03552-M1294CKUS- Bound Volume- SCRIBNER’S MONTHLY, AN ILLUSTRATED MAGAZINE FOR THE PEOPLE, Scribner & Co, NY. May 1872 to Oct 1872. Traveling By Telegraph; Northward To Niagara; Nature and Science; West Point; Yachts and Yachting; Ascent of Gray’s Peak; On the Tobacco Plantation; Autumn Game on the Prairies; much more. Covers chipped, stain to end-papers. Many nice engraved illustrations. Embossed cloth bound. 7" x 10" x 780pp. $55.00

06708-M0101EOAA- Book- THE WILD MAN OF THE WEST, A TALE OF THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS by R. M. Ballantyne.  Porter & Coats, Philadelphia.  “Alta Edition”. No printed date but ca 1885.  Red-brown cloth hardback with nice pictorial black decorations, gilt and black title on spine.  Backboard has faded spot and slight clear stains on endpaper edges. All in all, a nice tight copy with minimal edge wear.  5-3/8”x 7-3/4”x 419pp plus 12pp of  Standard And Poplar Books published by Porter & Coats. Great guide for building a library of titles read in this era. $32.00

01073-M0292EKLA- Fliers- ROBINSON & CO., Singapore. Four very hard to find large fliers dated June 1894. All measure 8-1/2" x 13-1/2" and are printed one side. 1) contains cabin-size trunks and perambulators that could be ordered as mail carts with certain modifications. 2) cabin trunks; dispatch, stationery, and cash box; airtight uniform case. 3) Gladstone bags, courier bag, "bulge" handbag, helmet case, brief bag, roll-up traveling hold-all. 4) cutlery and straight razors. Very nice steel engravings. Excellent condition. $42.00

06424-M0399EKEE- Journal- PALL MALL MAGAZINE, Spring Number, Vol. XIV, No.60, April 1898. Published in London and New York. Material of general interest. Of note is a seventeen-page article, "The Evolution Of Comfort In Railway Traveling In England Part I" by G. A. Sekon. Many half-tones and line drawings of early rail carriages. About eleven pages of advertising. Some wear at spine ends, otherwise very good. 6-3/4"x 9-3/4"x 180pp. $38.00

00209-B0990ELEE- Journal- APROPOS, A Monthly Magazine Published By Automobile Club of America. Thanksgiving Number, Dec 1922. Many articles and ads related to autos and travel. Unfortunately, it has been damped and is stained and deteriorated in upper portion of magazine throughout. Still many old auto pictures and ads, however. 9" x 12" x 52pp. $8.00

02258-M1293EUEE- Journals- LA REVUE DU TOURING CLUB DE FRANCE, Paris, France. Four issues: Aug/Sep 1922, Dec 1922, Jan 1923, Apr 1923. All in French. Delightful touring accounts from around the country. Nice ads on wide variety of products such as automobiles, accessories, sporting clothes, bicycles, motorbikes and accessories, electric foot warmers, cameras, carbide lamps, canoes, glyphoscopes, bathtubs, tour buses, two-wheel trailers, razors, touring club premiums and much more of general interest. Line art and half-tones. Sepia tone covers. Light vertical fold, otherwise very good condition. Ea. 8” x 10" x 40 to 50pp. All. $48.00

