03552-M1294CKUS- Bound Volume- SCRIBNER’S MONTHLY, AN ILLUSTRATED MAGAZINE FOR THE PEOPLE, Scribner & Co, NY. May 1872 to Oct 1872. Traveling By Telegraph; Northward To Niagara; Nature and Science; West Point; Yachts and Yachting; Ascent of Gray’s Peak; On the Tobacco Plantation; Autumn Game on the Prairies; much more. Covers chipped, stain to end-papers. Many nice engraved illustrations. Embossed cloth bound. 7” x 10” x 780pp. $55.00

04166-M0995EKCU-  Journal-  SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, NY, Vol. XXXV, No.24, Dec 9, 1876. Great engravings. Emery Wheel Grinding Machine; Niles Engines; A Curious Clock; Improved Apparatus For Curing Tobacco; A New Steam Pump; An Antique Saltcellar; Siemen’s Sensitive Artificial Eye; House Building; Chimney Cowls; more. Many illustrated ads. Excellent condition. 11” x 15-3/4” x 16pp. $28.00

05924-M1097CAKU- Tabloid Newspaper- THE ROCKINGHAM STANDARD, Portsmouth, NH, Vol. I, No 16, November 1, 1884. Rare temperance publication published and edited by Rev. W. A. McGinley. Much eloquence against drink and one tobacco article entitled, “Less Smoking In Maine.” Lots of ads from Portsmouth area with engravings and delightful Victorian typography: shoe dealer; bookstore, music, and art store, furniture dealer, crockery, glassware, lamps, spectacles and eyeglasses, books much more. Portsmouth was a city of around 10,000 population at this time. Looks as though paper was well supported by local merchants. Well preserved. Centerfold 11” x 16’1/4” x 4 pp. $68.00

02244-M1193ELEE- Catalogue- BENTLEY, SHRIVER & CO., Baltimore, MD, Mar 24, 1902. Importers, Wholesale Grocers. Extensive price list of groceries, specialties, condiments, fruits, nuts, lamp parts, brushes, cakes, crackers, candies, tobacco, handmade Cuban cigars @ $35.00/M, coffee @ 11 cents/lb, hard apple cider in barrels @ 17 cents/gal, salt in 224 lb sack @ 85 cents/sack and volumes more. Great guide for stocking country or specialty store even today. Lightly illustrated. Small spine chips, otherwise very good condition. 9-1/4” x 12-1/4” x 20pp. $28.00

04031-M0895CLCK-  Journal-  CHESAPEAKE AND OHIO RAILWAY EMPLOYEES’ MAGAZINE, Richmond, VA. Vol. VII, No.11, Dec 1922. Christmas issue. Beautiful color cover, signed by Day Lowry, of section hands unloading Christmas trees and holly from their rail car at station. Yuletide Greetings; What Civilization Owes To Hatuibac, The Cuban Indian (story of tobacco products & pictorial tour of P. Lorillard plant in Richmond); Stories of South America; Bridge Construction In France (U. S. Army work on march to Rhine); What Will Your New Home Cost (nice perspective sketch of exterior and floor plan). Woman’s Dept, Children’s Dept, Editorial Tool Room, Roll of Honor, Safety Section, much more. Coated stock. Light cover soil, small archival stamp.  6-1/4” x 9-1/4” x 96pp. $58.00

03923-M0795ELEE- Booklet- STEAM STERILIZATION OF SOIL FOR TOBACCO, AND OTHER CROPS, USDA Farmer’s Bulletin No.1629. 1930, 1937.  Illustrated. Two pictures of steam engines. Excellent. 6” x 9-1/4” x14pp. $8.00

