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02764-M1294CKEE- Woodcut and Article- HARPER’S WEEKLY, Feb. 18, 1882 of George F. Slosson and Maurice Vignaux in a billiard match with a huge crowd about.  Beautifully hand colored. Very good condition.  Page size 11” x 16”. $30.00

06372-M0199CCCE- Circular- THE STROBEL & WILKEN CO., Importers and Jobbers of Foreign and Domestic Toys and Fancy Goods. 443 & 445 Broadway, New York. Branch-- 144 Walnut St., Cincinnati, OH. 1886. Here's a rare one! Beautifully engraved Victorian front with illustration of eight reindeer pulling sleigh with the little old elf himself. By Manhattan Lithographing Co, 10-12 Reade St, NY. Next three pages contain printed sales letter to merchants and lists of wares with details: Bisque Dolls, Bisque Doll Heads, Wax Dolls, Patent And Washable Doll Heads, China Doll Heads, Rubber Dolls, Mechanical Steam Toys, China Tea Sets, Cups and Saucers, Glassware, Bisque Figures, Terra Cotta, Bronzes, Photo Albums, Autograph Albums, Scrap Books, Artificial Flowers, Plush Goods. No illustrations except the charming front. A delicate signature appears in ink on front along with four small ink spots. Two light horizontal folds. Delightful piece! 5-7/8"x 9"x 4pp. $62.00

04906-M0496EEOK- Journal- YOUNG HEARTS, NYC. Sep, 1888. Rare #1 issue of this attempt at competing with St. Nicholas magazine. Fiction, games, puzzles, lots of nice engravings, of which at least three are full page & frameable. Very good condition. 7-1/4" x 9-1/2" x 32pp. $30.00

06088-M0198EUKE- Book- HOYLE, AN ENCYCLOPEDIA OF GAMES. Title page says: FOSTER'S ENCYCLOPEDIA OF GAMES INCLUDING ALL THE INDOOR GAMES PLAYED AT THE PRESENT DAY WITH SUGGESTIONS FOR GOOD PLAY, A FULL CODE OF LAWS, ILLUSTRATED HANDS, AND A BRIEF STATEMENT OF THE DOCTRINE OF CHANCES AS APPLIED TO GAMES by R. F. Foster. Frederick A. Stokes Co, NY, Publisher. Copyright 1897, Eighth edition. Illustrated w/numerous diagrams and engravings. Quite comprehensive. Includes a chapter on billiards which treats: The Table, The Balls, The Shots, The Force Shot, The Fallow Shot, The Draw Shot, The Masse', The Side Stroke. American Game, Baulk-Line Billiards, Cushion Carroms, American Billiard Laws, Fifteen-Ball Pool, American Pyramid Pool, Continuous Pool, English Pyramid Pool, Shell Out, High-Low-Jack Game, Forty-One Pool, Chicago Pool, English Pool, Black Pool, English Billiards, English Billiard Laws, Pin Pool, The Little Corporal, The Spanish Game Of Billiards, Bottle Pool. The doctrine of Chances as Applied to Games. Also includes a list of four books on the American game and six on the English game. Boards edges worn, book slightly shaken, otherwise clean and very good condition. A previous owner, "Clement Miner" has signed his name and dated "1908" on flyleaf. 5"x 7-1/2"x 626pp. $80.00

06191-M0498CCKE- Catalogue- THE AMERICAN BOY, Detroit, MI. Fall and Winter 1911-12 Premium List. May have been inserted in October issue of the magazine (?). Well illustrated, mostly toys. Premo camera, post card reflector, vest pocket electric light, Mecanno, Helicoptere (sic) machine, electric motor and shaft, writing assortment kit, model steam pump, upright steam engine, scroll saw, lathe, small electric engines, Little Scout Stevens rifle, skates, balls of all kinds, fishing reel and outfits, pocket knives, baseball game board and uniforms, etc, books, watches, postcard sets, watch fobs, printing press, more. Lt stains. Coated stock. 10-3/4"x 16-1/8"x 8pp. $69.00

04397-M1195LLEE- Catalogue- IDEAL AEROPLANE & SUPPLY CO., NYC. 1920. Scale drawings, scale models, parts, blanks, tools, etc. of popular aircraft of the era: NC-4 Naval Curtiss Seaplane (first aeroplane that crossed the ocean), De H-4 DeHavilland Battle Plane, Bleriot Monoplane, Nieuport Monoplane, Taube Monoplane, Cecil Peoli Champion Racer of 1911. Also Ideal Racer, Ideal Speed-O-Flyer, Bluebird Racing Aeroplane. Some of these flying models were up to 42 feet long! Well illustrated. Great item and scarce! Very good condition. 4-3/4" x 7-1/2" x 48pp. $88.00  

05507-M1296CSKC- Catalogue Reprint- THE KENTON HARDWARE CO., Kenton, OH, U.S.A. 1975 reprint of Cat No.16 for 1927 (?). Kenton cast iron toys--"automobiles, safes, banks, trains, stoves, ranges, sad irons, fire departments." Very well done reprint job. Comprehensive, well illustrated. Excellent condition. Stiff covers, buff coated stock pages. 6" x 9" x 112pp. $58.00