06654-M0700LOEE- Journal- POPULAR SCIENCE MONTHLY, Vol.104, No.6, June 1924. Nothing quite compares with these old Popular Sciences magazines! At the time of this particular issue, western civilization was fascinated with two relatively new inventions: radios and automobiles. The automobile was a liberating machine in many ways. It allowed families to get out and "auto camp". The radio kept everyone in touch with the world. This issue explores both in delightfully illustrated articles, photos and ads for which Popular Science was so well known. Beautiful artist signed color cover of fellow fishing and dreamily listening to his radio with headphones at same time. Articles include: Portable Radio For Your Vacation, Six Greatest Engineering Feats, He Sees By Radio, Driving The Store To Your Door (nice photos!) Adventures In Home Ownership, World Fliers Ready For Emergency, Smallest Coupe On Bicycle Wheels; Truck, Tractor, and Crane Combined; Machine Makes Butter In 30 Minutes, Improved Bicycle Brake (it was the caliper brake), New Inventions For The Household, Airplane Propeller Drives Motor-Car, "Crawlers" To Double Tractor's Pull, Machine Talks With Electric Voice, Walking Radio Receiver, An Ideal Portable Radio Receiver (multiple aerial shown strung on standards mounted on front and rear car bumpers. Looks like a traveling clothesline!), Radio By The Roadside, America's Fastest Growing Sport (they are speaking of motor camping), New Ideas For The Folding Camp, Equipment For Auto-Camping In Comfort. Much, much more. Well illustrated throughout. Marvelous ads form Crosley, Audel, Thompson Neutrodyne, and Magnaphone Radios, Iver Johnson, Magnavox, AT&T, Eveready, Black & Decker, Remington Typewriter, Music Master Radio Reproducer, Radiola, Lucky Strike, lots of self-improvement schools and courses, and on and on! All intact with minor chips and edge soil. 8-5/8"x 1-1/2"x 136pp. $96.00  Picture

07073-M0595EESC- Tour Map- NEW ENGLAND TOURS, New England Hotel Association, copyright 1924. Contains over 160 hotel members in six New England states, with map of tours in two colors and on reverse, snapshots all around the area. Three of the pictures have old cars pictured. One nice color panel has 20ish phaeton automobile on rural trip. Very good condition. 4-1/8”x 8-3/4”x 16 panel unfolds to16-1/4”x 17-1/2”. $22.00

04347-M1095EKKA- Journal- THE MOHAWK RUBBER CO., Akron, OH. "The Mohawk Magazine", Vol.1, No.2, 1926. For distribution by their dealers. Sepia tone on buff stock paper. Front has picture of U.S. Capitol Bldg. The Old National Road; Free Air; Open Road and Picnic Time; It’s Service That Counts; What To Know About Bus Travel; Riding on Air. Great pictorials of places, people and things. Especially nice pictures of 1926 bus. Some chips archival repairs. 8" x11" x 24pp. $28.00

04367-M1095EERA- Booklet- SAGINAW HIGHWAYS, 1927. The Board of Road Commissioners, Saginaw County, MI. Third Annual Report. Great history, scenes along the roads, projects, aerial view of the Saginaw city and vicinity, people, etc. Tipped-on actual photo of river on cover.  Fold out map of county roads.  Minor cover stains. 6-1/4” x 9” x 48pp. $32.00

03761-M0395EEHC- Broadside- TOURIST SERVICE STATION, "3 miles (from Nashville, TN) on Murfreesboro Road." ca 1928. E. L. Fusse, Proprietor. Advertising all his goods & services: Oil, gas, kerosene, mineral spirits for cleaning clothes, batteries. Firestone Oldfield tires @ $5.95 to $9.00. (Barney Oldfield was still very much an American hero.) Garage services, sandwich shoppe. Several things listed under these last two items. Large typography, no illustrations. Suitable for framing and display. Has been folded. Very good. 10" x 14". $24.00

04866-M0496CEEE- Book- BUS IDEAS--TO IMPROVE OPERATING METHODS--TO REDUCE MAINTENANCE COSTS, 1928. Originally published in Bus Transportation Magazine. McGraw-Hill Pub Co., NY, NY Contents: Maintenance Methods and Control; Brakes, Tires, Lubrication; Operating Methods--Passenger Convenience; Electrical Ideas--Batteries, Wiring Diagrams; Shop Methods; Bus Questions/Answers. Lots of great pictures of these old buses and all phases of maintenance and operations. Hardback, indexed. Light wear. 6-1/4" x 9-1/2" x 160pp. $74.00

