04536- Booklet- DEPARTMENT OF SIGNALING, Chicago, IL. 1913. Of what company?! Evidently, that’s all. They don’t seem to be part of any RR company or government agency? It’s a correspondence school teaching signal engineering, in some respects comparable to a flight controller today. He operated the electro/mechanical board to make sure two trains did not try to occupy the same place at the same time! Nice piece on coated stock w/2-color cover train illustration. Large bldg pictured is, they say, home of "Department of Signaling." Pictures of equipment, model set-ups they furnished for students, former students, instructors, etc. Lots of testimonials, etc. Corner torn from two pgs, overlapping Corner edge has small tears, otherwise very good condition. 7" x 10" x 48pp. $28.00

05688-M0397EOLH- Journal- CARMAN'S QUARTERLY, Number 2, 1920. Railway Educational Press, Chicago, IL. This issue is devoted to Freight Car Safety Appliances. Detailed line drawings of the different types of freight cars and covers hand brakes; running boards and roof handholds; ladders, side and end sill steps; side, horizontal, vertical and end handholds; uncoupling levers and drawbars; hopper & gondola cars; flat cars; tank cars, etc. Some ads. Coated stock, very good condition. 4-1/2" x 7" x 56pp. $42.00

04731- Catalogue- BALDWIN LOCOMOTIVE WORKS, Philadelphia, PA. Record No.84, Enlarged and Reprinted, 1920. (An original catalogue- company reprinted it from an earlier date for 1920). .LOCOMOTIVES FOR LIGHT ROAD SERVICE. Pictures and specs of some 32 models. Two unused data sheets which could be filled out and submitted for quotes. Gilt embossed stiff covers, coated stock pgs. Very good condition.  Oblong format- 9" x 6" x 38pp. $98.00

04926-M0395EEHC- Billhead- HERRIFORD-CHADWELL CO., Nashville, Tenn. 1928. Moving-Packing-Storing, Long-Distance Hauling. Bill for storage (2 months @ 1.00 per mo.).  Has nice head w/engraving of building and 2-color typography. Enclosed in #10 envelope w/nice graphics of one of their trucks. Envelope torn open on end, otherwise both very good condition. Both. $18.00 

03506-M0295CCKO- Journal- THE CONNECTICUT ELECTRIC RAILWAY JOURNAL, Published by Connecticut Electric Railway Association, Hartford, CT. Vol. 1, 1942. They banded together to restore and preserve urban and rural electric railways. News reports, right-of-way negotiations and work underway, pictures of cars, etc. Maybe someone can let us know just how successful they were. Unusual little journal of seven loose 4 pg signatures on slick stk. Previously library bound; three awl pierces at gutter margin, minor cover soil, archival stamp. 6" x 9" x 28 pp. $48.00

07186-M1095ECEE- Company Promo Magazine- ARMCO DRAINAGE & METAL PRODUCTS, Middletown, OH. “The HIGHWAY” Magazine: Vol. XXXVIII, July 1947. “For 37 years devoted to the improvement of highways, railways, municipalities.”  Nice little travel publication reporting from around the world. Pictures of vehicles, scenes, construction projects, etc.  This issue’s articles and photo essays include: A Sketch of Crater Lake, The Davis Mountains of West Texas, Better Weather on the Job, Armco Camera Shots, In the Northwest, Oil Truck Collision Destroys Bridge. Everything is generally related to Armco projects to some extent.  8” x 10-1/2” x 24pp. $16.00

04667- Booklet- QUIZ ON RAILROADS & RAILROADING, Assoc Of American RR, Washington, DC. 7th ed, 1948. Many historical photos. Coated stock. 7" x 10" x 64pp. $22.00

04670- Booklet- AMERICAN RAILROADS, THEIR GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT, Assoc Of American RR, Washington, DC. 1948. A number of historical pictures. 2-color cover. coated stock pgs. Very good condition. 6" x 9" x 32pp. $14.00

04668- Booklet- RAILROADS AT WORK, A PICTURE BOOK OF THE AMERICAN RAILROADS IN ACTION, 4th ed, 1949. Assoc Of American RR, Washington, DC. For pupils studying transportation. Great pictures, colorful cover. Very good condition. 6" x 7-14" x 68pp. $18.00

00211- Book- THE AMERICAN RAILROADS by John C. Weaver, 1963. Prepared with the cooperation of the American Geographical Society. This book came with color photos that are separated by the purchaser and pasted in indicated places throughout. Of the twenty-eight original color plates, seven are missing. Many b/w photos & illustrations, maps of U.S. by decade (starting with 1830), showing progress of railroading in the nation, insignia & initials of American railroads. Much valuable history in a fast reading format. Average wear to cover, otherwise good. 5-1/2” x 8-1/4” x 63pp. Paperback.  $10.00  

04153-M0995EKCU- Journal- THE WYOMING TRUCKER, WY Trucking Assoc, Casper WY. Vol.16, No.12. Dec 1968. Printed in blue ink on 60# offset stock. Cover art of Double on snowy mountain road “Rollin’ Home For Christmas.” Regulation or Deregulation; Board News; Driver Awards; ICC & DOT News; Private Carrier Reports; picture of Debbie Reynolds; more. Many ads. Xlib, library stamps, otherwise excellent. 8-1/2” x 11” x 20pp. $28.00  

05428-M1196EKOE- Book- RYDER TRUCK LINES: THE FIRST HALF CENTURY By Richard Hagood.  Columbia Publications, Lake City Florida, 1982. First (?), illustrations, biblio, hardback in dust jacket; all in fine condition. 6-1/2" x 9-1/2" x 283pp. $28.00

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