05508-M1296ESAH- Catalogue Reprint- THE KENTON HARDWARE CO., Kenton, OH, U.S.A. "New Kenton Toys" ca 1975 reprint of 1927 smaller catalogue showing new items added. Copy of 1927 letter inserted. Well illustrated, brown ink on coated stock.*5-3/4" x 8-3/4" x 20pp. $37.00

04013-M0895EHSR- Catalogue- MILTON BRADLEY CO., Springfield, MA. 1933. The Bradley Catalogue For Teachers...Essential Educational Materials: Toy animals, money, puzzles, poster patterns, cutouts, peg boards, blocks, stencils, flashcards, number materials, seat work, letters, drill cards, school furniture, easels, building blocks, dolls, playhouse sets, tool sets, juvenile symphony instruments, sewing cards, weaving sets, gummed stars and seals, paper cutters, books of all kinds, etc. Well illustrated. On coated stock, excellent condition. 8" x 11" x 64pp. $38.00

03841-M0695ELKE- Premium Booklet- THE NATIONAL REFINING CO., Cleveland, OH. Oct 1935. EN-AR-CO National News. They called this particular one the "Card Number" and has all sorts of little say-sos about cards and card games. Colorful ads on EN-AR-CO Motor Oil and other company products, recommended use, etc. Very good condition. 3-1/2" x 6-1/4" x 18pp. $16.00

05119-M0696EHKL- Journal- TOYS AND GAMES YOU CAN MAKE, 1947. Science and Mechanics Pub Co, Chicago. Some 55 projects with plans, photos, instructions. Ads from woodworking equip and supply companies, etc. Interestingly, the back cvr is a full page ad from Ed and Carolyn Robinson, the "back-to-the-land" gurus of the 1940s. Their ad is "How to Do Wonders With A Little Land" w/small farmstead layout. They were promoting their book, "The Have-More Plan." We could relate a long account about this nice couple, but don't have space. Briefly-- they had a bookstore in Noroton, Connecticut. Product line was mostly gardening and how-to books. They wrote the Have-More book in 1944 and captured the imagination of soon-to-be returning servicemen, burnt-out city folks, and thinkers in the mold of FDR's New Deal who had concern for the social predicament of people caught up in the big depression just past. The back-to-the-land movement of the late 1960s/1970s borrowed from the Robinson's work, reprinted their publications, and recycled a lot of the ideas of that era. In fact, if you'll notice, a "back to basics" movement comes along about every two or three generations. There is something inherent in the human psyche that yearns for a more simplified and self-sufficient existence. From time to time, different catalysts brings it all to the forefront until the dreams are actualized by "going back to the land". Well--back to this selection-- colorful cover, very good condition. 6-1/2" x 9-1/4" x 96pp. $46.00

02594-M0694EOSE- Catalogue- AMERICAN WHOLESALE CO., Chicago, 1950. Santa Clause Book. Toys, dolls, swing sets, personal goods, jewelry, household electrics, etc. Self-covered mailer, 2-color on pulp paper. Very good condition. 8" x 10" x 32pp. $21.00

07109-M0804EEKE- Book- OLD DOLLS by Eleanor St. George. 1950. “An excellent little manual for the beginning…and even for the advanced collector.”  77 photographs, index. Hardback, dust jacket has some fading on spine. Excellent condition. 5-3/4” x 8-1/4” x 134pp. $18.00  Picture

03420-M0295CUOH- Catalogue/Folder- SELCHOW & RIGHTER CO., NY, NY. 1954. Family board games including Snake Eyes, Home Team Baseball, Globe-Trotters, Games Galore, Huggin’ The Rail, Embossed Anagrams, Cargoes, Blast Off, Super Market, Prospecting, Mr. Ree, Assembly Line, Meet The Presidents, Cabby, Scrabble, Parcheesi. Each game described, pictured and priced. Long folder measures 5" x 24-3/4" folds to eighteen little pages.  Excellent condition. $35.00

06950-M0802EERR- Book- 101 BEST STUNTS by James C. Ford. Washington, NJ. Vol. 7, 1st Edition, July, 1957. A collection of 101 Best Stunts for use at Parties, Churches, Home or in Service Clubs. Indexed. Stiff wraps. Very good condition. 5-1/2"x 7-1/2"x 80pp. $18.00

05237-M0896ELEE- Catalogue- PORTLAND CARD CO., Portland, OR. Cat #762, Club Room Equipment, ca 1960. Playing cards, card tables, table padding, billiard cloth brush, many kinds of game checks, dice, dominoes, dyed game layouts on billiard cloth (5 illustrations), jack tables, crap tables, check racks and trays, bar dice, trade checks, leather money bags, dice box, bingo cards & supplies, cages, bingo blower, bingo flashboard, billiard supplies, books, more. 4" x 8" x 16pp. $48.00

02927-M0894ECEH- Flier- MILTON BRADLEY CO., Springfield, MA. 1962. Very colorful, featuring family going into Milton Bradley’s Gameland with some eighteen board games. Very good condition.  5-1/4" x 7-1/4" x 4pp. $26.00