00419-B0990EUEE- Promotional Booklet- AETNA CASUALTY & SURETY CO. Hartford, CT. SEEING AMERICA WITH AETNA, 1931. "22 Motor Tours covering the principle scenic and historic attractions in America''. Recto has road map of the tour area, obverse has description of attractions. Two color highlights. Marvelous travel piece! Minor cover spotting and soiling. 8-1/2" x 11-1/2" x 48pp. $32.00

00213-B0990ELKE- Catalogue- BENJAMIN ALLEN & CO., Chicago IL. 1932. Jewelers. The following is a section of this catalogue whose bindings have been damaged.   Pages are 9" x 11-1/2" coated paper.  This is pages 279-306: Luggage, trunks, ladies overnight cases, Pullman trunks, salesmen’s cases, gents fine leather novelties, picture frames, comb cases, traveling & military sets, playing card sets, flask & drinking cup sets, etc. Some color bleed on the four-color pages, otherwise good. $10.00

02920-M0894CCHO- Catalogue- KEYSTONE MFG CO, Boston, MA, ca 1930s. Keystone Films & Accessories. Charlie Chaplin, Shirley Temple, Jack Dempsey, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Oswald Rabbit, Tom Mix, Gang Comedies, Travelogues, many more. Also splicers, cement, parts for projectors. Apparently all 16 mm from 10’ to 200’ in length (mostly shorts). Some illustrations. Light stain & wrinkles. 5-1/2" x 7-3/4" x 12pp. $18.00

01206-M0592ERLS- Flyer- ROWE MANUFACTURING CO, Galesburg, IL. 1933. Nicely illustrated flyer of different designs of white picket fence. Half-tones of filling station, roadside refreshment stand, houses with installed fencing. Automobiles in some pictures. 14” x 11” folded into a little booklet. Good condition. $18.00

05224-M0896EOAE- Travel Guide- CONTINENTAL OIL CO., CONOCO TRAVEL BUREAU, Denver, CO. cprt 1936. Your CONOCO TOURAID Guide to a Pleasant Trip. Elongated format, spiral bound, filled w/colorful maps and travel scenes. An enclosed typed, personal letter from Conoco Travel Bureau in Denver to a lady in Miami. Trip marked on large, fold-out U.S. map, and additional maps on her route from Miami, Fla. to Spencer, Iowa. Travel pages along trip of things to see, Hotels, Resorts, Auto courts, and House Trailer Camps. They customized these nice trip books for their patrons. Very light cover stains, otherwise very good. 12-1/4" x 9-1/4" x 52pp. $43.00

07467-M0615EE- Catalogue- ROBERTSON & SON, Indian Reserve. Fish & Game Territory, Pointe-Bleue, Lake St. John, Province of Quebec, Canada, ca 1937. Small booklet with pictures of catches and kills, description, and testimonial of satisfied clients. They were guides and apparently catered to US visitors of some means. Some handling soil to cover. 5"x 7-1/2"x 20pgs. $14.00   See this Wikipedia site for more information about this area:,_Quebec

07071-M0595EESC- Folded Flyer- CONSOLIDATED COACH CORPORATION, We believe they were based in Lexington, KY. Ca early 1930s. Entitled “10 Typical Trips” with delightful illustration of early bus on front in black, white and orange colors. Trips are around Kentucky and Tennessee and cost from $4.95 to $16.40. About 75 stations are listed in the two states. Nicely illustrated and a lot of information about sites of the day. Very good condition. 3-1/4”x 6-1/4”x 14 panel and unfolded measures 6-1/4”x 22-5/8”. $12.00


The Knoxville News-Sentinel of June 9, 2002 carried a most fascinating article in the Travel section entitled "Life in an RV". A 1937 Hunt HouseCar , a 19-foot aerodynamic motor home and a 1921 Lamsteed KampKar built by Anheuser-Bush are pictured. Mankind has always enjoyed the freedom of travel and the relative luxury of taking our belongings with us. Motor and travel homes have developed because of this. We’ll include a copy of this article with either of these selections below.

