02421-M0493ECEE- Catalogue- MILLERS FALLS CO., n.p., ca 1880s. Beautiful engraved illustrations of tools of every sort--bit braces, straight and angle; hand drills, combo anvil and vise drill, vices of all kinds, screw jacks, iron cutter, treadle scroll saws (prices were $2.00 to $10.00 and discounted 25%!); tool chests, foot-power grindstone, tool handles, hand vices, wagon jacks, auger bits, boiler tube scraper, hollow auger, spoke trimmer, saw frames, clock movements, carving tools, soldering outfit, iron and wood levels, chisel , bit gauge, spokeshave, glass cutters, ratchet drilling machine, Goddard’s patent meat and vegetable cutter, ox shoes, bench clamp, awls, mitre boxes, jointer gauge, mitre planer (interestingly, the engraved illustration appears to have been printed upside down on page), Chandler’s ice cutting machine, and more. On rag stock. Lt damp stain. Cover was replaced several years ago and all is present. Very good condition. Quite rare. 5-3/4" x 9-1/4" x 56pp. $200.00

00429-B0990EUKE- Catalogue- HENRY DISSTON & SONS, Philadelphia, PA, ca 1900. "Keystone Saw, Tool, Steel & File Works". Twenty patterns of cross-cut saws, five patterns of one man cross-cut saws, saw set and other saw tools, nine patterns of handles, six patterns of files. Great typography and large-sized engravings. Some clear staining at folds and on front, small fold scuff. Of some 48 cuts, approximately 14 are affected in some way. Three folds as issued. 9" x 12" x 8pp paper wraps. $34.00

02422-M0490LEEE- Journal- THE AMERICAN BLACKSMITH, Buffalo, NY, Vol. 11, No. 11, Aug 1912. A Practical Journal of Blacksmithing and Wagon Making. Great illustrated articles, display ads of shop equipment, buggy parts, horse items. Dark stain along bottom, old tape on spine, some edge chips. 9-1/4" x 12" x 90pp. $75.00

04063-M0895ASCL- Catalogue- E. E. KIRN, Henderson, MI. ca 1912. "The Price Gauge." Curious mix of goods: Wood, coal, gas, gasoline, and oil ranges and heating stoves (18pp); paints, building materials, fencing; harness, saddles, collars (11pp); sewing machines, telephones, telegraph outfits, fan, medical battery, etc; clocks, sweepers, kitchen utensils, gas and electric irons; full page of bells (5 depicted, 28 offered); Safes (4 pictured); farm tanks, corn bins, windmills, pumps, Pullmore gas engines (4 shown); feed cutters, grinders, carriers; planters, potato digger, shellers, haying equipment, stump pullers, fanning mills, tents, paulings, nets and seines, firearms, wood ice boxes, forges and other blacksmithing equipment and shop tools, woodworking equipment includes treadle power saws and lathes, mitre planer, boxes, carving tool sets; timber saws, wheelbarrows, bicycles (4pp); buggies, surreys, wagons, etc. (22pp); walking and riding plows of all kinds (18pp); cream separators, more. Light stain throughout, one page torn out, staples rusty. Stiff, 2-color wraps, semi-coated stock paper. 8" x 10-1/2" x 168pp. $67.00

05562-M0197ORUL- Catalogue- HUDSON & THURBER CO., Omaha, Neb. & Minneapolis, Minn. Cat 'D', 1914. Hardware, Implement & Thresher Supplies, Hose, Belting, Packings, Rope, Pumps, Pipe, Fittings, etc. Includes tools of all kinds, blacksmith equip, wheel and drag scrapers, hand cultivators, garden seeders, lawn mowers, wheelbarrows, all kinds of buggy and wagon parts and supplies, tents, paulins, hay tools, lawn swings, machine oilers, Klaxon horns, flashlights, early auto accessories, water well pumps, Ozark Vaneless Windmill, Modoc Steel Windmill, towers, dynamite, blasting powder, blasting machines, feed cooker, stock tanks, thresherman's wagon tanks, feed scales, hoisters, acetylene gas searchlight, oil headlight, steam whistles, cultivators and plows, O'Klare concrete mixer. Much, much more. Well illustrated throughout. Stiff covers in green & maroon. Front cover has a few chips, lower corner missing (1/2"x 1-1/2"). All else clean and bright and very good condition. Well illustrated, voluminous. Rare one! 7"x 9-3/4"x 460pp. $253.00