05449-M1296CCUH- Tabloid- H. M. SLAGLE & SONS, Elizabethton, TN. ca 1960s. Newspaper insert presenting Toy Sale. Furnished by Stratton & Terstegge, Louisville, KY, Hardware Wholesaler. American Flyer train, Turbojet airplane, gun and holster set, baseball game, ironing set, target game, blackboard, rocking chair, Yogi Bear projector show, table tennis, Sketch-O-Matic, toy chest, barn set, doll carriage, road race, ride 'em toys, basketball set, Dandy Dog & Candy Lamb, pickup, dart game, toy appliance set, Santa figure, riding tractor, Barbie game, spring horse, Daisy the Doodle Doll, shooting tank, Dr. Kildare game, construction set, tea set, blackboard desk, red wagon, dairy cattle, toy piano, doll in cradle, etc. Yellowed w/age, some stains and edge tears. 11" x 15-1/2" x 8pp. $38.00

00154-B0990EAEE- Catalogue- DOLL HOSPITAL SUPPLIES & ACCESSORIES, Cleveland, OH. ca 1960s. Wigs, eyes, faces, paint, tools, books, etc. Illustrations & prices. 8-1/2” x 11” x 9pp. $12.00

04012-M0895EUHH- Catalogue- MARGARETE STEIFF LTD., Giengen (Brenz), Germany. Catalogue KE 68, 1968. Looks like complete line including hand puppets, kites, miniatures, characters, riding animals, wood play cars, wagons, scooters, etc. Colorful on coated stock paper. Very good condition.  9” x 6-1/2” x 32pp. $58.00  

07155-M0804ELCE- Book- DOLLS, The Knopf Collectors Guides to American Antiques, Wendy Lavitt with photography by Schecter Sun Lee. 1983. First Printing. Definitive treatment of dolls of every kind, clothes, collecting tools, advertising, history, building a collection, buying at auction, price guide, makers and marks, etc. Nice color photography, glossary, public collections, bibliography. A wonderful addition to any library. Crisp and clean. Very good flexible covers, very good dust jacket. Former owner’s name on front endpaper. 4-3/8”x 8-5/8”x 478pp. $32.00 Pictures

01462-M0992EE- Catalogue- PLEASANT COMPANY AMERICAN GIRLS COLLECTION, Middleton, WI, Holiday Catalogue, 1992.  Dolls  & accessories, books, etc. One of the most beautiful catalogues produced today and a top-notch company. Will become a most prized collectible in a very short time. Please request it in your order and we will include the story behind this catalogue and its founder, Ms. Pleasant Rowland. Company was founded in 1986 and is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mattel, Inc. Like new condition. 10” x 12” x 55pp. $28.00

01463-M0992EE- Catalogue- PLEASANT COMPANY AMERICAN GIRLS COLLECTION, Middleton, WI, Holiday Catalogue, 1992.  Dolls & accessories, books, etc. Like No.1462 but different covers and some contents. One of the most beautiful catalogues produced today and a top-notch company. Will become a most prized collectible in a very short time. Please request it in your order and we will include the story behind this catalogue and its founder, Ms. Pleasant Rowland. Company was founded in 1986 and is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mattel, Inc. Excellent condition. 10” x  12” x 50pp. $28.00

06795-M0697EEEE- Catalogue- LILLIPUT MOTOR COMPANY, LTD., Werrington, NY. 1997. Delightful catalogue chock full of tin, die-cast and other old-time toys from around the world. Every type imaginable: cars, trains, ships, airplanes, people, animals, performers, amusement rides, motorcycles, steam, tools, music boxes, books. Nice color presentation. Thinned at spot on cover edge where spot held together for mailing, otherwise excellent condition. 5-1/4"x 8-1/4"x 62pp. $23.00

07160-M0697EEEE- Catalogue- ALBERT E. PRICE, INC., Bellmawr, NJ. 1997 Dealers Wholesale Catalog.  Gifts, decorating items, picture frames, toys, knick-knacks, plaques, seasonal items (Easter, Halloween, Christmas), figurines, porcelains, board games, canes, chess sets, lamps, vases, crystal items, ceramics, miniature doll furniture, dolls, and a whole lot more. All in color. Bound-in price list. Excellent condition. 8-1/2”x 10-7/8”x 87pp plus price list. 28.00 Pictures

06637-M0696EEEE- Catalogue- TOYS "R" US, no place given. 1998. "Celebrate our 50th Birthday with The Little Book of Big Toy Deals. 20-50% Off." Nice, colorful selection of Barbie, Kelly, Pound Animals, Rugrats, Trolls, Kooshie Koos, Super Heroes, Star Wars, games of all kinds, Playskool, Barney, Sesame Street, playhouse, constructor sets, sports stuff, cars, bicycles, virtual pets, Cabbage Patch Kids, Little Mermaid, crafts, dolls, movie tapes, Nintendo, Genesis, 9 pages of colorful Halloween costumes! Hundreds of other toys. Very good condition. 5"x 7-1/2"x 50pp. $18.00

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