04068-M0895EREE- Booklet- THE ADOLPHUS (HOTEL), Dallas, TX. 1927. Texas Under Six Flags Souvenir Edition Honoring Annual Session National Education Association, Dallas, Texas- 1927. Flags illustrated in nice color on front, history given inside. Light stain. 6” x 9” x 8pp. $24.00

06208-M0498EALR- Journal- THE TEXAS RANGER, Student Magazine of The University of Texas, Austin, TX. Jan. 1935. They call it a comic magazine. Has lots of cartoons and satire and caricatures of campus Somewhats. Color covers, coated stock pages. Full page color ad from Chesterfield Cigarettes and one from Camel. Full page b/w on Prince Albert. Other ads. Small tear in edge of some pages, otherwise very good condition. Small library markings. 9"x 11"x 24pp. $18.00

04345-M1095EKKA- Journal- BEAUMONT BUSINESS, Beaumont Chamber of Commerce, Beaumont, TX. Vol.1, No.5. May 1938. Southeast Texas’ Chemurgic Possibilities; South’s Most Beautiful Fairgrounds; Voice of Business; What Life Insurance Does; Air Mail Twenty Years Old; Soil Doctor Rides The Iron Horse; Big Thicket of East Texas; more. Well illustrated. Nice ads from United Air Lines, International Trucks, Shaw-Walker, Reddy Kilowatt. Coated stock, 2-color cover. Previously bound, 4 awl punctures near gutter, otherwise very good. 8-3/4” x 11-3/4” x 22pp. $30.00

06209-M0498EALR- Journal- TEXAS STATE TOPICS, Vol.1, No.7. July 1942. A monthly "Telling The World About Texas" published at Dallas. Slick magazine mostly about politicians, many are pictured. Library markings, some cover soil, otherwise very good condition. 9"x 12"x 20pp. $16.00

06210-M0498EALR- Journal- TEXAS TECH MAGAZINE, Vol. VIII, No.8. Apr 1943. Lubbock, TX. Agriculture Issue. Picture of lady "V-Gardeners" on front. (Remember the victory gardens?) Full-color page ads from Camel and Chesterfield. Coated stock paper. Library markings from the Library of the Supreme Court. 9"x 12"x 14pp. $16.00

01446-M1292EE- Fan- TEXAS TAG & SPECIALTY CO., Wolfe City, TX. ca 1940’s. Single folding fan with color litho scene on one side and Bob’s Potato Chips ad on back. Finger tabs worn, round head clip through one grommet, otherwise excellent. $8.00

00828-B0990CEEE- Booklet- HANDBOOK OF CONSERVATION PRACTICES FOR TEXAS, USDA Pamphlet, 1945. Good condition. 6" x 9" x 22pp. $4.00

06211-M0498EALR- Booklet- TEXAS PAGEANTRY, A. Garland Adair, Editor, Commissioner, Texas Centennial of Statehood, Austin, Texas. Vol.1, No.1, April 1946. The Capitols of Texas. Seven are illustrated. Also, facts about the state: Seal & Flag, Coat of Arms, Motto & Nickname, Flower, tree, bird, song. Articles Placed In Cornerstone. Mayors of Austin. The America of Which We Dream. Archival markings, otherwise very good condition.  5-3/8"x 7-3/8"x 20pp. $18.00

01242-M0792EE- Flyer- BOAT GULF CLIPPER, Corpus Christi’s (Texas) Largest and Finest Excursion and Party Boat. ca 1948. Capt. Ben L. Herndon, Skipper & Owner. Blue ink w/half-tone of boat. 8-1/2” x 11”. Letter folded. Slightly wrinkled. $6.00

01243-M0792EE- Flyer- THE BUCCANEER, Corpus Christi’s (Texas) Largest, Finest Fishing Boat. ca 1948. Capt. Ben L. Herndon. Blue ink w/half-tone of boat. 8-1/2” x 11”. Letter folded. Very good condition. $6.00

00799-B0990EKEE- Magazine- LIFE, May 22, 1950. Duke and Duchess cover.  Fiery Death of a Canadian Town, The Isolationist Bogey, Woman Who Wants No Friends Jumps To Death, Truman Returns To The Whistle Stops, Free Wine Endangers Reputation of Temperate French, Toscanini Experiences Texas, Ghost Train Is Dying; A King's Story, Part I, by Edward, Duke of Windsor. Good condition. $20.00

00837-B0990CEEE- Newspaper- HERMANN SONS NEWS, San Antonio, TX. July 1966. Germanic fraternal lodge.  Much of south Texas was settled by German colonists.  Many news items and photos of community events. 11-1/2" x 15-1/2" x 28pp. $4.00  

07034-M1103EEEE- Tabloid- MR. W FIREWORKS,  Somerset, TX. ca 2002. It’s not evident on this piece, but their main warehouse is in Somerset, TX in the San Antonio area. They claim over 200 locations. On this advertising piece over 60 locations in Texas, two in New Mexico and Oklahoma are listed and mapped.  We believe this came out of the Gainesville, Texas newspaper. Colorful presentation of firework assortments, party poppers, 100 shot magical barrage, snakes, morning glories, fountain cones, pop up snappers, hen laying eggs sparklers, grand finale tubes, nite shell tubes, roman candles, whistling chasers, super jets, ground bloom flowers, jumping jacks, and scores more of every kind. All are priced.  Excellent condition. 10-5/8”x 12-1/2”x 6pp.  $18.00  

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