02156-M1093ASCE- Catalogue- CHARLES A. CHILDS & CO., Utica, NY, Cat ‘H’, ca 1918. One-lung gasoline engines, electric lighting plant, powered wash machine, ensilage cutters, grinding mills, horse-drawn plows harrows, discs, cultivators, drills, sprayers, planters, hay rakes & tedders, hay loaders, and tools. Reliance cream separator, garden sprayers; hop, grape and tree duster. Reel lawn mowers, land & lawn rollers, shellers, scrapers, lawn swings, cider mill, barrel churns, wheelbarrows, carriage lamps, grindstones, wood and iron water pumps, Mast Foos windmill, barn fixtures, carriage heater (the kind for coals), whiffletrees & neck yokes, horse-drawn sleighs, wagons & carriages, Jackson automobiles, Coleman motor truck and more. Coated stock. Very good. 7-3/4" x 10-3/4" x 72 pp. $150.00

06165-M0398CEEL- Catalogue- HUTHER BROS. SAW MFG CO., Rochester, NY. Cat No.43, cprt 1923, Jan 1, 1923 factory price list inserted. Manufacturers of Circular Saws. Quality catalogue with stiff embossed wraps, depicting saws, saw tools and accessories on coated stock pages. Excellent. 5-3/8"x 7"x 96pp. $48.00

06280-M0998CEEE- Book- MAKING THINGS WITH TOOLS by A. Neely Hall. Rand McNally & Co, New York, Chicago, San Francisco. cprt 1928. Chock full of plans and illustrations for everything a boy could ever imagine wanting to build. (I don't see why girls couldn't build these things, too!) Use this to spend some quality time with your kids or grandkids. Similar to the old Poplar Science plan books. Stiff wraps, semi-coated stock. Wraps foxed, minor edge chips, otherwise very good. 8"x 10"x 48pp. $58.00

03836-M0695EREE- Catalogue & Tool Care Guide- HENRY DISSTON & SONS, Phila, PA. 1929. The Disston Saw, Tool, and File Book. Some items are priced. Excellent condition. 5-1/4" x 8" x 48 pp. $28.00

01494-M0293ERCE- Catalogue- HENRY DISSTON & SONS, Phila, PA, 1930. Saw, Tool, and File Manual. Nice half-tones of tools in use, tools pictured and described, history of their 90 years in business from 1840 to 1930. Still in old mailing envelope w/6¢ Washington stamp affixed. Coated stock paper, two-color wraps. Light vertical fold, otherwise very good condition. 5-1/4" x 7-3/4" x 48pp. $26.00

04582-M1195LUEH- Catalogue- THE MODEL PUBLISHING CO., Chicago, IL. ca 1930. The Model Illustrated Catalogue of Prospectors Instruments Tools And Supplies. Magnetic Dipping Needles, Prospectors Spades, Picks, Knives, Augers, Earth Magnifying Glasses. Gee-whiz books for the credulous on underground treasures, prospectors guides & manuals, black magic, comic speeches, mock trials, how to box, lovers' secrets, ethnic jokes, dream directory, recipes/formulas, wizard's manual, get rich schemes, much more. Lucky gazing crystals, novelties, mystic rings, Gypsy fortune telling cards, lodestones, hair straightener, seals, etc. The books are generally cheap, the hardware and instruments considerably overpriced. Case in point is the so-called "Prospectors' Earth Magnifier," a simple magnifying glass worth no more than a dollar at the time, offered here for $5.00 to $7.50 depending on size. Well illustrated, 2-color covers, very good. 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" x 57pp. $58.00