05756-M0397EHAO- Journal- HAGENBECK WALLACE CIRCUS MAGAZINE AND DAILY REVIEW, Season of 1934. Their home was Peru, IN. Very nice color covers, well illustrated in sepia tone photos throughout. Many national advertisers, some in nice color, such as Chesterfield, Rinso, International Trucks, Dentyne,  Good Year, Stetson Hats, Lux, Beech-Nut Chewing Tobacco, Coca-Cola, center page spread from Pontiac (seven models in nice color!), Lucky Strike, Philco, Frigidaire, Chevrolet Trucks, much more.  Great item! excellent condition. 7-1/4"x 10-1/4"x 46pp. $116.00

03935-M0795CAEE - Fan- AMERICAN SNUFF CO., Memphis, TN. 1937. Dental Scotch Snuff. Beautiful artist signed color lithograph of two hunters by the fireplace watching pups play with an old jacket. "There Goes Your Old Hunting Coat." Snuff containers prominently displayed. Back has 1937, 1938 calendars imprinted, illustration of factory & advertising copy. Blade is 7-5/8" x 9-1/8". Rattan handle. Very good condition. A series of these hunter genres was published--not sure how many different. $34.00

00397-B0990ERLK- Catalogue- SCHWACHER BROS. & CO.,   Seattle, WA. September 3, 1937. Wholesale grocery price list. Two-color illustrations on covers 1, 2, 3, 4. No illustrations otherwise. Extensive listings of full grocery lines, woodenware, sundries, school supplies, tires, tobacco products, candies. Some cover soiling, wrinkling. 7-1/2" x 10-1/2” x 54pp. $17.00

02515-M0594LREE- WALLY FRANK, LTD., Ny, NY, Christmas 1942. Catalogue For Pipe Smokers. Briars, meerschams, calahash, novelties, cased, shape chart, tobaccos, accessories. The three branches of the U.S. Armed Services represented by dresser photos of each serviceman with his pipe on cover. Sepia-tone contents, inserted order blank. Excellent condition. 10” x 7” x 42pp. $58.00

01778-M0693EEOC- Journal- JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOC., Chicago, IL, Cleveland Convention Number, Dec 13, 1947. Ads from many drug, equipment, supply companies; numerous infant food companies. And here’s Philip Morris claiming “When smokers changed to Philip Morris substantially every case of throat irritation due to smoking cleared completely, or definitely improved”. It’s nice to know they were doing their bit to improve the well being of folks. (AMA doesn’t accept tobacco advertising now.) Spine chips, otherwise very good condition.  8-1/2” x 11-1/2 x 178 pp. $22.00

04357-M1095EEAR- Promotional Brochure-THE CHESTERFIELD SUPPER CLUB, Ligget & Myers Tobacco, Co. 1947. “America’s Biggest Weekly Radio Audience.” Hosted by Perry Como and Jo Stafford, presented on NBC.  Photo tour: “Back Stage With The Chesterfield Supper Club Family.” Large photo of Perry & Jo on front. Large color illustration of them on back promoting the cigarettes. Folded, coated stock. 8-1/4” x 10-3/4” x 4pp. $16.00

01987-M0893EKKU- Catalogue- BROWN & WILLIAMSON TOBACCO CORP., Louisville KY, ca 1951.  Premium catalog 5B for Raleigh Coupons. Household, gift, personal items. All color on coated stock paper. Few cover creases, otherwise excellent condition. 3-1/4” x 6” x 58pp. $28.00  

07085-M07EELC- Catalogue- NAT SHERMAN, Tobacconist to the World since 1930. This is his Golden Jubilee catalogue of 1980. We understand that the third generation of the Nat Sherman family is now operating this well-known tobacconist. They have a retail store in New York on 5th Ave at 42nd Street and an active wholesale division supplying stores all around the world. This colorful and handsome catalogue cover features the retail store at the time.  Heavy stock pages include an interview with Nat Sherman and very large, colorful pictures of cigars, pipes, cigarettes and tobacco selections. Even Chief Sequoia, the tobacco store Indian, is offered.  Excellent condition. 8-1/2x 11-1/8”x 34pp. $19.00

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