02888-M0694COKE- Book- THE TEETOTALER'S COMPANION;  OR, A PLEA FOR TEMPERANCE; Being An Exposition Of The Personal, And National Evils That Result From The Present Drinking Custom Of Society; The Use Of Intoxicating Liquors Being Proved Inimical To Social, Moral, Religious, Physical, Mental, Commercial, And Political Economy; With A History of The Temperance Movement; Showing Also The Benefits That Have And Must Follow The Adoption Of Total Abstinence. By Peter Burne. Published by Arthur Hall & Co, London, 1847. Embossed dark green buckram Hb, rag stock, Seven color lithographic page size plates of stomach in its different conditions, indexed. Name written in pencil on front free endpaper from 1888. Front joint cloth split, worn edges and spine ends, foxing. Bindings tight. Quite serviceable. 6-3/4”  x 10-1/4” x 510pp. $276.00

05924-M1097CAKU- Tabloid Newspaper- THE ROCKINGHAM STANDARD, Portsmouth, NH, Vol. I, No 16, November 1, 1884. Rare temperance publication published and edited by Rev. W. A. McGinley. Much eloquence against drink and one tobacco article entitled, "Less Smoking In Maine." Lots of ads from Portsmouth area with engravings and delightful Victorian typography: shoe dealer; bookstore, music and art store, furniture dealer, crockery, glassware, lamps, spectacles and eyeglasses, books much more. Portsmouth was a city of around 10,000 population at this time. Looks as though paper was well supported by local merchants. Well preserved. Centerfold 11" x 16’1/4" x 4 pp. $68.00

06745-M0595EECK- Newspaper Article- Over eighty column inches concerning PROHIBITION. The particular newspaper is unknown as the article is closely trimmed without the head. Date not present but ca 1926. Headline reads: "Law Can Be Enforced When Enforcing Powers Decide to Do It, Governor Tells League. Astonishing Facts and Figures, Used by Executive, Shows Anti-Saloon Organization Why Federal Enforcement Fails. Defeatist Movement Under Way, He Says." Neatly folded and well preserved, except for some yellowing. $18.00

04968-M0395EEHC- Prohibition Bulletin- LAW ENFORCEMENT LEAGUE OF BRADFORD COUNTY, PENNA., Report Of The Activities For 1928. "Our Motto- 'Keep The County Dry.'" Lists count of raids, guilty pleas, trials, sentences, fines, cases pending, fugitives, much more. Primary goal was strict enforcement of the Prohibition Laws. Minor foxing. 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" x 3pp. $24.00

04193-M0995LEHU- Newspapers- THE CONNECTICUT ISSUE, Rockville, Conn. Four issues: Vol. I, No.3 & Vol. I, No.4 for Mar & Apr 1928; Vol. II, No.1 & Vol. II, No.2 for Jan & Feb 1929. Published by The Connecticut Temperance & Anti-Saloon League. Collection of news and articles on prohibition. One item tells of Carl Wiedemann of Wiedemann Brewery, Newport, KY, being sentenced to two years in the Federal Pen in Atlanta and fined $10,000 for violation of prohibition laws. Another-- "More than 99 prescriptions out of 100 written for a pint of whiskey are bootlegging prescriptions and are a disgrace to the great medical profession." Archival tissue repairs and reinforcing on old folds, but all intact. First two are especially fragile and must be handled w/care. Xlib of Congress. 11" x 14-1/2" x total of 28pp. All. $44.00

07337-M0395EEHC- Prohibition Journal- THE AMERICAN ISSUE An Advocate of Christian Patriotism. Ernest H. Cheerington, Ed. Vol. IX, No. 12, December 1929. The American Issue Publishing Co., Westerville, Ohio. Article and features include: Gradual Conversion of the Wets, Ring the Church Bells January 16, 1930; The First Decade of National Prohibition, Twenty-Fourth Anti-Saloon League National Convention in Detroit, Why They Attack The Anti-Saloon League, A Choice Between Civilizations, Government Control Menace, Suggested Sunday School Program for Jan 12 or 19, 1930 (includes a program with exhortations to obey the law, health and social benefits of avoiding alcohol, and an illustration of individual faced with choosing the flag or the bottle), Fruits of Government Sale of Liquor In Canada, Anti-Saloon League Convention, President Hoover’s Message to Congress Emphasizes Insistence upon Dry Law Observance and Enforcement, Why an Anti-Saloon League?, Anti-Alcohol Movement Throughout the World (reports for 24 countries), Full page ad from Anti-Saloon League of America on back cover. A full page of some 23 books offering “An Arsenal Of Facts Hit The Mark (with) Ammunition To Demolish Wet Sophistry. They have small pictures and quotes by well-known men like Henry Ford, T.N. Carver, Harvey Firestone, E.J. Buffington, and Thomas Edison. A large picture of Herbert Hoover. Front has a large illustration of the Liberty Bell. Printed in blue ink on semi-coated magazine stock paper. Has general shelf soil and minor foxing, otherwise in excellent condition.  8-3/4” x 12-3/4”x 16pp. A rare one in this condition. $44.00

06959-M0695EEEE- Pledge Envelope- TENNESSEE ANTI-SALOON LEAGUE, 808 Broadway, Nashville, Tenn. No date, but probably ca 1920s. A small brown envelope with levels of pledges ($25.00 down to $.33-1/3 per month) and "the Church In Action Against The Liquor Traffic" imprinted. Slight edge chew. 3-1/4"x 5-1/2". $18.00

06960-M0695EEEE- Reply Envelope- Rubber stamped thereon is address: "BOYS AND GIRLS ANTI-CIGARETTE LEAGUE, Room 507-58 W. Washington St., Chicago, Illinois". It’s unused and in excellent condition, but flap is stuck down. 3-3/4"x 6-1/2". $22.00

04933-M0395EEHC- Journal- SOCIAL TRENDS, PROHIBITION NUMBER, Vol. III, No.2, Feb 1930. A Digest of Useful Information on Current Social Events and Problems. Published by Board of Temperance and Social Welfare of the Disciples of Christ, Nashville, TN. 5-1/2" x 9" x 40pp. $18.00

06737-M0595EESC- Booklet- THE VALUE OF LAW OBSERVANCE, Department of Justice, Bureau Of Prohibition, Washington, DC. A Factual Monograph, 1930. Wherein a case is presented for prohibition in all areas of our society. Couple of small edge chips. 5"x 7-3/4"x 57pp. $28.00

06738-M0595EESC- Booklet- REPORT ON THE ENFORCEMENT OF THE PROHIBITION LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES, January 7, 1931. National Commission On Law Observance And Enforcement. 71st Congress, 3rd Session, House Document No. 722. Stains and soil on wraps. 5-7/8"x 9-1/4"x 162pp. $32.00

06961-M0695EEEE- Sticker- "OBSERVANCE AND ENFORCEMENT, PROHIBITION, NOT REPEAL." This is a little lick-and-stick sticker, probably for outgoing mail or some such other use. Ca early 1930s. It’s a rare little item printed in white and red letters with red border on blue background. Unused and in very good condition. 1-1/16"x 1-1/2". $32.00

02229-M1193EKEE- Trade Journal- THE BEVERAGE INDEPENDENT, NY, NY. Vol. 7, No. 1, Jul 1949. "A monthly Open Forum publication devoted to every branch of the alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage industry." News from all parts of the beverage industry: Manufacturing, marketing, distribution, taverns, etc. Features on prohibition, a tribute to the tavern owner, sports and games, etc. Coated stock, light shelf soiling. X-Lib. 8-1/2" x 11" x 38pp. $26.00

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