAL- Journal- THE TELEPHONE NEWS, Vol.44, No.8, Christmas, 1948. Published in the interests of employees of The Bell Telephone Co. of Pennsylvania and The Diamond State Telephone Co, Philadelphia, PA. Beautiful original art cover by Walter Calvert of a winter scene on an Amish farm. Two very small library stamps, otherwise excellent condition. 8-1/2"x 11"x 48pp. $28.00

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