06902-M0502CCEE- Sales Brochure- SILVER DOME, INC., Detroit, Mich. 1937. Delightful and large piece with numerous pictures of this "travel coach" (the larger ones were called "mobile homes"). Offered here are four models from around 16 ft. to a little over 20 ft. in length. They had a bathtub under the bed and a small wood heater and just about all the conveniences one could need on a trip. These little coaches were quite liberating. Heavily illustrated with b/w half-tones, floor plans. Scarce. Coated stock paper. Corner crease. 9"x 11-1/2"x 6pp folds out to 11-1/2"x 26-1/2". $66.00

06903-M0600EKKE- Magazine Advertisement- INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER CO., Chicago, Ill. 1940. Colorful, full-page ad from a magazine of the International Truck called the "Jungle Yacht". It was prepared for Attilio Gatti for his African explorations. Gatti was an Italian author who spent much of his time in central Africa. This yacht appears to be a sort of fifth-wheel type rig. The truck was about a ton or ton and half. According to the ad, the trailer was a 40’ stainless steel unit with living room, observation/dining car with library, desk, and bar. Unit had indirect lighting, telephone, two-way radio and "....also two perfectly appointed bedrooms and an all-electric kitchen". Impressive rig and equally impressive piece showing it off with glowing testimonials from Gatti. Suitable for framing and display. Almost like new condition. 10-3/8"x 14". $27.00

05225-M0896EOAE- Travel Guide- CONTINENTAL OIL CO., CONOCO TRAVEL BUREAU, Denver, CO. cprt 1938. Your CONOCO TOURAID Guide to a Pleasant Trip. Another like #05224 for a trip from Corpus Christi, Texas to San Francisco and loop back to Los Angeles. Don't know how the two got together-- they are "prepared especially" for different people, but by the same person-- the handwriting is the same. This one has a corner crease and a scribble, otherwise excellent. 12-1/4" x 9-1/4" x 40pp. $40.00

03752-M0495ECSH- Promo Journal- THE HIGHWAY TRAVELER, Greyhound Management Co., Cleveland, OH. Vol. X, No. 4, Aug-Sep 1938. Delightful item! "Published...for the entertainment of the traveling public and to promote interest in travel through description of the scenic attractions and sections of the North American continent." Lots of interesting articles--one of note is Progress In Bus Travel with interesting photos of buses through the years to that time. Many ads with "modern" buses. Very good condition. 8-1/2" x 11-1/2" x 48pp. $38.00

07072-M0595EESC- Time Tables- GREYHOUND LINES, Cleveland OH. Winter Schedule Time Tables effective Jan 8, 1940. Covers entire country. Charming slogans include: “See America Best By Greyhound”, “Now! Travel America- by Highway”, “More Pleasure..More Leisure..on a Made-to-Measure Greyhound Expense-Paid Tour”, “Ride With Spring Through Winter Weather! That’s another way of saying: Greyhound trips are as warm and pleasant in January as in June”.  Nice large illustration of a 1940’s bus and greyhound logo and couple lounging on beach. Double page map of US in center of Greyhound Lines and connecting lines. Excellent condition. 8”x 9”x 54pp. $18.00

05399-M0495EEUO- Journal- GREYHOUND (BUS) LINES. Cleveland, OH. "THE HIGHWAY TRAVELER", Vol. XIII, No.1, Feb-Mar, 1941. Travel articles about U.S. and Mexico, Flying Cadets At Randolph Field (Texas), Bus Industry Cooperates With National Defense, etc. Many nice ads, bus exteriors and interiors. Nice color covers, Uncle Sam back cover, great pictorial presentation throughout. Excellent condition. 8-1/2" x 11-1/2" x 48pp. $38.00