02755-M1194LKLU- Catalogue- SOUTH BEND LATHE WORKS, South Bend, IN. Cat No. 94, Feb 1934. Very well done catalogue with 3-color covers and sharply detailed illustrations of all kinds of lathes and lathe tools. All priced. Very well illustrated on coated stock. NRA imprint. Very good condition. 8" x 10-3/4" x 72 pp plus 12 pp booklet w/list of all their users in Indiana and Michigan. $68.00

01652-M0593LLHE- Catalogue- NATIONAL SUPPLY CO., Toledo, OH, Cat ‘N’, 1936. Machine Tools, Pumps, Compressors; Factory, Mill, Contractors’ Supplies; Boilers, Radiators, Furnaces; Heating, Cooling & AC Equipment; Pipe, Fittings, Valves, Power Transmission. Nice section of large boring, milling machines, etc., lots of hand tools, couple of steam whistles and valves, tallow pots, oilers, etc. Excellent. condition. 8” x 11” x 581pp. Hardback. $58.00  

02235-M1193EOKE- Catalogue- H. HOFFMAN CO., Chicago, IL, Catalogue no. 18, 1937. Locksmith Supplies. Luggage locks, tire locks, compartment locks, picks, pullers, auto lock springs, Plymouth locking hubcap, door handles, ignition set locks, master keys, tools, etc. 1” cover corner missing, light cover soil. 8-1/2” x 10-3/4” x 32pp. $18.00

01247-M0892EE- Book- SHOP THEORY, Rev. ed. Prepared by The Shop Dept, Henry Ford Trade School, Dearborn, MI. 1942. McGraw-Hill Book Co, NY & London. This text was used in the Texas school system. Twenty-six chapters covering small tools, rules/scales, micrometers, vernier gauges, chisels/chipping, hacksaws/sawing, files/filing, soldering, drills/drilling, tapers, threads, gearing cutting tools, shapers, planers, lathes, turret lathes, milling machines, gages and gage blocks,  heat treatment, abrasives & grinding wheels/machines, etc. Very comprehensive. Well illustrated. Very good. 8-1/2” x 11” x 267 pp. Hardback. $28.00

01313-M0892EAHA- Catalogue- REPUBLIC TWIST DRILL & TOOL CO., Chicago, IL, Cat No. 4-D, 1945. Large scale illustrations of twist drills of every type. About a third of this catalogue is devoted to a remarkably thorough picture tour of the company. The detailed pictures of all the craftsmen and craftswomen at work gives one an idea of just how Americans went all out to defeat the fascist dictators of Europe and Asia. There have not been too many times in the history of our country when our citizens pulled together as they did then. Great photography on coated stock in flex covers, wire bound, excellent condition. 7-1/2" x 9-1/2" x 149 pp. $34.00

05741-M0397EAKE- Brochure- SOUTH BEND LATHE WORKS, South Bend, IN. 1952. Bulletin #5201 on their 14-1/2" Precision Lathes.  Two color self-mailer with large half-tones depictions. 8-1/2" x 11" x 4pp w/gatefold opens to a large 22-1/2" x 11" broadsheet. Very light silverfish damage. $8.00

01561-B0991EAOK- OSBORN MANUFACTURING CO., Warsaw, IN. Bulletin No.1055, 1955. Safety pliers--29 different ones illustrated. Two-color. Light crease, light tear in fore edge, clean otherwise. 8-1/2" x11” x 4pp + inserted price sheet. $15.00  

04109-M0895EE- Catalogue- BENNETT BROS., Chicago, NY. 1963. Blue Book of Quality Merchandise. One of the largest "coded price" catalogue showroom type operations (code key included). Diamonds, watches, silverware, luggage, giftware, cameras, tools, office equip, furs, toys, sporting goods, clocks, appliances, furniture, much more. Excellent. Hardback. 8-1/2" x 11" x 786pp. $35.00

00898-M0291EE- Catalogue- HARRY ALTER CO., Chicago, IL. THE DEPENDABOOK No. 206, S/S 1971. Refrigeration, Air Conditioning Parts and Supplies. Extensive, many tools, well illustrated. Very good condition. 6" x 9-1/2” x 368pp. $18.00

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