03506-M0295CCKO- Journal- THE CONNECTICUT ELECTRIC RAILWAY JOURNAL, Published by Connecticut Electric Railway Association, Hartford, CT. Vol. 1, 1942. They banded together to restore and preserve urban and rural electric railways. News reports, right-of-way negotiations and work underway, pictures of cars, etc. Maybe someone can let us know just how successful they were. Unusual little journal of seven loose 4 pg signatures on slick stk. Previously library bound; three awl pierces at gutter margin, minor cover soil, archival stamp. 6" x 9" x 28 pp. $48.00

05400-M0495EEUO- Journal- GREYHOUND (BUS) LINES. Cleveland, OH. "THE HIGHWAY TRAVELER", Vol. XVII, No.1, Feb-Mar, 1945. Globe Trotting The U.S., Fiesta Time In Latin America, No Room To Hang Your Hat In California, much more. Great Wartime issue. Nice color covers. Ads will really work your nostalgia overtime! Excellent condition. 8-1/2" x 11" x 40pp. $38.00

07186-M1095ECEE- Company Promo Magazine- ARMCO DRAINAGE & METAL PRODUCTS, Middletown, OH. “The HIGHWAY” Magazine: Vol. XXXVIII, July 1947. “For 37 years devoted to the improvement of highways, railways, municipalities.”  Nice little travel publication reporting from around the world. Pictures of vehicles, scenes, construction projects, etc.  This issue’s articles and photo essays include: A Sketch of Crater Lake, The Davis Mountains of West Texas, Better Weather on the Job, Armco Camera Shots, In the Northwest, Oil Truck Collision Destroys Bridge. Everything is generally related to Armco projects to some extent.  8” x 10-1/2” x 24pp. $16.00

05778-M0397CEOH- In-Flight Journal- FLAGSHIP TRAVELER, Vol. I, No.1, Aug, 1947. Published monthly for American Airlines by Henry Publishing Co., NYC. Rare 1st issue. Original cover art by DePauw. Articles include-- Denmark's Peace Endures, Mountain Climbing By Boat, Modern Marco Polo’s, Five-Star (service)...Finally (American's DC6 flying over Manhattan), Our Flying Presidents, etc. Departments include Theater, Screen Selections, Fashions, Hotels, What's Going On, Sports, Gifts, etc. Lots of ads. Look at some of the prices!-- $2.50 to stay at the Hilton in El Paso; $6.50 at the New York Biltmore, many more. Let's see-- Airfare from New York to Copenhagen and return from Stockholm for two- $1,427.20, included all meals, no tipping. Nice coated stock. Small archival stamps, otherwise excellent condition. 8-3/8" x 11-1/8" x 32pp. $65.00

01859-M0693EEOC- Road Atlas- RAND McNALLY CO., Chicago, IL. 1947. Firestone Road Maps Of America. colorful covers. A few small edge chips to cover and pages age toned, otherwise very good condition. 8"x 10-1/2"x 80pp. $32.00

04428-M1195ECEE- Journal- TRAILWAYS MAGAZINE, Pictorial Magazine of America, National Trailways Bus System, Chicago. Vol.12, No.4, Summer 1948. Let’s Go To the Zoo; Crazy Quilt Town, (Eureka Springs, AR); Preference. Blue Jeans; I Lived With Eagles; Fishing In Maryland. Well illustrated. Lots of pictures of buses. Circle on back cover. 9" x 11" x 32pp. $22.00

01104-B0492EHKE- Guide Book- SKANSEN BUILDINGS AND ANIMALS, Stockholm, 1949. (in English). Skansen is an open-air museum in Sweden and in 1949 drew some two million visitors a year. Well illustrated. Excellent condition. 5" x 8-1/4" x 48pp. Stiff color covers. $26.00

01854-M0693EEOC- Booklet- YOU OWN THE AMERICAN ROAD, Ford Motor Co, Dearborn, MI, 1952. Inserted letter to a Lions Club president. Many greenwash half-tones of cars and traffic. Encourages local action to push for better roads, safe driving, etc. Picture of a young Henry Ford, Jr. Color covers, coated stock. Very good condition. 5-1/4” x 7-1/2” x 16pp. $12.00

07074-M0595EESC- Trip Wallet- SITA-ODYSSEY TOURS, New York, 1954. Six items: 1) 4-1/2”x 8-3/4” black leather-like wallet with dim gilt imprint on front and name inside of lady to travel. She is possibly a student. 2) 8-1/2”x 9-1/2” Acknowledgment Letter for her tour payment. 3) 8-1/2”x 11” Advance List of Tour Members with 13 entries. Tour members are from various places in US and destinations are London and LeHavre (Normandy). This piece has some silverfish holes in left margin. 4) 5-3/4”x 3-1/4” little coupon booklet with the lady’s ticket therein. Staple-bound, textured blue heavy paper. 5) 4”x 9”x 6-panel flyer entitled “Tips For Your Trip”. Published by Council For Student Travel. This has silverfish chews across the top margin and down one fold. 6) A little Geographia Visitors’ Guide to London measuring 2-3/4”x 4-1/2” and from which folds out a beautiful map of Plan Of London. Map measures 14-1/2”x 9-3/4” with salmon background and unique graphic presentation of London streets and parks. Folder has a small rusty hole in fold where a staple is missing. Something else was evidently bound in at one time. Map is in excellent condition. All seven delightful pieces. $28.00

06993-M0902ECEE- Catalogue- ALEXANDER DAVIDSON, JR., RARE AMERICANA & TRAVEL, (Book and Ephemera) Catalogue Number Eight. 8 West 40th Street, New York 18. Most of these rare volumes and selections are from the Revolutionary period. We haven’t been able to date this catalogue with any degree of certainty but believe it to be ca late 1940s to mid-1950s. Mr. Davidson was active during this period and donated materials to The Golier Club along in this time span. We haven’t been able to locate him if he still lives and welcome any comment from our readers. The 200 selections offered have now come to be priced anywhere from 20 to 40 times greater today. A somewhat rare selection, it appears to be 100% rag paper. Catalogue has had archival reinforcing applied to spine sometime in the past and has some general shelf soil to wraps. Pages are clean. Great aid in building a collection from this early American era. No illustrations. 5-1/4"x 7-3/4"x 47pp. $32.00

01855-M0693EEOC- Travel Booklet- HOTEL GREETERS TOURIST GUIDE, New Orleans, LA, Jan 1956. Many ads, places of interest, etc. 2-color covers. Very good condition. 6" x 9" x 28 pp. $12.00

07019-M0103EEEE- Guide- THE OFFICIAL RAILWAY GUIDE, Vol. IV, No, 1. Jul/Aug 1977. National Railway Publication Co., New York. North American passenger travel edition: United States, Canada, Mexico. Current passenger timetables including principal connecting rail, bus and water service. Light cover soil to white wrap, otherwise very good condition. 8-3/8"x 11"x 256pp. $38.00

07020-M0103EEEE- Guide- THE OFFICIAL RAILWAY GUIDE, 110th Year, No. 5. Mar/Apr 1978. National Railway Publication Co., New York. North American Freight Service Edition. Very good condition. 7-1/16"x 10"x 720pp. $25.00

06782-M0699EEEE- Catalogue- HAMMACHER SCHLEMMER, Chicago, New York, Beverly Hills. 1990. Merchandise classified into categories: Innovation, Summer, In Shape, Travel, Commuting, Classics, The Best, HS Traditions, Traditions Past & Future. They were established in 1848. Some ink marks on page 3, otherwise very good condition. 8"x 10-3/4"x 50pp. $12.00

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